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Name Memoirs of a Lady Ninja 2009 DVDRip x264 AC3-theonlyh
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Description WARNING: For Adults Only!

The Secret Female Ninja

A.K.A: Memoirs of a Lady Ninja | The Secret Female Ninja | Onmitsu Kunoichi Retsuden: Himerareta Onna Shinobi
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Cast: Saori Hara / Akari Hoshino / Mutsuo Yoshioka
Directed: Jiro Ishikawa
Genre: Action | Drama | Pinku
Runtime: 1h 30min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: ENGLISH Selectable

Blowing like a wind and a cloud, a blue-eyed female ninja with a painful destiny has arrived!

A blue-eyed ninja, Hijiri, is a fierce and cold-blooded assassin. She encounters a thief after the scroll of esoteric immortality from the treasure house of a Christian daimyo, Rokusha, and she gets into a sword fight with him. In the close battle, she is wounded, but is rescued by a Christian named Seitaro, and they begin falling for each other. But her happy days don’t last. Openly critical of Christianity, “a bad foreign religion”, the Dainichi Shinkyo weaves dark intrigues to kill Hijiri and Christians.

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Audio Codec: AC3
Bit Rate: 128 (2 Channels)

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16/05/2014 11.16 pm

if you are into bad acting and C grade "wanna be sex stars' then this is the once for you - however not my taste - watched the trailer, not worth it.
30/07/2013 05.26 am

26/09/2012 01.55 pm

Thank you smile1.gif
28/07/2012 11.54 am

14/06/2012 03.38 am

09/06/2012 09.29 pm

Very Nice...  Thank you!
25/04/2012 09.53 am

good show
16/03/2012 05.51 am

just as I thought it is still lacking, but the acting and fighting are still improvements compared to other pinku.  Some outfits and hairstyles people wear in it are ridiculous, but some of them are actual outfits and hairstyling are what people were during that era in japan.  Many acting sequences are exaggerated and others not acted with enough emotion.  Still as I said this is better than many other pinku and certainly better than any related to martial arts even if it is still sub par.  At least they are starting to make efforts now a step forward.confused.gifwink.gifgrin.gifsad.gifohmy.gifsleep.gif represent my mixed emotions about it as the acting, action, and environment have all improved, but still can't even make a C grade movie.  Maybe by 2015 we will see one that reaches at least a C grade.  I know others just enjoy these, even if I don't understand why you do.  You can say I watch just for something hopeful.  Now none action wise I have seen 2 C+ movies that were good for pinku, but I can't remember what they were called.  THank you for the upload even if it seems like I am ranting about it.  I really am just stating my opinion about the movie.  I won't mention the tricks, and CG, or the tricks with the camera to do things the actors couldn't.  Also I hope in the future they steer clear of the power rangers attack like camera angles and jumping attacks that are just stupid.
12/03/2012 04.11 am

Ah screw it is only 700 mb.  I will see for myself.
12/03/2012 04.10 am

I just want to ask anyone who sees this and has watched this if the action and acting are any good?  I fear pinkus now because I have only come across two that were any good and one of them had little action in it as it was a different type of genre.  As I am a serious martial artist even if I try and disregard the action scenes and choreography.  I can only do it to some extent.  From what I saw in the preview, it wasn't that horrible and they actually put a "little" effort inwink.gif excluding the crappy CG effects that they attempted and the jumping around of some of the older characters like that dude who said cliche in the previewcry.gifcry.gifsad.gifangry.gif.  Is the story well played along with everything else?  On top of that it looks like they managed to get buildingsthumbsup.gifgroup.gifband.gifhi.gif rather than simply playing in the woods the whole time.angry.gifaxe.gifaxe.gifspank.gifspank.gifspank.gifthumbsdown.gifthumbsdown.gifsick.gifsick.gifevil.gifdevil.gif
26/01/2012 05.28 am

thanks brother
22/09/2011 12.15 am

Thanks!  This is a nice film, and the subtitles make it even better.
12/09/2011 09.59 am

Thank you theonlyh smile1.gif
11/09/2011 03.09 am

Omg!That's the ninja that raped the priest in 3-D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy ..I knew that chick looked familiar!!laugh.gif

Thank YOU! This outta be interestingangel.gif
10/09/2011 10.05 pm


I love you man! (figuritively only) lol

Ahem (composes himself)

Much appreciated
10/09/2011 09.42 pm