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Name Beautiful (2008)
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Aka ............:  Arumdabda/Beautiful
Year ………:2008
Country ……… : South Korea
Language .........: Korean
Subtitle(s) ......:  English
Film Genre .......: Drama

DVD Source .......:  Jaemin of ADC
Ripper ...........: gandarloda
Video Format .....: MKV-Xvid- 2 pass
Video Bitrate ....: 1285kbps
Aspect Ratio .....: 16 : 9
Resolution .......: 704 x 400
Audio Format .....:  MP3
Audio Bitrate ....: 128 kbps
Video Runtime ......: 87 mins
Frame Rate .......:  23.976 fps                                                                    

Director : Juhn Jaihong (Story by Kim Kiduk)
Cast : Choi Myeong-soo, Kim Min-soo, Lee Cheon-hee


Eunyoung is an extraordinarily beautiful woman. But her beauty is her downfall in an age when beauty is idealised to an absurd degree, and women think nothing of surrendering themselves to the surgeon's knife should they consider themselves falling short of these ideals.

To Eunyoung, however, beauty is no more than an ordinary gift. She only has to walk out onto a street to turn the heads of all the men. At the same time her good looks turn all women green with envy. When her best friend's boyfriend tries to make a pass at her, an argument ensues that finally destroys the two women's friendship. Eunyoung becomes increasingly annoyed by all the brazen looks from the men; she also finds it hard to bear the jealous women.

One day she is raped. A man that had been following her for ages attacks her. Afterwards, he turns himself in. On his way to prison he declares his undying love for her. Convinced that her beauty is responsible for the crime, Eunyoung begins to hate her appearance so much that she decides to destroy it. For this reason she makes friends with an obese woman whose overeating she tries to imitate - in vain. Although she eats huge amounts of food, her body refuses to put on any weight and the whole ordeal is unbearable. But even the opposite action has no effect. When she stops eating she doesn't become anorexic - she just feels ill. One day on the street she meets the man she thought was serving a prison sentence for having raped her.

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15/07/2013 05.22 am

Thank you for the upload. It's really great. smile1.gif

24/12/2012 12.22 pm

~~SPOILER~~ ... kind of

I would say that this is indeed a really creepy and weird movie, but there is a deeper meaning. The movie is obviously about beauty, but it allows the viewer to see that beauty isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Some parts are a bit over-exaggerated, but all in all it fits in perfectly. The taboos of anorexia and bulimia are addressed and the viewer if insecure ( I'm insecure about some of this stuff too ) can clearly see that the images portrayed in society of what is beautiful and what is not doesn't matter. Beauty can actually be a curse.
so in short; love who you are, it's not bad if you're not the most beautiful person on the planet. no one is. that perspective changes every year. no one is the same. don't obsess over it.
(but damn the guys are so crazy in this movie... it's too creepy and kinda makes me glad i'm not the most gorgeous out there)noexpression.gif
12/07/2012 02.26 am

So far the worst korean movie I have watched.
12/07/2012 02.24 am

So far the worst korean movie I have watched. If koreans are as dumb as they are portrayed in this movie... no.gif unsure.gif