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Name Female Ninjas: Magic Chronicles 9 (2011)
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Description WARNING: For Adults Only!Contain Nudity and Sex

Female Ninjas: Magic Chronicles 9

A.K.A: Kunoichi ninpô-chô: kage no tsuki
Cast: Mari Abe, Shô Nishino, Yuri Morishita, Rika Miyama
Directed: Kôsuke Hishinuma
Genre: Action | Erotic | Pinku
Runtime: 1h 24mn
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: NONE A.T.M

A new episode after a 13 year wait. Much better than most of the recent clones. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a synopsis in English.
Here is Google Translated Plot:
The original story, which predominate in the 1960s, the novel's legendary ninja-like Yamada Taro "Ninja Fangcheng" series. The work produced two films in the 1960s to the 1990s, "Shinobi Kunoichi Fangcheng" a big hit with the original video as a series (written eight full years 1991 to 1998. Three theaters of operation) . Hits and capitalize on their work bears the title] [Kunoichi are still many made ​​in 2011. And this work is big hit series "Shinobi Kunoichi Fangcheng" proud of the enormous popularity among the original "Ninja Sho Moonlight" based on a remake as a 21st century version was more powerful! Force and its opposition to the thrift Yoshimune, at the mercy of the Battle of Tokugawa Muneharu do their luxury, the unfolding of our out-of-this-world battle Kunoichi ninja swinging Between love and mission.

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Bit Rate: 448 kbps (6 Channels)

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14/01/2014 12.38 am

thanks smile1.gif
16/03/2013 04.29 am

27/01/2013 04.16 pm

From amazon about US version: "DVD Release Date: February 26, 2013". Can't wait for subtitles smile1.gif
23/07/2012 09.20 am

subs anyone?
02/10/2011 10.50 am

First, thank you, theonlyh for uploading this!

Second, THERE'S A NINTH MOVIE!?!?!?  I'm a HUGE fan of the Female Ninja Magic Chronicles series and the last movie I saw was 6. Does anyone know where I can see movies 7 and 8?  
21/09/2011 11.20 pm

w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif Thanks a million theonlyh for sharing and good work! w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif
21/07/2011 01.51 pm

Domo Arigato!
15/07/2011 07.19 pm

What a surprise!!!
15/07/2011 04.00 am

black hole vag?? hahahaha
14/07/2011 07.26 pm

Thank you very much theonlyh smile1.gif
14/07/2011 06.12 pm

Read the description guys. It says no English subs.
14/07/2011 05.26 pm

anybody who has been download, could u tell me?
is the movie has english subtitle...?
14/07/2011 05.20 pm

Eng srt. Pleeeeeeaaaaaaase! i really want to watch this.

PM me when this is possible please.

Thanks a bunch grin.gif
14/07/2011 11.55 am

This is far superior to the recent ninja chick movies that are only interested in tits.
The ninja girls have many magic tricks such as acid breast milk, black hole vagina and more.