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Name Exchange Sex Show 2 (2002|Adult|Korean)
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Unfortunately, I don't understand Korean. If anyone can help out here, that would be awesome. I have included both front and back of the DVD insert. The latter has the synopsis!

Google translation:

Busted a sports car mechanic to repair holy water on the day advanced and will meet a rich man's daughter, Eun Joo. Sung Soo Lee Eun Joo sour because of rude eloquence that went into town to buy the book back to her face and hit the horse with holy water and went to Lee Eun Joo is a sudden feeling of passion and intimacy she shares.

Lee Eun Joo's father was the business venture went bankrupt myself that her turns jintae Lee Eun Joo's fiance. Seriously, holy water, taking care of the Back to Lee Eun Joo, eunjune father's company after a few months, and a miraculous revival, Lee Eun Joo and Sung Soo feel the insurmountable wall goerowohanda. Eventually the other man to marry Eun Joo've got the ...


Cast.................: unknown
Directed by.....: unknown
Genre..............: Drama, Erotic
Runtime..........: 01:10:55
Also Known As: n/a
Country...........: Korea
Year................: 2002
Language........: Korean
Subtitles.........: No Eng subs (no luck with this so far, sorry)


Source............: DVD
File Format.....: AVI
Video Codec....: DivX 6.8.5
Video Bitrate..: 1179 Kbps
Resolution......: 576x432
Frame Rate....: 23.976
Audio Rate......: 48000Hz
Audio Codec...: AC-3 ACM Codec
Audio Bitrate..: 192Kbps

Thanx to the original ripper... whoever you are. smile1.gif

ATTENTION: Please help to SEED! A little thanx would be great too! cool2.gif
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Category Korean - Erotica/+18
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Movie is lame. But the main actress is hot as hell. I would download it just for the dark-hair beauty. She's really pretty. Thanks a lot for the upload
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Still no luck with subs yet, and there's a high likelihood I'll not have any luck with the subs anytime soon (unless someone who understands Korean is willing to manually sub it). It's just not mainstream enough for anyone to care, that's the problem. I very much would have liked subtitles as well. If anyone is interested in anymore Korean softcore and don't mind they are unsubbed, let me know and I'll upload.
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any luck on subtitles for this, or a hardsubbed version?
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