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Name Sacrifice (2010)
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AKA : Zhao shi gu er  | The Orphan of the Zhao Family
Year : 2010
Country: China
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle(s) : Chinese (T/S) | English
Film Genre : Drama
Links : Dianying

DVD Source : DVD9 Rental
Ripper : gandarloda
Video format : AVI - Xvid - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 1366 Kbps
Aspect Ratio : 2.2 : 1
Resolution : 704 x 324
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 448 Kbps (6 channels)
Video Runtime: 2 hours 2 min
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Chen Kaige
Cast : Ge You, Wang Xueqi, Fan Bingbing, Zhang Fengyi, Huang Xiaoming, Zhao Wenzhuo, Bao Guoan, Hai Qing


The movie Sacrifice sees Chen Kaige's fascination with traditional Chinese culture. Previously known as The Orphan of The Zhao Family dating back to China's Yuan Dynasty about 800 years ago, the old story is transformed into a star-studded action drama and takes a modern take on loyalty and revenge.

Set in the Jin Kingdom during the Spring and Autumn Period, minister Tu An Gu (Wang Xueqi) plots to exterminate a powerful clan but misses a newborn baby of the Zhao family. Entrusted by the baby's mother Zhuang Ji (Fan Bingbing) before her death, the family doctor Cheng ying (Ge You) takes away the sole heir and hides him at home with his own baby son and promises to bring him up.



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Category Chinese Movie
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Who thanked

08/11/2013 07.58 am

Thanks so much, I have been waiting for one with English Subs for 3yrs now.  8)
01/09/2013 07.52 am

Hi just came across this movie. It has got a very good review. Can anyone please seed .Try DL but no one seems to be seeding. Thank you very much.
10/03/2013 03.14 pm

thanks for sharing.
11/09/2012 06.56 am

Looks like a great movie thanks for sharing...
02/07/2012 07.39 pm

Super action movie just watch it,Thanks for uploadersmile1.gif
07/04/2011 01.50 pm

the cover says this is a good movie
14/03/2011 04.06 am

Breathtaking, what more can I say. This movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brilliant! Thanks for the torrent.
20/02/2011 02.53 am

This look like a good movie
19/02/2011 02.25 pm

18/02/2011 01.55 am

Thanks 4 the awesome up!
14/02/2011 08.25 am

Good movie! Filled with baby slammers and back stabbers. wink.gif
04/02/2011 03.45 pm

Thanks for sharing! Great movie!thumbsup.gif
01/02/2011 12.45 pm

ENG SUBS (better, clearer & without the chinese subs) for this torrent here, all!

Thank you analpotato for the subs, uncle alf for the up, and gandarloda for the movie!!group.gif
01/02/2011 10.47 am

thank you
01/02/2011 07.26 am

Thanks for the up! grin.gif
01/02/2011 01.45 am

I used Media Player Classic Home Cinema to play this movie and can't figure out how to activate the English subtitle.  I can only see the Chinese sub.  I would appreciate it very much if someone could show me how to view the English sub.

Thanks in advance for any help and to uploader.
31/01/2011 06.56 pm

Thank you!!! Looks like a good one.
31/01/2011 12.56 am

IMDB link ..and your's truly wrote the plot (storyline), lol angel.gif ..anything above 6 at IMDb is a pretty good score.

The eng subs are very difficult to read can someone please make & upload a ENGLISH srt file w/ a readible font when possible, or they have time ..TYVM
30/01/2011 03.22 pm

I'm just a little disappointed after watching this movie. I was expecting an epic movie, but it is below the level of entertainment other big casting film bring.

Thanks for the upload. It was a good watch.
30/01/2011 11.44 am

can you please tell me how to download this movie
30/01/2011 03.55 am

gandarloda, you are the best.thumbsup.gifthumbsup.gifthumbsup.gif
30/01/2011 03.44 am

Awesome, thank you so much.
30/01/2011 03.35 am

30/01/2011 02.54 am

T/S Chinese stands for Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. It is in reference to the subtitles. Enjoy!
30/01/2011 02.48 am

What does the T/S in Chinese (T/S) | English mean?

WoW wheres everybody at?! Do you all not see what movie gandarloda brought here w/ ENG??
..And Shaolin (2011) should be here any second (or day)! *woot woot* This is gonna be a good wk!

TYVM g!angel.gif