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Name Doji Morita - Good-bye (album)
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Description "Morita Doji inhabits a headspace somewhat similar to that of Nick Drake. While her life didn't end in tragedy (she simply retired and shunned the spotlight, which still gives her a strong mystique,) the sense of overwhelming melancholy ensures that fans of the one will find something to like in the other.

The similarities being what they are, Doji has one major difference: the sadness doesn't let up. Drake would occasionally find himself couched in sounds that let the light in, albeit only on the surface. Doji is relentlessly downbeat, emoting fear, sinister atmosphere, ghostly regret, and sadness, never emerging from the pitch black world she evokes.

Of course, that makes her work a love it or hate it proposition: nothing this intense will leave anyone unmoved. But as such, she is one of the great hidden treasures of Japanese music. No one has nailed any aesthetic more completely than she has, and the fact that it's immediately accessible (everyone from age 10 to 100 will know exactly where she's coming from in the first 30 seconds) makes a strong case for genius."

Good-bye is Morita's (b. 1952) debut album from 1975. It was inspired by the death of a friend.

artist: Doji Morita
title: Good-bye
type: album
label: Polydor
release date: 1975
length: 36:04
genre: folk/singer-songwriter
country: Japan
language: Japanese
format: mp3
bitrate: vbr (~184 to ~192 avg)
codec: lame 3.93

1. 早春にて [Soushun Nite]
2. 君は変わっちゃったネ [Kimi Wa Kawacchatta Ne]
3. まぶしい夏 [Mabushii Natsu]
4. 雨のクロール [Ame No Kurooru]
5. 地平線 [Chiheisen]
6. センチメンタル通り [Senchimentaru Toori]
7. 淋しい雲 [Sabishii Kumo]
8. たんごの節句 [Tango No Sekku]
9. 驟雨 [Niwaka Ame]
10. さよなら ぼくの ともだち [Sayonara Boku No Tomodachi]
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27/02/2013 09.13 am

could someone please seed this album again? pleaseee pleasee pleaseee i promise i would seed it as long as i can
23/07/2010 09.44 pm

I love her music.
Random request. Anyone who has/know of the piano scores for:
Morita Douji - Boku ga Kimi no Omoide ni Natte Ageyou (森田童子 - ぼくが君の思い出になってあげよう)
Morita Douji - Bokutachi no Shippai (森田童子 - ぼくたちの失敗)
Morita Douji - Kimi to Samishii Kaze ni naru (森田童子 - 君と淋しい風になる)
Morita Douji - Otoko no Kuseni Naitekureta (森田童子 -  ç”·ã®ãã›ã«æ³£ã„てくれた)
23/07/2010 11.55 am

Thank you a lot! Now I know another great singer. If you have anothers, please share, I really appriciate it. I'll try to collect all her albums myself. Thanks!