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Name The Ancient Dogoo Girl [2009] Complete (Eng Hardsubbed)
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Description The Ancient Dogoo Girl [2009] Complete (Eng Hardsubbed)

Title: 古代少女ドグちゃ
Title (Romaji): Kodai shōjo Dogu-chan
Also Known As: The Ancient Dogoo Girl
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Year: 2009
Episodes: 12
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan
Subtitles: English

Noboru Iguchi, Junya Kato, Ryûta Miyake, Jun Tsugita

Noboru Iguchi, Takuma Tosaka, Keisuke Toyoshima, Takashi Shimizu, Ryûta Miyake

Main Cast:
Erika Yazawa as Dogu-chan
Masataka Kubota as Makoto Sugihara

By chance, a hikikomori named Makoto Sugihara finds a strange breastplate buried in the woods. When he places his palm on the breast plate, its design gets burned into his palm while the action awakens a girl named Dogu-chan, a hyperactive yōkai hunter from the Jōmon period with large breasts. Because he had touched her breastplate, Makoto is now bound to Dogu-chan as she adapts to modern day life, fighting yōkai in magic armor formed by her dogū assistant Dokigoro while slowly prying Makoto out of his shell as he is dragged into her misadventures, whether he likes it or not.

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07/03/2013 05.38 am

Great stuff grin.gif thanks for the upload. Someone should upload season 2 Dogoon V Rina Takeda is even in it.
08/01/2013 11.37 pm

Thanks for the down load. I am looking forward to viewing this show
12/07/2012 03.31 pm

27/12/2011 09.10 pm

04/08/2011 06.37 am

Fun series. Thank you for this one!
05/07/2011 06.59 am

The subs after five are not a good transliteration/  Oh well, i needed the help w/my Japanese.
04/07/2011 06.11 am

There is no emotocon for respect but, i thank-you for a wonderful and brilliant satire of Japanese society (all societies too a point) which this series portrays.  If you only DL one episode make #5. Social comentary ban be hillarious!!! Arigato.wink.gif
03/07/2011 10.24 am

thank you very much!
02/07/2011 07.49 pm

Thanks for the upload!

Has there been any word on the movie version of this series being released?  I heard it was supposed to be an edited together recap of the series with a new part featuring Asami and special gore effects by Yoshihiro Nishimura.

02/07/2011 02.33 am

I love this! I'm so happy to see it posted on here. Thanks!
02/07/2011 01.40 am

Awesome!!! grin.gifgrin.gif
01/07/2011 11.30 pm

haha, this looks great. Thanks for the upload.