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Name Midori (1992)
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Title: Shôjo Tsubaki
English Title: Midori (The Girl in the Freak Show)
Date: 1992

Director:Hiroshi Harada
Writers:Hiroshi Harada
Suehiro Maruo
56 min
Subtitles: English (external .SRT)

Not for the faint-hearted.  This
Anime is pretty challenging, and filled with vile and violent imagery.  Here's a bit of what Midnight Eye had to say:

"Hiroshi Harada, the director of Shojo Tsubaki (let's stay with the original title for the time being) sets the bar much, much higher. He doesn't even allow his film to be shown in movie theaters in Japan, yet alone let them be consumed on video or DVD.
For his screenings, he created incredibly elaborate "freak show" events which encompass live theater, live music, acrobatic acts, wild stage settings, freaky characters let loose on the audience... and a lot of secrecy. His flyers announcing shows and even those looking for performers were deliberately confusing - nobody was supposed to know what was really going on. In the early years, which means the early 1990s after the film's premiere in 1992, he wouldn't even want anyone to know what kind of show Shojo Tsubaki was at all: a movie, an anime, live theater?
"It would have been not interesting if I had given all that info in advance." Harada wrote me in a recent e-mail. "I wanted surprise. The audience suddenly encountering something totally unexpected - that was the point."
    Now, what is Shojo Tsubaki? Well, it's animated, it's on celluloidit is about a poor young girl who lives a hard life in a freak show circus, and its scenes often switch from being extremely kawaii to extremely graphic, violent, and at times oozing into the territory of far-out sexual fetishism. Sex among disfigured freaks, eye-ball-licking, rape by a disgusting, diseased... it's all there. And yet, Midori, the main character, does find true love here... and then things turn violent again... You never know where the movie is heading. You can't even guess what dangers or pleasures might be coming Midori's way from one second to the next."

I love it... like aMiike film - there's a beauty and human-ness behind every shocking image.
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