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Name We Got Married (YongSeo Couple) Ep 1 to 43
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Here are the Episodes of popular reality South Korean variety show, WE GOT MARRIED, that shows cuts of Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) and Seo Hyun (SNSD/Girls Generation) as they embark on a journey through married life. Each week they are given missions to complete. This couple are nicknamed as YONGSEO couple (from their names) as well as GOGUMA couple, since SeoHyun really likes goguma (sweet potato) and on their first meeting, her co-SNSD asked her to yell goguma if he liked her husband-to-be or hamburger (if she doesn't like him), SeoHyun in turn said GOGUMA after talking with Yong for a while. wub.gif

Cast: Jung Yong Hwa, Seo Hyun
Executive Producer: Im Jeong Ah
Genre: Reality, Variety
Runtime: approx. 20 min per episode, except for Episode 1 (40 min)
Also Known As: We Got Married - Goguma Couple/우리 결혼했어요
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English hardsubbed (Credits go to NulSaranghaeS3, RDRsubs and sonems)

Type.................: VIDEO CLIP
File Format..........: AVI
Codec................: XViD
Resolution...........: mostly 640x480
Video Bitrate........: 1203 KBPs
Audio................: MP3
Audio Bitrate........: 128kbps

YONGSEO EPS 44 TO 49 up for grabs here:

NOTE: the videos aren't in HD format, mostly are HQ and pretty watchable. I uploaded this for all of those people like me who ar fan of the GOGUMA/YONGSEO couple. these videos are hard to find esp. the ones with english subtitles, so i'm sharing this. Please SEED after downloading! ENJOY WATCHING!! grin.gif
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06/01/2014 05.30 am

How do I download? smile1.gif
22/12/2013 11.57 pm

Please helpd me i cnt dl.. it says by invite?
22/12/2013 11.53 pm

How can I dl this? It says im not authorized to download?
21/09/2013 10.52 pm

10/06/2013 05.53 am

Are there subs for this?
13/05/2013 11.48 am

thank you.. i love seohyun..
20/04/2013 02.07 pm

Thank you very much for the torrent! Seed pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! smile1.gifsmile2.gif
25/03/2013 06.12 pm

Thank you!
01/02/2013 03.32 pm

how can i download this? Can someone help me please?
12/12/2012 02.51 pm

thank you grin.gif
please seed
27/09/2012 06.03 am

I have a lot of the early episodes subbed. I'll try and put together what I have into some kind of order. Only decent quality because HQ wasn't as popular back then.  I have to work so I'll get around to it when I can.
05/09/2012 10.12 pm

I wonder if anyone have full season 1 couple(alshin and ansol couple). I miss them so much.

But anyhow, thank you for this. Goguma couple is super adorable. I'm starting to like Seohyun after watching this smile1.gif I think she's awesome with Yonghwa grin.gif
26/08/2012 11.03 am

Is it Complete...I hope it is....well thank you very much...^^ God Bless and more power have a nice day ^^ angel.gif
09/08/2012 08.01 pm

Thank you very much!!smile1.gifsmile1.gif
22/07/2012 04.48 pm

thanks for uploading smile1.gif . really appreciated it
10/07/2012 04.30 am

thank you thank you!!grin.gifgrin.gif
09/07/2012 01.04 am

thanks! can't wait to watch it
30/06/2012 09.29 am

thanks a lot for this!grin.gif
17/06/2012 03.09 pm

thanks a lot!=) i'll seed whenever i'm online.^____^
13/06/2012 09.05 am

Thank you ^_^V
07/06/2012 08.52 am

Thank  you so much . I want to practice English from watching this.grin.gifgrin.gif
28/05/2012 06.45 pm

So nice, Thank you so much! grin.gif
20/05/2012 11.30 am

how can i download this one?
10/05/2012 02.44 am

There is no episode 24..
31/01/2012 09.56 am

uhh, is there no ep24?
24/01/2012 10.43 am

How to Download??
can anyone please help me
13/01/2012 01.20 pm

iam still confused, how can i download this file??
somebody help me please..
11/01/2012 09.46 am

So romantic... lovely...
07/01/2012 03.42 pm

I got it..tnx
29/11/2011 05.10 pm

how do you download this using utorrent?sad.gif
23/09/2011 12.59 pm

thanks.. smile1.gif
31/07/2011 11.28 pm

does anyone have alshin couple whole series??
19/07/2011 12.31 am

i know this is kinda asking a lot but how about KHUNTORIA ? if u can, please upload it . thanks a lot for ur kindness grin.gif  
23/06/2011 02.52 am

Hi! I know I already asked but can u pls send a link to Khuntoria couple episodes too?? If u have uploaded them though .... and thank you so much for your hard work <3
20/06/2011 06.10 pm

there's an english sub right?
06/06/2011 11.29 pm

nevermind. found out episode 24 is a special.
06/06/2011 11.06 am

is episode 24 missing?
05/06/2011 10.42 am

why i can't see the video?? i just look a alphabet cry.gif
please help me!!cry.gif
14/05/2011 08.07 am

im so sorry..
but how to download??tq..i really want these
05/05/2011 06.42 am

smile1.gif arigato
24/04/2011 09.17 pm

thank you for your hardworkkkkkgrin.gif
24/04/2011 09.33 am

thanks for this!smile1.gif
19/04/2011 06.04 pm

is there any english subs ?
08/04/2011 08.40 am

Last Eps of YongSeo here: wink.gifwink.gif
04/04/2011 09.53 pm

Hi I want to see this but I just don't know how? Can some one explain to me?
26/03/2011 03.01 am

21/03/2011 01.41 pm

KHUNTORIA COUPLE, download here:
21/03/2011 12.53 pm

YONGSEO couple Episodes 44 to 49 are up for grabs here: grin.gifgrin.gif
09/03/2011 09.01 pm

where can i download khuntoria couple episodes? i wish , u upload the khuntoria's episodes pls pls angel.gif and tnkss ^_^!?
21/02/2011 05.13 pm

..aslo available for download.. WE GOT MARRIED SEASON 2 - CHUSEOK HORROR SPECIAL (all three couples: ADAM, GOGUMA and KHUNTORIA couples), just go here  grin.gif
21/02/2011 05.11 pm

..aslo available for download.. WE GOT MARRIED SEASON 2 - CHUSEOK HORROR SPECIAL (all three couples: ADAM, GOGUMA and KHUNTORIA couples), just go here
21/02/2011 05.09 pm

for those who want to download  WE GOT MARRIED - ADAM COUPLE.. here's the link  grin.gif
14/02/2011 10.08 pm

where can i download adam couple episodes?
11/02/2011 08.32 pm

does any1 have the whole season 1 and 2. It is so hard to watch WGM online.