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Description Surely Someday

Japanese Ttle: シュアリー・サムデイ
Romaji: Shuari samudei

Year: 2010
Country: Japan
Director: Shun Oguri
Screenwrieter: Shogo Muto
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Runtime: 122 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese
World Premiere: February 25th, 2010 (Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival)
Theatrical Release Date: July 17, 2010  


* Keisuke Koide - Takumi (vocals)
* Ryo Katsuji - Kyohei (guitar)
* Gou Ayano - Hideto (guitar)
* Ryohei Suzuki - Kazuo (drums)
* Tsuyoshi Muro - Yuki (bass)
* Manami Konishi -Misa Hazuki
* Eiji Yokota - Yu Miyagi
* Kotaro Yoshida - Kito
* Kenichi Endo - Ijima
* Fuyuki Moto - Yuichiro Satamura
* Hideko Hara - Miwako Satamura
* Takamasa Suga - Sakaguchi
* Tsutomu Takahashi - gym tacher
* Takashi Sasano - vice principle
* Mao Inoue - Shoko Goto (Kazuo's sister)
* Tsuyoshi Abe - Wakashugi
* Shinobu Otake - manager of lunch box shop
* Satoshi Tsumabuki - Police Officer A
* Aya Ueto - herself
* Naoto Takenaka - Takeo Kishi (Takumi's dad/cop)
* Takashi Okamura - Yachusang (homeless man)
* Mitsuomi Takahashi - Shuka
* Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi - Gomi
* Kanji Tsuda
* Shun Oguri - Police officer B

Synopsis/ Plot:
Takumi (Keisuke Koide), Kyohei (Ryo Katsuji), Hideto (Gou Ayano), Kazuo (Ryohei Suzuki), & Yuki (Tsuyoshi Muro) are five friends who form a rock band to perform at an upcoming school festival. When the friends learn that the festival is cancelled, they threaten to blow up the high school unless the school's administration reinstates the festival. The vice principle agrees to their demand, but the friends find themselves unable to stop the timing device on their homemade bomb. The classroom in which they are barricaded then blows up and so does their hopes for a bright future.
Three years later, Takumi & Kyohei walk down a street and witness a blond haired woman hit by an oncoming car. When they run down to the scene of the accident, they see the blond haired woman remove a pistol from the driver of the car and then drive off with his car! To Takumi and Kyohei's further amazement, they realize that the driver of the car is none other than high school pal Kazuo who now works for the yakuza.
Later that day, mob boss Kito (Kotaro Yoshida) walks into Takumi's workplace and looks for Kazuo. Before leaving, Kito threatens to kill Takumi, Kyohei, and their families if they don't return 300 million Yen and a prostitute (Manami Konishi), he believes they may know, by tomorrow. The longtime friends must now frantically search for the prostitute and the 300 million Yen ...

Film Festivals:
2010 (20th) Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival - February 25th-March 1st - Official Selection * Opening Film / World Premiere
2010 (14th) Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival - July 15th-25th - Vision Express * International Premiere

Movie was filmed during the summer of 2009 secretly.

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Video Codec: XviD
Video Format: 848x480
Video Bitrate: 1188 kbps
Video Frame Rate: 23.976 fps
File Source: DVD Jap

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Audio Codec: AC3 (Ch. 6 - 48000Hz)
Audio Bitrate: 448 kbps




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>Video Codec: XviD
>Video Format: 848x480
>Video Bitrate: 1188 kbps

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been a fan of shun oguri's work for some time now, can't wait to c this next step in his career... thank u! smile1.gif