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Name Rumah Pondok Indah 2006 [Gardol² DVD-Rip]
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Description Rumah Pondok Indah (2006)

Director : Irwan Siregar
Writer : Faldin Martha
Cast : Asha Shara, Ricky Harun, Chintami Atmanagara, Amelia, Arswendi N, Titi Qadarsih, Ruhut Sitompul, Arie Timmy, Indah Pelapory, Krisno Bossa

Plot: Tio is a very well-known sculptor who has customers from every country who always flock to his galleries. The statues he made are always very realistic and he is always all out in every sculpture he makes, even to go as far as ignoring his girlfriend, Maya.

One day, Maya was promised that they will have a big engagement announcement on television, however it never happened, and Maya was only made to be the base of his newest sculpture. Maya, who heard about it, got mad at Tio. Tio cannot take it anymore, and in the end, killed Maya, even after knowing that she is pregnant with their child. Tio decided to make a sculpture from her body so people would not know the truth.

Finally, Maya's sculpture became his latest masterpiece during his latest gallery, and no one realized that it was her real body behind it. After the gallery is done, the sculpture is put to his house at Pondok Indah which he decide to rent out since he going abroad. From there, starts the stories of horror as one by one the tenants are bothered by weird occurences without really knowing why.


Country: Indonesia
Language: Indonesian
Subtitle: English (External)
Run Time: 1:33:20
Genre: Horror/Ghost/Possession

Codec................: XviD
Video Bitrate........: 918 Kbps
Resolution...........: 528 x 304
FPS..................: 25
Source...............: DVD

Codec................: MP3
Bitrate..............: 128 Kbps
Sample Rate..........: 48000 Hz
Channels.............: 2

"I was surprised at how good this movie was, never expect that Indonesians are also good in making horror movies."

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