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Name Prophecies of Nostradamus: Catastrophe 1999 (1974) - original uncut version
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Title: Prophecies of Nostradamus: Catastrophe 1999
Also Known As: Nosutoradamusu no daiyogen, Prophecies of Nostradamus, The Last Days of Planet Earth
Year: 1974
Genre: disaster/sci-fi/action/drama
Runtime: 114 min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese/English
Subtitles: English (srt)

Directed by: Toshio Masuda
Written by: Toshio Yasumi, Yoshimitsu Banno, Tsutomu Goto (based on the book Les Propheties by Michel de Nostredame)
Cinematography: Rokuro Nishigaki
Music: Isao Tomita
Cast: Tetsuro Tanba (Dr. Nishiyama), Toshio Kurosawa (Akira Nakagawa), Kaoru Yumi (Mariko Nishiyama), Yoko Tsukasa (Nobuo Nishiyama), Katsuhiko Sasaki (assistant to Nishiyama), Akihiko Hirata (scientist), Hiroshi Koizumi (scientist), Takashi Shimura (hospital director), Jun Hamamura (Kida), Mikizou Hirata (Nakagawa's father), So Yamamura (prime minister), Syoutarou Sera, Mizuho Suzuki, Taketoshi Naitou (cabinet members), Tony Cetera, Rolf Jeter, Franz Gruber, Riner Geshman, Ousmane Yusef (New Guinea search party members), George A. Grim, Willie Dorsey (UN representatives), Goro Naya (news anchor), Shinji Nakae (narrator), Kyoko Kishida (voice of the prophecy)

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Type: movie
File Format: AVI
Codec: H264
Resolution: 856x366
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
Video Bitrate: 2147 Kbps
Audio: mp3 2ch
Audio Bitrate: 192 Kbps

Prophecies of Nostradamus: Catastrophe 1999 is an epic disaster film released by Toho in 1974 as a thematic sequel to the highly successful Submersion of Japan (1973). Loosely based on the writings of Renaissance prophecist Michel de Nostredame, the film centers around the exploits of pediatrician and scientist Dr. Nishiyama, his family and co-workers. Dr. Nishiyama has a tough time convincing people of an impending environmental catastrophy until weird phenomena such as giant slugs and children with super-human capabilities start cropping up. Also featured are man-eating fruit bats, hippie suicide groups on motorbikes and exploding traffic jams along with the obligatory earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and firings of nuclear missiles. The memorable soundtrack was composed by synth guru Isao Tomita.

Despite being the highest grossing domestic release of 1974 in Japan, the original 114 minute cut was quickly pulled out of theaters after complaints from an atom bomb survivors group. Several shorter cuts exist, including a US tv version by the title of The Last Days of Planet Earth. The original cut has never been released officially on video or dvd. The copy presented here originates from a timecoded master tape for an intended (but never released) vhs release. Along with the original soundtrack, there's also a comment track by Ted Johnson from

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16/03/2014 07.39 am

Cheers for this impossible to find gem.
30/06/2013 04.08 am

Have read a lot about this film but never expected to get a chance to see the original version! Will seed this for as long as possible.
16/07/2012 01.34 pm

Haha, awesome!

I was on a trip with the friend of a friend, when we started to talk about his travels (He's a pretty old guy) and it turns out he was the radiation sick man in the cave who got his arm pulled off.

He never got to see the whole movie, so he'll be happy when he finds out I found it online.
11/07/2012 08.20 am

long time searching this, thanks a lot, long live AT!beer1.gif
26/12/2011 01.23 am

Is this a VHSrip?
11/09/2011 03.11 am

bleh. i'm on leecher warning. too bad i can't download this rarity!
22/04/2011 06.40 am

Thanks so much for the upload!
16/09/2010 06.49 am

thanks much!

19/08/2010 10.52 pm

Thanks perkelexxx for sharing this! One of the best "disaster/end of the world" movies ever (sorry "2012"wink.gif.  The "motorcycle suicide" scene still gives me the shivers to this day.
19/08/2010 06.24 pm

very cool, thanks!
19/08/2010 02.03 pm

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Thanks for this very rare flick. Toho4eva!
Now if only I could find "Daigoro vs. Goliath"....
19/08/2010 12.33 pm

Thanks very much for this, best-of AND ratio-friendly! thumbsup.gif
19/08/2010 11.37 am

Thank you for a rare find.8)
19/08/2010 10.18 am

The most bitchin' movie poster I've seen on this site.
19/08/2010 06.54 am

Get the soundtrack from here.