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Name Chilling.Romance.2011.KOR.HDRip.x264,AC3-ADiOS
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Info Hash 85069a84831328d0c5ccf5e51b3ed816d93367ee
Description Chilling Romance

A.K.A: O-ssak-han Yeon-ae
Cast: Son Ye-jin, Lee Min-ki, Kim Hyeon-sook, Lee Mi-do
Directed: Hwang In-ho (황인호)
Genre: Drama | Romance
Runtime: 1hr 53mn
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: ENGLISH .srt

“I see dead people” is a common phrase used in parody, but if it were true, as it is for the leading lady in “Spellbound,” it would be a shockingly terrifying trait to hold.
Ever since she was young, Yeo-ri (Son Ye-jin), has had the unnatural ability to see ghosts, and when they do appear, usually when she has company, unexpected things occur to the people around her. Yeo-ri chooses to isolate herself from the outside world but is approached by a street magician named Jo-goo (Lee Min-ki), who offers her a job in his show.

File Format: MKV
Codec: x264
Bit Rate: 1550 kbps
Resolution: 720 x 382
Frame rate: 23.976 fps
Audio Codec: AC3
Bit Rate: 192kbps (2 Channels)

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Thank you so much c:
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thank you!!!!
30/01/2014 03.51 am

Wow, so many subs to choose from.. But THANKS! grin.gif
24/11/2013 02.04 am

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01/11/2013 07.32 pm

Thank you smile1.gifangel.gif
29/10/2013 05.52 am

thank you so much....
03/10/2013 09.03 am

Looks great thank you A10/10 V10/10!!grin.gifgrin.gif
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24/09/2013 07.36 am

Thanks smile1.gif))
15/09/2013 11.20 pm

Great Movie !!! It was so funny and moving ! Thank you so much again
15/09/2013 07.10 pm

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05/09/2013 06.35 pm

Thanks for the film ^^
25/08/2013 09.53 am

Thank you
22/05/2013 07.13 am

Thank U
09/05/2013 09.26 am

thanks a lot! Great movie. smile1.gif
15/04/2013 05.17 am

thanks smile1.gif
14/04/2013 05.19 pm

Thank you ^___^
14/04/2013 05.12 pm

im downloading it now..tnxcool1.gif
07/04/2013 06.17 pm

Thank you
24/03/2013 09.02 pm

Thanks A lot! i'm such a hard time uploading!! There's no speed at all!! sad.gif
11/02/2013 12.42 am

Thank you so much for providing us,europeans,to see asian movies or dramas.I really love them! ^^ (too bad that in all the subtitles you propose,there's never french....sad.gif )
17/09/2012 02.40 am

Vielen Dank für deutsch untertitel, aber ich brauche ungarisch. Es würde besser zu sein.
30/08/2012 11.54 am

I'd been having problems seeding torrents from here, i want to seed more than 100% ratio but if any torrents do seed eventually they stopped at most 60%, mostly they get stop seeding before it even gets to 20rant.gif%.

I don't experience the same problem with other sites like TPB and extratorrent, only in here. Hope someone can help me coz i would really like to exceed my seeding ratio to more than just 100%.

This movie is a great one, and it makes me sad that this one doesn't seed at all in my torrent client.

I am using utorrent 3.2 cry.gifcry.gifcry.gifcry.gif          
13/08/2012 02.41 pm

Any other good subtitles for English?
11/08/2012 02.40 pm

currently seeding. wink.gif
25/07/2012 07.07 am

thank you
23/07/2012 11.17 pm

thank ugrin.gif
14/07/2012 04.16 pm

10/07/2012 08.07 pm

Thanks it's a great movie smile1.gif
08/07/2012 11.43 am

Thanks for sharing, been looking for this for ages!!!laugh.gif
19/06/2012 12.13 am

sonyejin smile1.gif.thanks for sharing. i really enjoyed this movie.funny, romantic and horror at the same time.
09/06/2012 10.26 am

Ok after watching this and trying out the different subs on offer , I can say the one labeled " Proper Subtitle" was the best

cheers grin.gif
08/06/2012 11.55 am

so many eng subs to choose, witch are the best ones ?sleep.gif
04/06/2012 07.33 am

sonyejin!! smile1.gif) thankyou!
16/05/2012 02.33 pm

Love Son Ye Jin...thank you!
15/05/2012 08.59 pm

Great Movie! smile1.gif
07/05/2012 02.02 pm

thank u
03/05/2012 12.14 pm

downloaded it, watched it, liked it , loved it.
30/04/2012 07.29 am

Thank you for this. smile1.gif
17/04/2012 03.53 am

Thank you so much ^^ I have been wanting to watch this for a while
14/04/2012 06.15 pm

Thank you so much! I really enjoy watching it.
08/04/2012 05.40 am

Great movie! Thanks for sharing!
07/04/2012 09.01 pm

Such a fun movie! Thank you so much, theonlyh. smile1.gif And thanks also to Dearkie for the good subs. wink.gif
04/04/2012 05.59 pm

Does anyone have korean subs? I need korean subs bounce.gif
03/04/2012 11.41 pm

Thanks. Finally a good sub from Dearkiesmile1.gif
03/04/2012 11.03 pm

English subs are out at
02/04/2012 04.16 am

this movie is aaaaaawesome ! grin.gif loved it grin.gif
01/04/2012 10.37 pm

we need more useless, messed up subs on this movie ! grin.gif

*puts korean text into google translate*
01/04/2012 01.51 am

Watched with Dearkies subs. I don't if they are spot on but they were good.
31/03/2012 07.39 am

The zdzdz subs uploaded from youtube are actually not that bad, th[size=4][/size]ey are the best of all of them.
30/03/2012 05.34 am

The subs are really, really bad.
30/03/2012 01.38 am

what is the best sub?
29/03/2012 11.03 pm

29/03/2012 07.12 pm

Thank you so much for the sub!!!!!grin.gif
28/03/2012 01.03 am

Keep trying.. Last English subs are as shite as the rest of them in my opinion.
27/03/2012 10.15 pm

Thank you for the subs smile1.gif. I've been waiting forever for these smile1.gif. Thanks once again smile1.gif. Gahm sah ham ni dah.
27/03/2012 08.07 am

still no update on subs?sad.gif
24/03/2012 07.48 pm

Please make a decent English subtitle for this, the available ones sucks! tongue.gif
24/03/2012 07.46 pm

Please make a decent english subtitle for this, the available once sucks! tongue.gif
23/03/2012 01.42 pm

all of these English Subs are the same .. I guess im gonna wait for the right subs .. bounce.gif
22/03/2012 11.42 pm

ok, tell me is anyonae capable to put the right subs? 3 english variants,and all of them are badcry.gifcry.gif
22/03/2012 10.20 pm

try this one?? i did buddy and its still doesn't make any sense lol but thanks again for the effectsmile1.gif
21/03/2012 11.35 pm

waiting for the effective subs... Someone make it faster angry.gif
21/03/2012 10.51 pm

thanks for the effect buddy, but these subs are still way off;(
21/03/2012 04.49 pm

The latest are slightly better but still not the best. I wouldn't recommend them, I didn't want to ruin the movie so after 5 minutes I stopped watching. Still waiting for a better release.
21/03/2012 07.57 am

grin.gif Enjoy Watching
21/03/2012 07.56 am

grin.gif Enjoy Watching
21/03/2012 03.01 am

are the latest subs better than the last one ? Thanks for the up
17/03/2012 03.47 am

Darksmurfsubs hasn't even released anything near the completed subs.  The subs you can download from them are the machine translated subs.  They stated that they will release the subs once they are done.  You'll just have to wait for them to finish translation and QC.
16/03/2012 01.56 pm

Why have you started judging the quality of darksmurfsubs when it is only 75% translated and 10% QC'd? You should at least wait until they are finished before you make your comment.
16/03/2012 08.06 am

Just saw darksmurfsubs.  They are just as bad.  I don't know who's are worse... but it seems we really need someone with skills to get this movie done!
16/03/2012 03.36 am

Yeah, not worth watch with these subs. Still waiting for a good release sad.gif
15/03/2012 10.28 pm

Ya I just saw some lines in the subtitle and got its horribly done.... I will wait untill the proper subs arrives, I sujjest u to do the sme
15/03/2012 07.57 am

Sorry but the subs available for download is just horribly done, watchable yes but I wouldnt recommend it. So I chose to keep waiting and not watch this movie yet, seems too interesting for me to watch it with badly worded subtitles. Will be waiting for the subs, again thank you very much for the upload
13/03/2012 09.48 pm

DarkSmurfSub is doing this project. Let us hope that they will complete the project quickly. I am also early waiting.
13/03/2012 08.25 pm

Are the subs worth watching with ? Thanks anyhow for giving us atleast some subs smile1.gif
13/03/2012 07.08 pm

I request for more good subtitle ....
13/03/2012 06.07 pm

yeah, as buyyourself said, that sub is google translated.
13/03/2012 05.27 pm

@ buyyourself ... thank you so much
13/03/2012 04.32 pm

I found and added one version of subtitles for this the first look it seems that the translation is not totally perfect but enough good to understand the movie angel.gif
06/03/2012 08.28 pm

Subtitles where are you? sad.gif
06/03/2012 07.34 pm

I can't find the subtitles for this anywhere in the net... Do sub the movie or upload the subtitle wn availabe...
Am waiting to see this movie....
06/03/2012 01.55 pm

Any idea when will the subtitles be available? Is anyone even translating?