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Name 47 Ronin - 1994 [Shijushichinin no shikaku ]
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AKA: -
Year: 1994
Directed: Kon Ichikawa
Genre: Action || History || Samurai
Runtime: 2:09:03 [1:08:32 + 1:00:31]
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English || Spanish (.srt)

Ruriko Asaoka  ||  Koji Ishizaka  ||  Rie Miyazawa  ||  Hisaya Morishige  ||  Kiichi Nakai  ||  Ko Nishimura  ||  Ken Takakura

Synopsis / Plot:

The tale of the 47 Ronin (Chushingura) is the classic true story of samurai honor.
In the year 1701, a young clan lord is forced to commit seppuku (ritual suicide) after being provoked into striking a court official.
His loyal followers, now "ronin" (masterless samurai), dedicate their lives to avenging him.
After spending a year patiently planning their vengeance, and waiting for their target to relax his guard, they launch a furious assault on his heavily defended estate, knowing full well the penalty for failure will be the same as the reward for success - they will join their master in death!

The true story is so beloved in Japan that it has been the subject of over 80 films, as well as many books, graphic novels and TV series. Now master director Kon Ichikawa presents his own unique version of this timeless epic of loyalty, honor, and vengeance, and gives a compelling vision of what it truly means to be a Samurai.
- - DVDEmpire

47 Ronin is one of the classic Japanese stories, and has been remade and reinterpreted many times. This version adds new dimensions to narrative, as it focuses on what went on behind the scenes leading up to the famous attack of the ronin.
- - HKFlix

"Don't try to tell me you're sharpening your sword!"


-1- I previously uploaded the 194¼2 classic by Kenji Mizoguchi

-2- At times, this tends to get a little bogged down in plot detail but the cinematography is astonishing.

{ History: credit to
"Though the actual details of the 47 Ronin have been filtered through 300 years of history, here is a summary of the events that transpired, as compiled from Wikipedia's large range of historical sources:

In 1701 the ruling shogun, TOKUGAWA Tsunayososhi, selected ASANO Takuminokami as one of two Daimyo charged with organizing an extravagant reception for Imperial Envoys who were visiting Edo. A rude and arrogant official named KIRA Kozukenosuke was responsible for instructing the Daimyo in the necessary court etiquette, but his manner of teaching was harsh and insulting, and would apparently send any self-respecting Daimyo into a murderous rage. While his powerful position in the hierarchy of the Shogunate made Kira “untouchable” enough that the other Daimyo settled for bribing him instead of killing him, Asano could not bring himself to practice such restraint. After numerous insults, the previously stoic Asano snapped, slicing at Kira's face with a sword, and earning himself an order to commit seppuku, because not only did he cause a minor wound to a high official and some slight property damage, but any form of violence was strictly forbidden within the walls of Edo castle, and even drawing a sword was a grave offense. The news of Asano's unjust seppuku reached his principal counsellor, OISHI Kuranosuke, and the rest of his men, and they were incensed to hear the corrupt official had gone unpunished.

Of the over three hundred men that had been employed by Asano, forty-seven banded together, swearing a secret oath to avenge their Lord, no matter what, even though they knew they faced certain death as a reward for doing so. However, Kira was not as stupid as he was cruel, and surrounded himself with impenetrable defenses designed to defeat any sort of attack. He also sent spies to keep an eye on Oishi and the rest of Asano's former retainers, so they were forced to wait for their chance. The ronin dispersed and became tradesmen or monks, nursing their dreams of vengeance for over a year. Some of the ronin even managed to gain access to Kira's house over time, one of them going so far as to marry the builder's daughter in order to obtain its plans.

By the end of 1702, Kira began to relax, convinced he was free from danger, and the 47 Ronin were ready for their assault. They gathered at a secret meeting place in Edo to renew their oaths, and early in the morning of December 14, during a heavy snowfall, they attacked Kira's mansion. Their carefully constructed plan split the group into two, with half attacking the front gate, and the other attacking the back. They were held off at the front gate, but Oishi's party broke into the back of the house, subduing all of Kira's men (16 killed, 22 wounded). The cowardly target of their attack was eventually found cowering in a hidden courtyard. Oishi respectfully addressed Kira and notified him of his impending death in the name of honor, offering him the same sword that Asano had used to kill himself. Unsurprisingly, no matter how much they urged him, Kira made no attempts to commit seppuku, instead remaining crouched, speechless and trembling like a pathetic worm. They eventually pinned down the sad little man, relieved him of his life and his head, and carried the latter to Asano's tomb. They laid his head and the dagger before the grave, offered prayers at the temple, and gave the rest of their money to the abbot before turning themselves in to meet their fate. Forty-six of the ronin did so on February 4, 1703 (TERASAKA Kichiemon was pardoned, possibly on account of his youth, and eventually lived to the ripe age of seventy-eight)". }

Tombs of Forty Seven Ronins at Sengakuji Shrine, Shinagawa, Japan
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Thank you so much for uploading this!

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The subs have very weird grammar which makes it hard to follow the story. Thanks for the upload in any case
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This is really slow... its 56k speeds... just download the film from here*1994*+DVDRip.html
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