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Name Nobility - Korean Erotic Film
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Description WARNING: This is an adult film!

Rating NC-17

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-warning images contain sex and nude scenes

AKA:Gwee Jok
Year: 1998
Directed: unknown
Genre: Drama/Erotic/Adult
Runtime: 83 minutes
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: unavailable


-Ha Bin
-Kim Hyun-suk
-Park Jinee
-Yang Min-suk

Synopsis / Plot

The story of a girl who is going through times of crisis and transition in her life.  As turmoil embroils the relationships around her, she is forced to make tough decisions of the heart and mind.


This is probably the best Korean erotic film I have seen thus far.  Given their limitations in the genre, the filmmakers did a tremendous job.

Edit by Ackchoo: Added to Warning label and changed screenshot image to link so as not to offend ppl
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29/06/2013 08.54 am

Thank you... i likegrin.gif
28/11/2012 03.41 am

merci grin.gif
01/10/2012 11.12 pm

is there any subtitles?cry.gif
28/09/2012 09.58 am

Fun to watch! The sound is not that good, but the video quality is ok.
Thank you! smile1.gif
17/09/2012 01.13 pm

it's nice film ever seen
15/08/2012 08.32 am

Thanks for this!grin.gif
17/05/2012 02.37 pm

hey can any1 help me!!
I'm using bittorrent to download this movie but its red and says "is a dire" anything wrong with the torrent? cuz its not downloading at all!!!

27/01/2012 09.24 pm

nice movie grin.gif
19/01/2012 11.03 pm

Very good movie.smile1.gif
13/12/2011 09.50 pm

thanks so much
20/07/2011 12.33 am

Thanks for the post. The movie a good one.grin.gif
28/05/2011 07.34 am

the actor and actress is just average looking, the setting like cheap movie
01/03/2011 04.43 am

thank you!
16/02/2011 07.09 am

Disappointed.. the Video quality is terrible!angry.gif
28/10/2010 09.20 am

thx...nice movie
01/10/2010 11.03 am

nice one
31/08/2010 02.04 am

Thanks for the post....  The movie poster is misleading. This isn't much of a "movie"; it's a low-budget soft porn with no story line and a bunch of bad actors (if one can call them that).  Movie editing, video/audio quality is horrible too.

If you just want to see boobies and listen to sex, go ahead and watch it. Otherwise, skip it.  My 2 cents.
17/08/2010 05.58 am

thanks for sharing8)
24/06/2010 07.29 am

can someone kindly tell me how to download this movie. actually i am new here and i do not have much information about this. i am eagerly waiting for the reply. i will highly appreciate that. thanks in advance smile1.gif)
13/06/2010 11.55 pm

thanks for the movie
13/06/2010 11.54 pm

thanks for the movie
23/05/2010 12.13 pm

thanks for the post..wink.gif
22/03/2010 06.04 pm

Thanks alottongue.gif
21/01/2010 10.18 pm

Thank you thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif
01/01/2010 10.06 pm

It looks like it's going to be a good movie. But the sound quality is awful and so is the video quality. The moaning screeches(kind of the idea of it sounding like nails on a chalkboard on the phone, if you get my idea you'll know exactly what it sounds like). The video quality is kind of fuzzy and blurry most of the time. Music playing in the background is LOL because it has Brittney Spears and Ricky Martin at the beginning-middle of the movie. This is more of a home movie than a high budget production film. If you're looking to forward to fapping to this material, you might want to go look at a erotic Japanese films from 50s instead. There is however little fappable parts in this movie.