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Name Love at First Flood (2012) DVDRip x264 AAC [NO SUBS]
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Love at First Flood

Directors: Thanadol Nualsut, Thamanun Sakulbunthanom, Thiwa Moeythaisong
Cast: Ratchaphoom Tokongsup, Busarin Yokphraiphan

Plot Synopsis
A romantic comedy that is set during the recent flood crisis in Thailand.

AKA: รักเอาอยู่ [rak aow yu]
Year: 2012
Country: Thailand
Language: Thai
Subtitles: NONE
Film Genre: Romance / Comedy

YouTube: Behind the Scenes

Movie Sample:

File Format: MP4
Video Codec: x264 core125 r2200
Resolution: 720x320
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Video Bitrate: 1450 2-pass
Audio Codec: AAC-LC
Audio Channels: stereo
Audio Bitrate: 160 ABR 2-pass
Video Runtime: 1 hour 42 mins

Category Thai Movie
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AddDate 16/06/2012
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Who thanked

28/08/2014 09.55 am

Hello. What time are the seeders most often online? I am getting very low speed so I want to match my time with when they online.

28/05/2014 05.19 am

the subs wont show up

Try another player.
28/05/2014 05.06 am

the subs wont show up for me. never had that problem before anyone else have a problem with them?
14/01/2014 12.38 pm

thank you jcsoh! Your work is appreciated

Thank you.

I don't quite recalled how long the flood lasted (although it was widely reported in Malaysian newspaper , I didn't really paid attention.)

I assumed the director / production team didn't have a script with flood in hand, which , means within the flooding period, they must have done everything from script writing, to casting, to production. It maybe a rush but I think they did quite a good job.
14/01/2014 11.23 am

thank you jcsoh! Your work is appreciated. grin.gif
12/01/2014 09.42 pm

English Subs by TH Angel uploaded. It's ripped from YourTube video.
As usual I made some changes / grammar corrections.
Note -This is the correct English subs for this movie . The earlier English sub is not for this movie.

I don't know any Thai so I can't vouch for the subs accuracy, but the original English is fair / good. It's in line with the logic of the story.
09/01/2014 05.10 pm

[quote]The subs from subscene does not make sense[/quote ]

Oh I get it . It's true even the first few lines of subs from subscene didn't match the yourtube video.

The yourtube video started with a naration

"The scenes is on based actual flooding scene etc (not the actual wording).
The 1st spoken line is "They say it will be fine but it's getting worse...)
The subscene subs must be for another movie or a fake...
09/01/2014 04.52 pm

The subscene srt is no good ?
Why do you still need a srt file from yourtube?
09/01/2014 04.47 pm

Anyone know TH Angel? He/She did some sub for this and posted it on youtube. but but it was hard subbed. anyone know how to contact him? maybe he/she could provide some srt file.
25/09/2013 08.07 pm

subtitles........................ please can anybody do something .......
09/06/2013 11.20 am

English Subs please. The subs from subscene does not make sense. Thank you!
24/04/2013 03.50 am

eng sub please...!!! sad.gif
20/01/2013 08.19 am

please sub. i still want to watch this
19/01/2013 11.00 am

Don't download the sub, the sub is inaccurate. Sorry for posting it smile1.gif
18/01/2013 07.55 pm

*sub from subscene
02/11/2012 04.48 am

have mercy for this movie.. find find some way for eng sub.. it was so great to have one.. so we can enjoy this epic movie, grin.gif
21/07/2012 08.26 pm

09/07/2012 07.17 pm

I love movie, thanks See, Film!!!grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
30/06/2012 09.25 am

english sub please. thanks...judge.gif
20/06/2012 07.37 am

Thai movies are great! I just need subtitles though noexpression.gif help please! thank you!smile1.gif
19/06/2012 03.04 pm

looking forward to subs. looks cool
16/06/2012 10.05 pm

i only download thai movies when they are +18. Because no need for subtitles tongue.gif
16/06/2012 04.21 pm

I hope there'l b Engsub too.

But who will be our hero ? @.@

16/06/2012 07.16 am

While most Thai movies don't have English subs, maybe someone can create for this movie, as it looks like a fun one.