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Name Virtual Recall (2010)
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Description Warning : Contains some Nudity

AKA : Virtual Recall
Year : 2010
Country: China | Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese | Mandarin (Dual Audio)
Subtitle(s) : Chinese | English
Film Genre : Drama | Horror | Thriller | Sci-Fi | Fantasy
IMDB : None
Links : Love HK Film

DVD Source : DVD5 Rental
Ripper : gandarloda
Video format : MKV – X264 – 2 Pass
Video Bitrate : 1695 Kbps
Aspect Ratio : 16 : 9
Resolution : 720 x 576
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 192 Kbps (both audio)
Video Runtime: 1 hours 40 mins
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Larry Cheung Hoi-Ching
Cast : Tang Yi-Fei, Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi, Stephen Fung Tak-Lun, Mandy Chiang Nga-Man, Samuel Pang King-Chi, Sammul Chan Kin-Fung, Tin Kai-Man, Simon Lui Yu-Yeung, Astrid Chan Chi-Ching, Teddy Lin Chun, Lee Wai


Hilarious comedy disguised as a lurid psychological thriller with science fiction elements. Virtual Recall is so terribly directed and overacted that it's automatically a frontrunner for comedy of the year. Stephen Fung and Cherrie Ying have done better work, obviously.

Hong Kong, the present day. At the luxurious Yee Low Mental Sanatorium, psychiatrist Xiao Tingqin (Tang Yifei) is assigned the case of "special" patient Sum Liu-sheung (Cherrie Ying), who claims to live both in the real world and 12 parallel universes, and appears to have special powers. As soon as they meet, Sum starts playing mind-games with Xiao, whose one-year-old marriage to independently wealthy policeman Zhen Shanlin (Stephen Fung) is already under serious strain, due to her workaholia and her aversion to being touched by him. Sum introduces Xiao to the scientific concept of "worm-holes", through which one can travel in time and to parallel universes, and stirs memories in Xiao of her past relationship both with Zhen and her first love, Ji Lü. Zhen's friendship with gourmet-food shop-owner Gu Xilin has also put further strain on her marriage, and one day, meeting them in the street, she starts to wonder whether Sum has enabled her to experience parallel versions of her life.



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The subtitles are embedded within the mkv container. Here's a link on how to view the subtitles.

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Gandardola, If I make the avi of the movie you uploaded, may I cut and paste your movie info to put in the upload screen? (honestly, I dont know how to get screenshots and stuff they want before you upload) message me when u can. By the way.... tnx for the post.... great movie
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