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Name Three Kingdoms 新三國 (2012) TVB HD Complete Series (Ep. 01 – 85)
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Description Three Kingdoms 新三国


 Movie: Three Kingdoms 新三国
 Broadcaster: TVBHD 高清翡翠台播放
 Broadcast Date: 15 March 2012 Monday to Friday
 All Genres: History, Drama, Action
 Director: Gao Xixi
 Episode: 85
 Subtitles: Simplified / Traditional Chinese (Selectable)
 Language: Mandarin / Cantonese (Selectable)
 Country: China


 Chen Jian Bin as Cao Cao
 Yu He Wei as Liu Bei
 Zhang Bo as Sun Quan
 Lu Yi as Zhu Ge Liang
 Nie Yuan as Zhao Yun
 Yu Rong Guang as Guan Yu
 Ruby Lin as Sun Shang Xiang
 Victor Huang as Zhou Yu
 Chen Hao as Diao Chan
 Peter Ho as Lu Bu
 Ni Da Jong as Si Ma Yi

Plot / Synopsis

In an age of turmoil, heroes will rise. It is the end of the 2nd Century and China is in a state of turmoil. The land is divided by warlords and the country is facing famine, droughts, and invasion from bordering tribes. On top of the problems the country is facing, Zhang Jiao and his brothers begin to rebel against the Han, while advocating the arrival of a new era, the era of the "Yellow Dragon," implying that if people followed him, they would lead prosperous lives. Thousands of desperate villagers flocked to follow Zhang Jiao as they raided government offices and plundered towns and villages alike in protest of heavy taxation, wearing only a "yellow turban" on their heads. As their strengths and numbers grew, the "Yellow Turbans" overthrew some of the Imperial Court's best generals and strongest forces. Concerned for their capital in Luo Yang and for the Han empire, the Imperial Court immediately constructed an "alliance" by requesting volunteers across the country to settle the rebellion. Three distinct generals were recruited - Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Jian. Together with their own officers, the Yellow Turban rebellion was quickly laid to rest and each of the men involved immediately gained popularity and power with the people. As their powers grew, however, each continued to seek more control of their territories and to unite all of China under one rule. One fought for hegemony. One fought for ambition. One fought for righteousness. Veteran officers and generals who shared the same visions swarmed under each leader. These stalwart souls waged war across the vast expanse of the land and, like blood thirsty demons, cut down any and all that stood in their way. Thus, the romance of the Three Kingdoms begins.


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NAME.................: HDJ Three Kingdoms Complete HDTV.720p x264-CHDTV
GENRE................: Action |Drama | History
RELEASE DATE.........: 2012-03-15
Resource Type..: TV Series
SOURCE ........: HDJ.Three.Kingdoms.Ep01-85.20120712.HDTV.1080i.H264-CHDTV
RUNTiME..............: Est.44m33s
FiLE SiZE............: 1:55 GiB per Episode
ViDEO CODEC..........: x264 High Profile Level 3.1 @ 4072Kbps
Language.......: Mandarin / Cantonese
AUDiO CODEC..........: Mandarin AC-3 5.1/2.0 ch 192kbps / Cantonese AC-3 2.0 ch 192Kbps
RESOLUTiON.....: 1280 x 720
ASPECT RATiO...: 1.78 : 1
FRAMERATE............: 25,000 fps
SUBTiTLES......: Chs/Cht


This series is capable of playing 1080i version as the original is from TVB HD 1080i before encoding.

Special thank to CHDTV team.
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20/05/2014 10.25 pm

stopped at 77.6 %
can someone seed pls?

thx for the upload!
08/02/2014 06.52 pm

English sub is 0 to nonesad.gif more likely
09/11/2013 11.50 pm

Need seeders please .. torrent is super slow
24/09/2013 11.38 am

English sub please.
25/06/2013 01.52 am

There is any cantonese version with english sub?
15/05/2013 11.04 pm

Anyone know how this one compares with "old" Three Kingdoms? (the 95 ep one).
15/02/2013 05.39 pm

Too bad that this is the cut version.
09/01/2013 11.22 am

Hi, If upload the chinesse srt files, would somebody able to translate it to english ?
27/12/2012 05.39 pm

Excellent quality! Thanks a lot!
08/12/2012 12.40 pm

lookin forward ta eng subs
is it as good as the 95 ep series?
16/11/2012 01.56 pm

Thank youu ..
07/10/2012 11.37 am

English Subtitles please!
02/10/2012 04.46 pm

english subtitles srt
29/08/2012 07.09 pm

You were looking at the 'old' Sanguo series (2010) - 95 episodes, the 'new' Sanguo series (2012) are 85 episodes
28/08/2012 11.11 am

On the wiki it lists 95 episodes but this torrent only has 85, can someone explain why this is?
22/08/2012 05.56 pm

any clues where to get english subs for this?
04/08/2012 10.04 pm

dinasty warriorcool1.gif
29/07/2012 09.04 am

Actually in terms of subtitles, it is very different because the two versions are very different. There are some cut scenes and there are some out-of-order scenes, (I've tried on the CHTV version. Is this by any different from the CHDTV version? If it is, I could try, but it's doubtful.
27/07/2012 11.29 am

xterminater: Not hard at all if you know how to do it (and have time for it). Probably you can just upload the original subtitles and maybe others who have downloaded this torrent can help to work on d subs. I use VSRip to rip subtitles from DVD to idx/sub format. There are other programs, you can easily google for tutorials on subbing.
27/07/2012 09.44 am

AS i said at the previous 3 kingdom version this is really a great drama, worth watching and keeping~!
26/07/2012 07.49 am

wonder how hard is it to take the subtitle from the dvds and sync it to this one?  If needed, I can supply the subtitles from the dvds...
25/07/2012 12.24 pm

Thank you for bringing that out. In fact it is a duplicate zero capacity files and there is one more HDJ.Three.Kingdoms.Ep73.20120627.HDTV.720p.x264-CHDTV.mkv 1.45 GB in the folder. Total 86 files, since the torrent was already created and uploaded, I dont want to amend it, cos it will affect the whole upload.
25/07/2012 08.15 am

Thank you so much for uploading.

Can check if Episode 73 is missing or corrupted?
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Thank you.
24/07/2012 10.24 pm

eng subs please.
24/07/2012 09.32 pm

What are the chances for English subtitles?