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Name Inborn Pair (2011) Episodes 43-84 DVDrip x264 (End)
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Title: Inborn Pair
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama / Romance / Comedy
Episodes: 84
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: English (Embedded) <-- Engrish

Type.................: TV Series
File Format..........: MP4
Codec................: x264
Resolution...........: 640x480
AR...................: 1.33
Video Bitrate........: 700
Audio................: AAC
Audio Bitrate........: 128 kbps (2.0ch)
Source...............: DVD
Ripper&Encoder.......: Me

Chris Wang as Ke Wei Xiang
Annie Chen as Song Yi Jie
Xie Kun Da as Ke Wei Cheng
Wang Si Ping as Luo Yun
Tan Ai Zhen as Ke Huang Rui Yin
Chen Bo Zheng as Song Jia Bao
Ai Wei as Ke You Xin
Yang Li Yin as Song Lin Hao Yun
Yang Jie Me as Fang Xue Ru
Guo Xue Fu as Li Er
Jennifer Hong as Ke Yan Ni
Chris Lee as Wang Ke Fan
Yin Fu as Wu Jia Jia
Tao Chuan Zheng as Luo So Sai
Xie Qi Wen as Qian Zhen Wu
Chen Yan Zhuang as Yu Neng Qian
Lin Xin Bei as Ba Zhen (Jennifer)
Kao Ying Hsuan as Ceng Jian Ren
Luo Bei An as Li Tian
Chris Wu as Zhao Dong Yang

Ke Wei Xiang is a kind and considerate resort president who is looking for his special someone. His grandma betrothed Wei Xiang before he was born to the grand-daughter of a man who saved her life. Song Yi Jie is a legal assistant in the process of obtaining her lawyer’s license. She is a righteous woman who stands up for justice and doesn’t care for love as long as she has a career to pursue. After a chance encounter, Wei Xiang gets the impression that she is a “Xiao San” (homewrecker), and Yi Jie mistakes him for a lothario who toys with women.


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