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Name Kung Fu Wing Chun (2010) MKV
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AKA : Gong Fu Yong Chun
Year : 2010
Country: China | Hong Kong
Language : Cantonese | Mandarin (Dual Audio)
Subtitle(s) : Simplified Chinese | English (Softsubbed)
Film Genre : Action | Martial Arts | Romance
Links : DianYing

DVD Source : DVD9 Rental
Ripper : gandarloda
Video format : MKV  - X264 - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 1413 kbps
Aspect Ratio : 2.35 : 1
Resolution : 720 x 436
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 192 kbps
Video Runtime: 1 hour 48 min
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Zhang Tongzu
Cast : Yu Shaoqun, Bai Jing, Huang Younan, Hui Tianci, Yuan Qiu, Yuan Hua, Zou Zhaolong, Hui Yinghong


With not much advertising done for this film, I thought this was some low budget movie out to grab some quick bucks from the recent Wing Chun sensation. However, I was proved wrong as it turns out that the whole show itself was rather funny and refreshing. Differentiating itself from the usual Wing Chun hero that is serious and tough, the director decided to cast the main lead this time as a tomboyish and humorous heroine. Watch her as she battle for righteous and love, and brings the audiences through her life story in the 110 minutes show. The only flaw I could find was in her 2 best friends final death scene. They are blabbering some conversation that was rather awkward and doesn't really fit into the picture before dropping dead at the same time. In summary, a worthwhile movie to watch for the weekend. (Yahoo Movies)



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18/11/2013 10.02 am

07/06/2013 02.47 am

Thanks smile1.gif
09/10/2012 03.34 am

can the uploader delete the comment before mine. This person spoiled the movie revealing a part at the end!!! What a f***ing idiot!
17/06/2012 09.31 am

This movie is okay. I personally don't like some of the comic scenes. I enjoy a serious martial arts movie. This is based loosely on the history of Wing Chun. Similar to Ip Man where Bruce Lee appears at the end Ip Man makes his appearance at the end of the film. A very touching moment when Wing Chun ask the little boy what his name was and he say Ip. You can add this one to your Ip Man Trilogy.
15/06/2011 08.34 pm


I want to burn this movie to a DVD so I can watch anytime with my dad,
but the DVD plays back in Mandarin,and I don't speak it, only Cantonese.
Anyone know how to burn the movie in Cantonese audio?
18/05/2011 12.45 pm

Lol yea, I agree with the guy below. Read the plot and then saw the huge spoiler. WTH laugh.gif >.<
Please remove.  8)
05/04/2011 02.45 am

Thanks for sharing with us~smile1.gif
30/01/2011 12.14 pm

Holly Tofu! This is Fantastic movie! Much better than I expected. Very entertaining, high production value and traditional fun, much like the way Shaw Bro. used to make. I only wish more movies are like this. Don't get me wrong. It won't win any Oscar for best foreign film, but it is GOOD solid old style kung fu movie. Thanks for upload!smile1.gif
28/01/2011 06.20 am

Could you remove the huge spoilers from the plot outline in the description?
18/01/2011 02.48 pm

18/01/2011 06.07 am

IF U GET A p.m REQUEST TO EMAIL THIS TORRENT TO A PERFECT STRANGER ...DONT DO IT!sly.gif regardless what shady reason or sob story no.gifthey give u. Be smart! (geesh! the nerves of some ppl)
09/01/2011 10.23 pm

thanks a lotnoexpression.gifangel.gif
09/01/2011 09.58 am

Thanks for sharing!!smile1.gif
04/01/2011 07.00 pm

Can someone help me? I am kinda new.

I am using VLC to play but can't hear anything. I am sure if I play other files I can hear the sound.

04/01/2011 06.24 pm

Many thanks
01/01/2011 03.27 pm

Thanks for sharing thumbsup.gif
31/12/2010 12.38 pm

It's quite entertaining.. Highly recommended.

Two Thumbs up !!
30/12/2010 03.24 am

Thank you!thumbsup.gif
29/12/2010 09.54 am

thanks alot. =]
26/12/2010 08.02 pm

Thank you uploader smile1.gif
23/12/2010 12.16 am

no open subtitle you have srt files
22/12/2010 05.53 pm

Thank you  gandarlodaclover.gif
22/12/2010 09.01 am

22/12/2010 04.56 am

Hi bahahaha, thanks for your reply.  I use GOMPLAYER to watch the movies that I downloaded.  In the settings, I went to SUBTITLES, then SELECT LANGUAGE, but nothing comes out, meaning nothing to choose from.  Can u help again pls?  confused.gif
21/12/2010 05.26 pm

dilara wrote:
Errr... how to view the subtitles? Need advice from anyone, cuz I can't see the subs... cry.gif

The subs are contained within the mkv file, you need to navigate to the subs within the file. If viewing on a PC, then start the mkv playing then navigate:

VLC (on the player menu):  Video > Subtitles Track > Track 1 (English)
MPC (on the player menu):  Navigate > Subtitle Language > English

The vast majority of platforms and players will let you navigate to select audio streams/subtitle tracks, but some won't. Would recommend you get VLC and/or MPC, both are free and will play virtually anything you throw at them.
20/12/2010 11.20 pm

20/12/2010 09.21 pm

this is a nice movie
20/12/2010 06.23 pm

20/12/2010 07.55 am

Errr... how to view the subtitles? Need advice from anyone, cuz I can't see the subs... cry.gif sad.gif
20/12/2010 07.21 am

smile1.gifExcelente post meus parabens totalmente o melhor muito obrigado
Thank you, thank you, thank you Thank you Very Much!smile1.gif
20/12/2010 06.54 am

I heard this is a pretty fun movie. I will give it a try. thank you for the hard work as always on the upload. band.gif
20/12/2010 06.32 am

Thank you very mucho gandarloda thumbsup.gif
19/12/2010 08.02 pm

Just want to say thank you!
19/12/2010 07.21 pm

if this is softsubbed then where is the sub or srt file?
19/12/2010 12.21 pm

not bad thanks a lot
19/12/2010 08.39 am

thanks wink.gif
19/12/2010 08.02 am

is the movie any good?
18/12/2010 06.15 pm

18/12/2010 03.28 pm

Bad ratio, antidotomafia? I'll give you something to improve it.

A piece of advice: don't leech more than you upload, but if you do, you can fix it with a donation.

Now stop being a beggar as well as a leecher.
18/12/2010 02.13 pm

18/12/2010 03.16 am

help i need bonus share
18/12/2010 01.18 am

thank you and good weekendthumbsup.gif
17/12/2010 11.23 pm

Softsubbed. Pick and choose.
17/12/2010 11.12 pm

Are both subs hardcoded into the movie "OR" can we pick to play either English or Simplified Chinese???
17/12/2010 10.19 pm

great work
17/12/2010 09.52 pm

It's Mandarin audio and Cantonese audio. Dual audio
17/12/2010 09.46 pm

Is this a Mandarin audio version?
17/12/2010 09.44 pm

Thanks grin.gif