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Name Forbidden Sex, Adultery.2011.KOR.DVDRip.XviD-CiNE21i.avi
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Info Hash b5b3c5a4ee80fb914fb1aa6643f88a922813283c
Description WARNING: For Adults Only! Contain Sex Scenes and Nudity!

Forbidden Sex, Adultery

A.K.A: Geumjidoen Sekseu, Bullyun
Cast: Kim Jae-hun, Lee Sin-ae
Directed: Lee Yeong-hun
Genre: Adult
Runtime: 1hr 0mn
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: NONE A.T.M

I didnt find any Plot.

File Format: AVI
Codec: XviD
Bit Rate: 1991 Kbps
Resolution: 720 X 400 (16:9)
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Audio Codec: MP3
Bit Rate: 192 kbps (2 Channels)

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Category Korean - Erotica/+18
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17/02/2014 07.17 am

someone please sub this sad.gif
16/07/2013 11.22 pm

nice ...grin.gif...thanks
16/07/2013 05.09 am

any english subs?
28/06/2013 12.17 am

improvement to the korean adult films. thanks
22/01/2013 02.07 am

If you like the main actress, check her latest movie:
05/01/2013 10.02 am

really hope official subtitles come out for this....sad.gif
21/12/2012 09.45 pm

Daum Movie Page:
29/09/2012 01.55 pm

thankyou very much
17/09/2012 01.32 am

thanks stunning and beautiful woman, very nice
16/09/2012 08.27 pm

thx nice uploadgrin.gif
26/08/2012 05.08 am

thanks for sharing.
25/08/2012 09.21 am

great post, it would be nice you include the subs english. hehehe..
28/07/2012 08.11 am

great.... thx... grin.gif
25/07/2012 12.15 am

Fine pictures, nice figures.. tough I am also curious about the phone talks, what are they talking about in between the scenes? Perhaps it's their imagination.. especially the kissing in the end ~)
21/07/2012 01.35 am

thank you
13/07/2012 11.15 pm

11/07/2012 08.18 am

any english subtitle?
29/06/2012 11.48 pm

26/06/2012 04.30 pm

Any subtitles?
24/06/2012 04.56 pm

21/06/2012 08.18 am

thanks ^_^
31/05/2012 11.59 am

30/05/2012 10.52 am

Thank you for the download.
26/05/2012 09.48 pm

seems a very interesting movie........cant wait to watch it....grin.gif[/b]
12/05/2012 09.48 am

Look goood, Thanks.
05/05/2012 12.00 am

loooks goood!!! can't w8 2 download. thanx friend! laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif
06/04/2012 05.17 am

Thank you!!! Looking forward watching this...
18/03/2012 09.36 pm

Looks very good thanks!
06/03/2012 03.49 pm

29/01/2012 08.19 am

any other movies with these girls they are Hot
27/01/2012 04.39 pm

25/01/2012 06.38 pm

thks for sharing..grin.gif
25/01/2012 06.38 pm

thks for sharing..grin.gif
23/01/2012 10.36 am

Thanks for sharing
22/01/2012 12.33 am

hello theonlyh

thank you for this upload.
but then, may i ask something?
shouldnt these kind of ups be in the yourexotic site?
i mean, lately, theres more 18sx movies uploaded then in yourexotic up to date. honestly, im okay with it, but it does not seem appropriate to be in this site, because truthfully, these ups are just plain asian porn. mainly plotless, which dignifies it to be respectfully uploaded in yourexotic.

correct me if im wrong. just an opinion.

20/01/2012 01.46 pm

Thank you so much uploader!

Btw, Subtitles would be GREATLY appreciated grin.gif cool2.gif
16/01/2012 11.37 am

15/01/2012 07.39 pm

English subtitle please..............please!
12/01/2012 04.39 am


Thanks To YOu
08/01/2012 10.00 am

Thanks heaps! great upload smile1.gif
05/01/2012 09.40 am

thank you
04/01/2012 11.23 pm

thank you
04/01/2012 11.23 pm

thank you
04/01/2012 11.23 pm

thank you
04/01/2012 09.06 pm

when will the subs be uploaded? It would be most appreciated smile1.gif
04/01/2012 08.52 pm

really awesome!
30/12/2011 06.48 am

A picture speaks a thousand words..smile1.gif
you dont need the plot lol
29/12/2011 12.30 pm

I didnt find any Plot.

LOL I love the above remark from uploader LOL
28/12/2011 09.59 pm

thank you
28/12/2011 07.19 pm

Looks like a popular torrent. Gotta check it out then. Thanks.
28/12/2011 04.52 pm

Thank you theonlyh smile1.gif
28/12/2011 10.31 am

Like a Korean "Playboy" video - an adulterous couple having sex. I'd love to know how the woman on the phone fits into the 'story'. Thanks for sharing this!
27/12/2011 05.24 pm

english subs would be most appreciated smile1.gif