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The Shinee dads took care of a baby boy named Jung Yoogeun. He is 5 years old (in Korean years) and was born October 25, 2007. Hello Baby works like a reality series following Shinee and Yoogeun's time together, watching how they would interact with and raise a child. Situations came up like Yoogeun getting upset and crying over something and Shinee had to figure out ways to calm him down and fix the problem. They also regularly made meals for him, bought him clothes and toys, played with him, taught him new words and manners, and even made video messages for him when they were away from Korea.

Cast: Shinee: Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Taemin as "dads"and Jung Yoogeun
Genre: Reality, Variety
Runtime: approx. 50 min per episode
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English Hardsubbed

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Thank you for sharing this..
28/09/2013 12.07 am

thank you ^^
17/09/2013 04.43 pm

Thank you! Love this show, it's too adorable for words to see five young (handsome!) men try to raise a kid. Adorable show, watched it over and over again! wub.gif
06/07/2013 03.35 am

Thank you sooo much! I seen clips on youtube and tonight I thought I'd give it a search try grin.gif I discovered SHINee this year in March and became a total addict hardcore fan so - thank you for helping me catching up with their past grin.gif
08/06/2013 03.02 pm

huaaaa thankyou so much :3
02/05/2013 11.19 am

kamsahamnida ^^
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I've watched this before but I just can't help watching it again and again soooo I just have to download it *^* Thank you soooo much tongue.gif
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Thank you all, even if I didn't get to download it all properly. I'm new to this torrent stuff, so I thought my PC bug had something to do with me downloading this much. Guess I was wrong!

Thanks anyway. From everything I saw, it was pretty good.tongue.gif
14/02/2013 10.06 pm

Ummm . I'm a NEW experienced user and I was wondering what are the steps to seed videos of any kind; downloaded or recently uploaded videos for other users. Thankz smile1.gif
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Thank You SO MUCH .!

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Thank You SO MUCH .!

Much Luv from the main land ^^~
23/01/2013 03.57 am

Sorry just saw the word ENG hardsubbed noexpression.gif hahaha THANK YOU for sharing smile1.gif Nice upload
23/01/2013 03.56 am

Is this ENG subbed?
21/01/2013 08.17 pm

23/12/2012 05.50 pm

Thank you for this! :> If you happen to have Super Junior's or B1A4, Can you upload it/them too, please? :>
30/09/2012 04.01 pm

love love love :3 <33333333
30/07/2012 01.31 am

Thank you for the upload!
i love this <3 and it is so cute
23/07/2012 10.08 am

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29/05/2012 01.04 pm

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25/05/2012 11.55 pm

Thanks for uploading! I too would love to see MBLAQ Hello Baby here too.
19/05/2012 11.45 pm

Thank you so much! And if you have MBLAQ's Hello Baby can you please upload it? Thanks! grin.gif