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Name Fan Li Hua, Warrior Of Tang Dynasty - 2011 (Mandarin) Complete TV Drama Series
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Description Fan Li Hua, Warrior Of Tang Dynasty Complete TV Drama Series DVDRip

Title : 大唐女将樊梨花
English title: Fan Li Hua, Warrior Of Tang Dynasty
Also known as: Da Tang Nü Jiang Fan Li Hua
Episodes: 36
Year: 2011
Director: Jin Aoxun, Huang Zuquan, Shao Jin
Genre: Historical Fantasy, comedy
Runtime: Above 40 mins.
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Subtitles: Simplified Chinese (Hardcoded)
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An epic tale of battle and romance that endures during wartime during China's Tang Dynasty.
Fan Lihua is the daughter of General Fan Hong from Xiliang’s Han Jiang Pass. As her mother passed away early, and there is only her father and 2 brothers in the family. As she grew up surrounded by men, she developed a straightforward character who is clear on her likes and dislikes.
Fan Hong arranged for his daughter to marry General Yang Fan due to political reasons. However, Lihua has always hoped to marry someone she really loves and disliked Yang Fan’s traditional and haughty character, so she ran away on the eve of the wedding. Lihua went to look for her teacher, the Holy Mother (HM) Lishan whom she learnt sorcery from since young. The HM advised Lihua to return, as she had to fulfill her destiny of helping the Tang Dynasty conquering Xiliang, and during the war, she will meet her husband. This man will also be the one to save the Fan family in future. Lihua was disappointed that fate has arranged a stranger to be her husband. Lihua returned to Xiliang just as Tang was attacking the Pass and she was tasked to lead an army into battle. At the battlefield, Lihua saw that the man who is supposed to be her husband is actually Xue Dingshan from the Tang army!
Xue Dingshan is the son of Tang’s Xue Ren Gui, otherwise known as Prince Ping Yuan. He is a simple man, filial, traditional and sees things only in black and white. Lihua was in a dilemma, as her fated husband is not only stubborn and a stick in the mud, but is also her country’s enemy. However, Lihua believes her teacher’s words that Dingshan will be able to save her family’s lives in future, so she decided to heed her teacher’s advice and marry him in the battlefield. Dingshan had never thought of marrying Lihua so he had no intention of admitting marrying Lihua in the battlefield. Most importantly, he is in love with his teacher’s adopted daughter, Chen Jinding who grew up with him.
Lihua found out that an old official, Cheng Yaojin has some influence in the Xue family, so she sought his help. Yaojin felt that as Lihua is well versed in both martial arts and sorcery, she will be of great help to Tang if she marries into the Xue family, so he agreed to help persuade Dingshan’s parents. Lihua and Yaojin later brought the matter to the attention of the Tang Emperor, who ordered Dingshan and Lihua to marry. Dingshan had no choice but to obey the imperial edict.
On the other hand, Dingshan and his family treated Jinding very well, as they still think that she is a more suitable daughter-in-law. Dingshan also tried to find ways and means of making Lihua back out of the marriage and kept picking on her but she was not disheartened. Instead, she put in more effort to learn Tang’s rules and how to be a good wife. Dingshan knows Lihua spent a lot of effort to help the Xue’s family and began to feel for her and their relations improved. However, whenever Lihua felt that she is finally accepted by the Xue family, some misunderstandings will happen and they will be unhappy with her again. Lihua was finally chased away by Dingshan but she still does not give up. Although she knows that Dingshan apologized to her as they needed her help to fight off the enemy, she still helped him and end up being wounded.
Dingshan was also touched by Lihua’s dedication and after spending time with her, he subconsciously started to like her. Jinding fell in love with Dingshan, and she bought up the issue of marriage to Ren Gui and Jinhua. However, on the wedding day, Dingshan postponed the wedding for Lihua’s sake. Jinding realized that Dingshan has fallen for Lihua and to prevent Dingshan from being snatched away, she created misunderstandings between them. Dingshan accused Lihua of being shameless and a disappointed Lihua left the Xue family.
After Lihua left, Dingshan accidentally found out that he had misunderstood her. However, Lihua has given up on Dingshan and he regretted his actions. On the other hand, Fan Hong and sons failed in their attempt to assassinate the Tang Emperor and were captured and sentenced to death. Lihua knew that her father and brothers were only held by a spell so she broke the spell and rescued them. With Jinding stirring up more trouble, almost everyone thought that Lihua’s intention of marrying Dingshan is so that she can spy on the country and their misunderstanding intensified

Qin Lan as Fan Lihua
Hawick Lau as Xue Dingshan
Wang Yansu as Chen Jinding
TAE as Yang Fan


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Any chance someone's subbing this? I'd really appreciate it!
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This series looks really good...

Any english subs available for this.
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Anyway, thanks for the upload. Seems promising