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Name Phobia (2008)
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Aka ............:  4BIA/Phobia
Year ………: 2008
Country ……… : Thailand
Language .........:  Thai
Subtitle(s) ......: Thai, Download english below
Film Genre .......: Horror

Links …….:

DVD Source .......: Uitvreter of ADC
Ripper ...........: gandarloda
Video Format .....: AVI-Xvid-2 pass
Video Bitrate ....:  1378 kbps
Aspect Ratio .....:  16 : 9
Resolution .......:  720 x 400
Audio Format .....: MP3 Joint Stereo 2 channels
Audio Bitrate ....: 128 kbps
Video Runtime ......: 111 mins
Frame Rate .......: 25 fps                                                                      


1. Loneliness (by Youngyoot Tongkontund)

Loneliness can cause a young girl to do stupid things, like a working girl in Loneliness.
She's lonely, unemployed and heartbroken. At this point, she's on edge when receiving an unknown text message asking for her friendship. She starts communicating with the
anonymous sender. Will she be regretting after finding out who he is?

2. Deadly Charm (by Paween Purijidpanya)

Imagine a childish payback like write a joke about your friend's parents on the blackboard. Then imagine a payback of vocational schoolboys who curse people they hate on a deadly charm. Let's see how excruciating these curses will bring to the table.

3. The Middle Man (by Banjong Pisanthanakun)

A group of teenagers is camping in the wood. They think it'll be fun to tell a scary story
while mocking what a character will act in the horror movies. Unfortunately, the mystic ghosts  they encounter are those that go against the grain of traditional rules in horror films.

4. Last Fright (by Parkpoom Wongpoom)

This chapter presents the mixture of phobia. It's an inappropriate flight for anyone with
claustrophobia, nyctophobia, fear of noise, fear of air pressure, and fear of corpses.
All terror is waiting for one unlucky air hostesses who will face this alone.

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04/11/2012 04.18 am

I have to say I was very disappointed with this film. I went into in with high expectations. The trailer looked good and the plot for the stories seemed interesting and unique. I'm even a big fan of these sorts of short horror film collections (such as Creepshow, V/H/S/, etc).

I'm not sure what camera was used in this film, but it made it come off like it was a soap opera. That was something I can overlook and from what I have seen of the second film, is not used again in this series.

The film relied WAY to heavily on CGI, to the point that it greatly detracted from my experience. I understand that CGI was the only way to shoot some of the scenes, but there is cgi used in parts that (imo) could have been much better using standard make-up and props at (i would believe) a similar cost.

A break down of the 4 parts

OK premise, alright build up, terrible ending involving 2 especially bad effects back to back. I would honestly skip this one.

Deadly Charm
Pretty standard premise, OK build up, predictable but pretty good ending. However, this story was guilty of using WAY to CGI and is probabily the worst looking of the 4, despite being one of the most entertaining of the 4.

The Middle Man
An interesting story. Not scary, but a well told and uniquely entertaining. There are a few parts which I chuckled at and while the ending is predictable, it managed to hold my interest well.

Last Fright
This was a story that seemed both genuinely interesting and scary from the trailer. The concept, which I won't spoil, is an interesting one and could have been really entertaining if done correctly. Unfortunately, it ends up comming off as a very standard horror story with a meh ending.

Most of the scares that i experienced in this movie
were jump scares, something which I hate and has been used to death.

Ultimately, I don't regret watching this film, but I would recommend skipping this one if I were you.
31/08/2011 02.21 pm

thanks for sharing...i love scary movies...this movie really give me a scare...
31/08/2011 02.21 pm

thanks for sharing...i love scary movies...this movie really give me a scare...
03/06/2011 12.49 pm

I haven't downloaded this torrent in particular, so I can't comment on the quality of it. I have seen the film, and it is great! The stories are creepy, and very creative. I wasn't a huge fan of the last story, but it is interesting none-the-less. The second story made me jump, and did raise my pulse a little, and that almost never happens anymore to me. I really recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries, or horror.
21/03/2011 01.03 am