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Name Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story (2009)
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AKA : Rodfaifah.. Ma Ha Na Ther
Year : 2009
Country: Thailand
Language : Thai
Subtitle(s) : Chinese  | English
Film Genre : Comedy | Romance
IMDB : Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story
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DVD Source : DVD5 Rental
Ripper : gandarloda
Video format : MKV - X264 - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 1354 kbps
Aspect Ratio : 16 : 9
Resolution : 720 x 416
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 192 kbps
Video Runtime: 2 hour 6 min
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Adisorn Tresirikasem
Cast : Sirin Horwang, Theeradej Wongpuapan, Unsumallin Sirasakpatharamaetha


Thamrongruttanarit.[1][2] The film tells the story of Mei Li (Sirin Horwang), a thirty-year-old woman feeling desperate about being last among her friends yet to marry, and her relationship with Loong (Theeradej Wongpuapan), an engineer working on the BTS Skytrain system. The skytrain, which celebrated its tenth anniversary the same year and lends its name to film's Thai and English titles, is prominently featured throughout the story.



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Category Thai Movie
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Who thanked

17/01/2014 07.51 pm

thanx for the upload....too good movie...
10/07/2012 09.16 am

Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Video Quality: 9/10
Sound Quality: 10/10
Subtitle Quality: 8/10

This is one of the funniest Thai movie that I've ever watched. Loong (Theeradej) & Mei Li (Cris) have a "kilig" factor in this movie. I highly recommend Chris Horwang's acting skills because she's such a good actress and portrayed well as clumsy and stalker 30 year old woman. This movie is 2009 top grossing film in Thailand however I was quite disappointed in this movie because it has a loose plot. The good thing is that most of the viewers were not able to notice that this movie has bad plot because of the comic and "kilig" scenes between the male protagonist and female protagonist.

Recommendation: 9/10 I recommended you guys to watch this movie especially to those lovers and single women.


28/06/2011 09.10 pm

where are the subs???? it's not included in the torrent angry.gif
20/05/2011 08.23 pm

nice movie.. smile2.gif
02/05/2011 08.07 am

thanx smile1.gif
the subtitles seem better on the 430mb version, but this one has better quality. wink.gif
11/04/2011 12.02 pm

thanks wink.gif
06/02/2011 09.12 am

thank you for uploading this movie for us to enjoy been finding it online with eng subs, hope to have more thai movies from you =)..
04/02/2011 08.56 pm

I just watched this movie. IT'S GOOD. Not to mention, the guy is really good-looking, too. smile1.gif
Thank you for uploading! THis is the very first Thai movie I have watched. I'm looking forward to watching more Thai movies. Any suggestions?
31/01/2011 11.15 am

i watched this on youtube but im downloading it...a MUST SEE MOVIE
10/01/2011 02.09 pm

thanks a lot! looks cute!
12/12/2010 07.41 pm

หนังไทยไปต่างแดน thank
08/12/2010 11.31 am

25/11/2010 04.35 pm

24/11/2010 03.06 pm

how's the english subtitle??? [size=4][/size]
21/11/2010 07.54 pm

A rather good film. Lots of funny moments and the actress has her charms.

Yes, English subtitles are included within the mkv file. Use VLC player and select subtitles in the video track.

thanks for the upload.
21/11/2010 01.21 am

Odd for me, felt like watching a chick flick. This flick would make more sense if the main character wasn't prettier than her married friends! Lol, her friends are uglier than her!
20/11/2010 06.36 pm

i really want to DL this but if i may ask,,, is this in english subs?...  thank you so much uploader for this movie.. hope some 1 replies... cry.gifcry.gifcry.gif[color=red][/color]
15/11/2010 03.24 pm

doesn't this come with eng subs? cause my video isn't showing any. Help please. thanks
14/11/2010 12.18 pm

Thanks...all your efforts are appreciated!
13/11/2010 06.04 pm

Thank you gandarlodaclover.gif
13/11/2010 05.33 am

smile1.gifThank You Very Muchsmile1.gif
13/11/2010 03.44 am

Thanks a lot!
13/11/2010 12.01 am

Thank you so much
12/11/2010 11.43 pm

Thank You Very Much gandarloda thumbsup.gif