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Name My Girlfriend is a Gumiho [2010] KO Complete eng subs
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Title: 내 여자친구는 구미호 / Nae Yeojachinguneun Gumiho
Also known as: My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
Genre: Romance, comedy, fantasy
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2010-Aug-11 to 2010-Sep-30
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55

Brief Info
Cha Tae-Woong (Lee Seung-Ki) is a spoiled young man with no interest in staying in college. Instead, Cha Tae-Woong wants to become an action actor. His wealthy grandfather Cha Poong (Byeon Hie-Bong) though wants Tae-Woong to take his studies seriously & change his major from acting. When Cha Poong learns that Tae-Woong spent his next semester's tuition fees on an expensive motorcycle, he calls the police and reports the motorcycle as stolen. Cha Poong then picks up Tae-Woong up from the police station and attempts to drive him to a remote boarding school in hopes that he would change his major. At a rests area along the way, Tae-Woong is able to slip away from his grandfather and hide in the back of a delivery truck. The delivery truck then drives off.

Eventually Tae-Woong gets out of the delivery truck, but finds himself in the middle of nowhere on a late rainy evening. He then gets a ride from a buddhist monk, who also gives him shelter at a Buddhist Temple.

Late in the evening at the Buddhist Temple, Tae-Woong wonders off hoping to catch a signal for his cellphone. Suddenly he hears a woman's voice from a woman his cellphone. The woman instructs Tae-Woong to enter the temple and draw nine tails onto a painting of a fox. Once Tae-Woong draws the nine tails on the fox, he unknowingly frees the legendary nine tailed fox known as "Gumiho" (Shin Min-A). Tae-Woong fears for his life, but Gumiho just wants to be loved (and eat lots of beef!).

Format                           : DivX/AVI
Duration                         : 60min X 16
Codec ID                         : XVID
Bit rate                         : 1455 Kbps
Width                            : 624 pixels
Height                           : 352 pixels
Frame rate                       : 29.970 fps

Format                           : AC3
Channel(s)                       : 2 channels
Sample rate                      : 48 KHz
Bitrate                          : 192 kbits


Lee Seung Ki as Cha Dae Woong
Shin Min Ah as Gumiho
No Min Woo as Park Dong Joo
Park Soo Jin as Eun Hye In
Byun Hee Bong as Cha Poong (Dae Woong's grandfather)
Yoon Yoo Sun as Cha Min Sook (Dae Woong's aunt)
Sung Dong Il as Ban Doo Hong
Hyo Min as Ban Sun Nyeo
Kim Ho Chang as Kim Byung Soo
?? as Lady Kang
?? as Yoo Tae Joon
Im Hyun Sik as monk (cameo)
Min Joon Hyun as policeman (cameo, ep 4)
Lee Soo Geun (이수근) as policeman (cameo, ep 4)
UEE as art student (cameo, ep 5)
Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nyeo (cameo, ep 6)
Lee Hong Ki as Jeremy (cameo, ep 16)
Kim Ji Young as Samshin grandmother (cameo, ep 16)

Production Credits
Director: Boo Sung Chul (부성철)
Screenwriter: Hong Mi Ran, Hong Jung Eun

Episode ratings for the SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox
2010-08-11 01 12.7 (6th) 13.0 (6th)
2010-08-12 02 12.6 (8th) 13.1 (8th)
2010-08-18 03 14.6 (6th) 14.9 (6th)
2010-08-19 04 14.1 (7th) 14.0 (7th)
2010-08-25 05 14.0 (6th) 14.1 (6th)
2010-08-26 06 14.2 (8th) 14.1 (8th)
2010-09-01 07 13.4 (9th) 13.4 (9th)
2010-09-02 08 13.4 (12th) 13.6 (12th)
2010-09-08 09 13.2 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2010-09-09 10 12.3 (11th) 12.6 (11th)
2010-09-15 11 13.0 (9th) 12.8 (9th)
2010-09-16 12 10.7 (11th) 10.4 (11th)
2010-09-23 13-14 20.9 (1st) 21.3 (1st)
2010-09-29 15 18.6 (3rd) 18.6 (3rd)
2010-09-30 16 21.3 (2nd) 21.0 (2nd)
Average       14.6%        14.6%
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Category Korean TV
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boring. regretted downloading it
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27/04/2014 02.39 am

Pretty good... it was worth watching !
21/09/2013 09.25 pm

I am watching the 10th episode and nomo nomo nomo chua! flowers.gif

I consider myself a babo for not watching this earlier
18/08/2013 02.11 pm

Thanks smile1.gif
24/06/2013 12.35 pm

great series
24/06/2013 11.44 am

I was looking for this drama withous hardsubbed.
So thank you so much. I know it's about 10GB but it's impayable for me!
But I don't know how many days can I download it tongue.gif
28/10/2012 12.34 pm

thank you, looking forward to watching this!
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12/07/2011 06.44 am

there's no subtitle T_T
23/06/2011 04.10 pm

Thanks for uploading! I am watching it and loveee it! I have one question though; The subtitle line is mixed up with SBS advertisement banner along the bottom (i suppose so), which is in Korean, so it is hard to read full. How can I move the subtitle away from the banner? The VLC/preference seems not helpful.

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion!


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07/06/2011 05.30 pm

thanks for uploading grin.gif
23/05/2011 11.22 pm

nice one thanx ^^
19/05/2011 06.43 pm

can someone pls tell us how to use english subs?..cannot understand the language...tnxgrin.gif
19/05/2011 09.30 am

define CUTE - Shin Min Ah
14/05/2011 08.53 pm

thanks ! anywone find a way to make them sofsubs work ?
14/05/2011 05.56 pm

seeeeeeed please!!!!!!thank you!!!! smile1.gif
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26/04/2011 11.35 pm

is there an mp4 file like this? i know that in order to request a torrent you need at least 20 post correct me if im wrong sad.gif i hope theres an mp4 file like this cant download this its too large....thanks in advance smile1.gif
23/04/2011 06.57 pm

Thank you so much for uploading ! thumbsup.gif
22/04/2011 06.43 am

ty so much its a great drama thx to a friend who told me this made me tear
10/04/2011 11.54 am

some of them worked and most of them wouldnt  work cant remember which ones
04/03/2011 07.20 pm

great movie!!! cute... tnx uploadersmile1.gif
09/02/2011 06.26 am

there's no subs? i already finished downloading it but there's no subs.....this is my second failed download sad.gif
24/01/2011 04.23 pm

wahhh... this drama is cute... thanx alot...
28/12/2010 03.54 am

Looks like a very cute and funny show, and Hyomin is in it!
Thanks a lot for uploading :3
25/12/2010 10.32 pm

thank you so much grin.gif
08/12/2010 10.08 pm

i'm sorry. i'm new. i just have to know something before i downloaded it. what does it mean by soft subbed subtitle??? please anyone??? i wanna watch this sooo badly!
18/11/2010 08.36 pm

Thanks for the share!
01/11/2010 10.31 pm

already watched online, now want put in my collections..
thx a lot grin.gif
30/10/2010 02.28 pm

grin.gif THANX! grin.gif very funnylaugh.gif
30/10/2010 09.10 am

Thanks, this was such a great story it was so different and funny from what I've usually seen tongue.gif  smile1.gif tongue.gif
30/10/2010 06.17 am