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Name The Tales of Nights (2010)
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Description Warning : Mature Audience Only

AKA : The Tales of Nights
Year: 2010
Country : South Korea
Language : Korean
Subtitle(s) : English
Film Genre : Drama | Fantasy | Romance | Shorts
IMDB : None
Links : SenAsian, YesAsia

DVD Source : DVD5
Ripper : gandarloda
Video Format : AVI - X264 - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 2042 kbps cd1 | 2031 kbps cd2
Aspect Ratio : 16 : 9
Resolution : 640 x 352
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 192 kbps
Video Runtime:  87 mins
Frame Rate : 23.976 fps

Director : Kim Jung Gu
Cast : Kim Bo Gyeong, Kim Tae Jung, Lee Shi Geom


Part 1
In-suk, a former professional ballerina is a professor at the department of dance and having a normal marriage life. However, she feels bored of the present peaceful life, she happened to encounter Jun-ho at the parking lot. She came back to her normal life despite being attracted by Jun-ho's young and tough charms. He turned out to be a boyfriend of In-suk's student. In-suk became more attracted to Jun-ho without consciousness and at last she began to shadow him...

Part 2
Jin-woo is a pro-gamer and a playboy. He knows nothing but playing and flirting with other chicks. One day, as he was staggering in an alley while drunk as usual, he found an old joystick and brought it home tying to operate it. As time went by, Hitomi, the heroine of a game, whom he felt in love with appeared to him in person and they started spending every day, making love vehemently. But he began to feel something weird...



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Warning : Mature Audience Only
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Category Korean - Erotica/+18
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03/03/2015 03.47 pm

RO google translate sub

Lasa-ne ”fata” cu subtitrarile tale facute cu google. Nu ti-a ajuns ca ti-ai batut joc de Jumong ?

11/07/2012 03.30 pm

Lovely Korean Movies.....
like it.....
27/08/2011 12.51 pm

thank! like this.grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
30/07/2011 09.04 pm

Thank you for the upload, I'm curious to know who plays Hitomi in the 2nd part.  She is HOT!
25/07/2011 09.24 am

thank you^^[color=blue][/color]
22/04/2011 01.52 am

humorous, exotic and really sexy and beautiful korean actress in there, thank you.
video quality is good, subtitle is okey.
11/04/2011 11.50 pm

THANK YOU gandarloda!
31/03/2011 03.02 pm

Gr8 movie. thx for uploading
21/03/2011 12.06 am

16/02/2011 06.36 pm

Does anyone here know where I can find a .srt subtitle for this movie? Thanks!!!
15/02/2011 10.27 am

28/12/2010 05.04 pm

terimakasih ya
28/12/2010 10.26 am

matur nuhun , thank bro....cool1.gif
22/11/2010 03.53 pm

Does anyone know whos the girl in the second part of the movie?
20/11/2010 05.03 pm

Thanks bro, lovely.
01/11/2010 05.55 pm

i watched half of the movie on asizia and i have to say the first short has a real fugly woman but watched it anyway so now im downloading it to c what happens in the second pro-gamer short, erotic movies usually have ugly people ive noticed.
31/10/2010 01.52 am

Thanks for sharing!thumbsup.gif
27/10/2010 08.18 pm

great ups! thanks for sharing!

to edhi-oloan,

it seems it has to do with your status. it shows (as of this time) your status is "validating" which means some if not most of the features of this site including the ability to download is yet to be enabled to you as a user.

regards! smile1.gif

18/10/2010 01.29 am

thank you
17/09/2010 09.39 pm

Thank you~
13/09/2010 07.28 am

awesome movie8)
06/09/2010 09.14 pm

oh man this looks fuckin awesome
30/08/2010 02.59 am

This was an excellent show. Good stories and sexuality. Thanks for the upload.
27/07/2010 08.16 am

Hi All,

I am newbie, where do I click to download this movie.

Many thanks,
28/06/2010 09.29 pm

Thank you for uploading a great movie about the results of sexual greed - first story was great, second one reminiscent of Legend Of The Doll but with a more sombre ending.
19/06/2010 04.33 pm

Thanks, gandar!

1. open the movie file
2. when movie has started, right click and look for and click "subtitle".
3. window opens showing subtitle files. Open the subtitle file.  
4. Of course you must enable "show subtitle" to see it on the movie.
5. for .srt files, just make sure the srt file has the same name as the movie. It will then automatically show the subs when you play the movie.
6 If it's in other file types, eg notepad, then you have to change the "subtitle file" in (3) to "all files". Then your other subtitle files will appear.

Hope this is helpful. Happy watching.
01/06/2010 06.53 pm

more erotic!!!!!!tnks! do u have an erotic plus comedy eg. wet dreams?nice job!grin.gif
24/05/2010 06.46 pm

thumbsup.gifThank Youthumbsup.gif
07/04/2010 10.36 pm

the more 2010 movie the better heheheh thx so much man
07/04/2010 12.44 pm

Thank you  gandarlodaclover.gif
23/03/2010 09.04 pm

is this a series?

BTW tnx for the up gandarloda angel.gif
23/03/2010 05.21 pm

great great up
thx gandarloda
23/03/2010 02.35 pm

Yea alot!thumbsup.gif