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Name Erotibot 2011 DVDRip.XviD.AC3-theonlyh
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Description WARNING: For Adults Only! Contain Nudity and Sex


A.K.A: Karei naru erogami-ke no ichizoku: Shinsô reijô wa denki shitsuji no yume o miru ka | 華麗なるエロ神家の一族
Cast: Maria Ozawa, Asami, Yûya Tokumoto
Directed: Naoyuki Tomomatsu
Genre: Erotic | Sci-Fi
Runtime: 1h 12mn
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: ENGLISH .idx.sub
Custom by Chie and lordretsudo

Will love prevail over sex, money, androids, and ninjas?

Tamayo is so lovable, from the time she was small she was taken care of so well by one of the most prominent families as the ultimate princess (Mahiro Aine). However, she was the love child of business tycoon and his lover but lives with him and his arranged wife's family and granddaughter Tsukiyo (Maria Ozawa). Tsukiyo is bored with her life and hates the way her grandfather always dotes on Tamayo with affection. On the other hand, Tamayo, lives her life in simple elegance. Her overprotective crimelord father, in order to protect her from outside danger, has given her 3 android bodyguards. The first android (Android 0.1) Suketomo can master any skill and is very good looking, number 2 Suketake (Android 0.2) has beastlike strength, and number 3 Sukekiyo (Android 0.3) is a total fuckup who can't get anything right. Together, the three androids help detect danger and protect Tsukiyo in the daytime, and sometime engage in "bedroom protection" as well... Life is good. Until one day Tamayo's father is hospitalized for a stroke and his computer is hacked and his will is found! Inside his will it says that he is leaving his immense fortune solely to Tamayo! When Tsukiyo discovers this she shakes with rage and plots to regain her inheritance!!! Can she distract the 3 Androids long enough to exact her plan?! Who will the Androids love in the end?! Which Android will win Tamayo's love??!! Love, tears, and laughs at a comfortable tempo tell a fascinating story that will leave viewers satisfied with their choice in erotic SF Fantasy.

Source: DVD 5 Rental from kemushi
Ripper: theonlyh
File Format: AVI
Codec: XviD
Bit Rate: 2487kbs
Resolution: 720x416 (16:9)
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Audio : AC3 2.0 @ 192kbs

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17/09/2012 01.07 pm

thank you!
10/09/2012 09.17 pm

03/01/2012 10.36 am

pretty fast download and audio visuals are good. Great Job on that uploadersmile1.gifsmile1.gif. However, oh my god the movie sucks.  I don't know why I keep trying with these types of movies.  I just keep hoping someone knows how to combined all of the natural elements of life including sex into a movie and if we have to go sci-fi so be it.  The acting is unbelievably badangel.gifangry.gifohmy.gifcry.gif.  I mean they really put no effort whatsoever into their acting.  It has some funny parts if you pay attention and can actually watch the whole movie.  I was able to do it only because I have seen driver that recently came out that was really dry and boring for most of the movie.  This is the opposite.  it isn't boring, but rather agonizingly stupid on the ques, action, special effects(which is ok since I expect it with these low budget japanese types of movies)and acting in general.  Well there are some hot chicks in it, but they can't makeup for it by showing their tits.  Especially since they are part of the major issues in the acting department.  When is someone going to properly break the barrier of sex in movies.  I don't want a softcore porn,  I want someone to create a movie that naturally incorporates sex into it not just to have sex, but because it has meaning within the plot.  Let my dream of a movie with great action choreography , great acting, good-great special effects, non-random or non-needed sex scenes (that are just put in for the sake of trying to get more viewers), great scenery and locations, and a great plot please come into existence.  Sorry  about the long dialogue, but a person can dream can't they.cool2.giflaugh.gifsmile2.giftongue.gifgrin.gifwink.gifsmile1.gif
22/11/2011 01.10 am

31/08/2011 10.14 pm

audio video is 10/10 but movie is 2/10angry.gif
26/08/2011 07.32 pm

22/08/2011 06.18 pm

thanks and wow quite a clear view of maria's complexion at the 3rd screenshot tongue.gif
04/08/2011 10.38 pm

thank you so much!!!!smile1.gif
03/08/2011 01.31 pm

link for the preview for u guys, i just wanted to help.
cheers! wink.gif
31/07/2011 01.11 pm

Maria Ozawa?! Didn't know that she acted in nonJAV movies. Must see a pinku movie with her <3
24/07/2011 11.02 am

Thank you aldiarman smile1.gif
24/07/2011 11.02 am

Thank you theonlyh smile1.gif
24/07/2011 07.44 am

My god this looks crazy
23/07/2011 06.59 pm

Subs already!!!! grin.gif You guys rock!  8) Thanks Chie and Lordretsudo! laugh.gif   Thanks also to TheOnlyH!
20/07/2011 05.15 am

Thanks for the movie and the subtitles. And thanks to Chie and Lordretsudo. No comment  angry.gif about Aldi Arman. Regards from Spain.
19/07/2011 09.45 pm

Even showed at a German film festival? Man, this one MUST BE good... XD
19/07/2011 07.02 pm

This is clearly a custom subs by Chie and lordretsudo so why does it say subtitle by Aldi Arman on the srt file???
19/07/2011 05.25 am

Thanks for this share smile1.gif
18/07/2011 11.19 pm

thanks a lotconfused.gif
18/07/2011 08.38 pm

thank... ^_^
18/07/2011 05.58 pm

@ Nayanna - I just watched a segment to check the A/V quality - (8/8) and subs (VG), found myself chuckling and watching much longer than I should have, now I'm gonna be late for work *tut*!
18/07/2011 05.30 pm

Is this any good or is it just boobs and blood?