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Name Mulan (2009)
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Info Hash 97ee16ec350b3a3ac255b5f083bf158075b71112
Description 花木蘭

Aka : Mulan,花木蘭
Year : 2009
Country : China/USA
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle(s) : English
Film Genre : Adventure, Drama, Romance
IMDB : Mulan
Links : Wikipedia

DVD Source : DVD9 Retail
Ripper : gandarloda
Video Format : AVI - H264 - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 1510 kbps
Aspect Ratio : 2.444 : 1
Resolution : 704 x 288
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 192 kbps
Video Runtime: 113 mins
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Jingle Ma, Wei Dong
Cast : Wei Shao, Jaycee Chan, Jun Hu, Kun Chen, Jiao Xu, Rongguang Yu, Vitas, Shou Sun, Jiushe Li, Guangcheng Song, Min Xu, Yuxin Liu


Hua Mulan is a heroine who joined an all-male army, described in a famous Chinese poem known as the Ballad of Mulan. The poem was first written in the Musical Records of Old and New from the 6th century, the century before the founding of the Tang Dynasty; the original work no longer exists, and the original text of this poem comes from another work known as the Music Bureau Collection, an anthology of lyrics, songs, and poems, compiled by Guo Maoqian during the 12th century. The author explicitly mentions the Musical Records of Old and New as his source for the poem. Whether she was a historical person or whether the poem was an allegory has been debated for centuries—it is unknown whether the story has any factual basis.



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Note : This version is longer by 4 minutes.
Category Chinese Movie
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