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There are three pairs of couples and their roles highlight the roles of women in modern society:

Chai Foon (Raymond Lam) and Ko Chi-Ling (Melissa Ng) - Chai Foon has been in love with his tutor, Ling, since he was 11 and she was 18. They depict the problems of overcoming a seven year age gap in traditional Chinese society.
Man King-Leung (Michael Tse) and Hilda Hoi Kiu (Sheren Tang) - shows their quest to power and fame, their readiness to sacrifice anything - even their loved ones - for the sake of climbing the corporate ladder. However, throughout the show, their characters began to make the realization that love and family are actually much more significant in life than success in the business world.
Ko Chi-Lik (Kenneth Ma) and Ida Hoi Suen (Kate Tsui) - focuses on the status of the woman in modern society. Raised in a patriarchal environment, Lik, who has very old-fashioned thinking, believes that women cannot become sushi chefs. He believes that a woman should be staying at home, cooking, serving their husbands and caring for the children. Ida on the other hand, is a very strong-willed modern Chinese woman. Through her determination, confidence and persistence, she proves her skills to him. Their frequent conflict and arguments over the rights and roles of women and Lik's eventual realization that women can indeed accomplish greater accomplishments than men show the gradual progression of value changes.

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This is 22 Episode series  


Title: 女人唔易做
Cantonese/Mandarin title: Nui Yan Mm Yi Jo / Nu Ren Wu Yu Zuo
English title: La Femme Desperado
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 22
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast period: 2006-Apr-17 to 2006-May-14
Air time: Monday to Friday 20:30-21:30
Opening theme song: Not Easy Being a Woman (女人唔易做) by Tang Chi Wai (鄧智偉)
Insert song: Women with a Past (有過去的女人) by Miriam Yeung
Related TV series: Men in Pain


Relationship chartHoi Family
Sheren Tang as as Hoi Kiu 海翹 (Hilda)
Kate Tsui as Hoi Suen æµ·ç’‡ (Ida)
Ko Family
Melissa Ng as Ko Chi Ling 高志玲 (Ah Ling)
Amy Ng as young Ko Chi Ling
Kenneth Ma as Ko Chi Lik 高志力 (Ah Lik)
Dickson Lee as Ko Chi Nung 高志能 (Chi Ling's brother)
Natalie Wong as Goon Ka Yung 管嘉蓉
Bryan Leung as Ko Wing Tiem 高榮添 (Chi Ling's father)
Ching Hor Wai as Lau Wai Sim 劉慧嬋 (Chi Ling's mother)
Chai Family
Raymond Lam as Chai Foon 齊寬 (Siu Chai)
Mary Hon as Tong Lai Chu 唐麗珠 (Chai Foon's mother)
Lai Suen as Cheung Pak Chi 章柏枝 (Chai Foon's grandmother)
Tiffany Tse as Wing Yee (Siu Chai's niece)
Ma Family
Savio Tsang as Ma Sai Hin 馬世軒 (Pluto)
Jeffrey Wong as Sai Hin's son
Jacqueline Law as Venus
Sin Dik Kei as Vicky
Pluto Business Agent
Michael Tse as Man King Leung 文景良 (Ah Man)
June Chan as Ho Nga Kei 何雅琪 (Jackie)
Kam Chi Ching as brand manager
Wa Jung Nam as brand manager
Lau Sum Yi as brand manager
Henry Lo as Daniel
Lee Gong Lung as brand manager assistant
So Yun Chi as Elsa (Hilda's secretary)
Simon Lo as Ben (Marketing department salesperson)
Janice Shum as Cathy (Marketing department salesperson)
Karen Lee as Amy (Marketing department salesperson)
Jim Sau Gwan as Nancy (Switchboard operator)
Tam Kin Man as John (Marketing department staff)
So Lai Ming as Eva (Marketing department staff)
Jason Lam as Frankie (Marketing department staff)
Lau Tin Lung as Paul (Marketing department staff)
Jackeline Cheung (Marketing department staff)
Tsui Wing as Ken (Marketing department staff)
Ho Man Git as Lung 龍 (Warehouse department staff)
Adam Ip as Wah 華 (Warehouse department staff)
Chung Kin Man as John
Please Chain Store
Cindy Au as as Kong Jing Jing 江晶晶 (Crystal)
Kong Hon as Kong Win Nin 江永年 (Please)
Derek Kwok as Cho Ka Po 曹家普 (KP)
Gregory Charles Rivers as Letterman
Mak Ka Lun as staff
Fanny Yip as Tracy (Win Nin's secretary)
Tateyama Sushi Restaurant
Koo Ming Wa as Sam
Russell Cheung as Ray
Summer Joe as Yuki
Ng Wai Shan as San 珊
Ivy Ng as Huk Mui 黑妹
Chan Kin Man as Ah Lap 阿立
Reyan Yan as Ginny
Kitty Lau as Ginny's mother
Lee Kwok Lun as Jimmy
Yvonne Ho as Yeung Mei Shuet 楊美雪
Yu Tze Ming as Uncle Wai 威叔
Lee Hoi Sung as Uncle Mo 武叔
Ngai Wai Man as Stanley
Lai Ming Nok as (ep1, redundant staff)
Lam Shuk Man (ep1, redundant staff)
Akina Hong as Mary (Pluto shampoo model)
Ho Jun Hin as George (Bank manager)
Suen Kwai Hing as (fortune teller)
Raymond Tsang as Toothpaste brand manufacturer
Leung Kin Ping as Toothpaste brand manufacturer
Tammy Ho as shoe store assistant
Rachel Kan (ep01)
Yeung Ka Sing
Martin Tong as taxi driver
Chan Min Leung as a room manager
Chan Dik Hak as a security guard
Jonathan Lee
Dia Yiu Ming as reporter
Chalk North as reporter
Cheung Han Mo as businessman
Kwong Chor Fai as Dr
Iva Law as nurse
Hoffman Cheng as real estate agent
Heidi Chu as hair and make-up artist
Lily Leung as Yin 燕
Tsang Wai Wan as Yin's dauther in law 燕之媳
Lee Fung as Fung 楓
Wong Ji Wai as Fung's dauther in law 楓之媳
Lam Ying Hung as nurse
Poon Koon Lam as a villager
Chiu Lok Yin as a model
Cheung Kwok Wai as a model
Coson Ning as a model
Alex To as a model
Ho Lam as a pathologist
Chiu Man Tung as a lifesaver
Dik Siu Lun as piano teacher

Production Credits
Producer: Poon Ka Tak
Viewership Ratings
Week  Episodes  Average  Peak  
1  01-05  31  
2  06-10  33  
3  11-15  33  37  
4  16-20  34  38  
2  21-22  37  41  

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