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Name Tenchi Muyo! (Complete Series - Dual Audio)
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Description TENCHI MUYO!
All Seasons in Dual Audio.

Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English Dub
Subtitles: English

First broadcast in Japan from 1992 to 1998, the weekly animated series Tenchi Muyo! (aka Tenchi_Universe) spotlighted high schooler Tenchi Masaki, who lived with his father and grandfather, the latter a Shinto priest. Against his grandpa's wishes, Tenchi visited a cave near his home, where he accidentally released a centuries-old demon: gorgeous female space pirate Ryoko, who had been consigned to a life of evil by the spell of the wicked Kagato. Before long, Tenchi's home became the headquarters not only for Ryoko, but also for several other mystical women, including princesses Ayeka and Sasami from the planet Jurai and intergalactic police officer Mihoshi. Amidst all this confusion, Tenchi learned that he himself was a member of the Jurai royal family, and was expected to fight on the side of Right with the power of his "lighthawk wings" -- not to mention his own light sword, which coincidentally was also named Tenchi. The hero's mission was somewhat compromised by the fact that the six females now living in his home had all fallen in love with him, and just plain wouldn't leave him alone. The series was created by Kajisima Masaki. Together with its sequel Shin Tenchi Muyo (aka Tenchi in Tokyo), Tenchi Muyo! was seen in America beginning July 22, 2000 as part of the Cartoon Network's weekend lineup.

Tenchi Universe - 26 episodes
File Format: OGM
Language: Japanese, English
Subs: Sfv file

Tenchi in Tokyo - 26 episodes
File Format: OGM
Language: Japanese, English
Subs: Sfv file

Tenchi Muyo! OVA - 14 episodes
File Format: OGM
Language: Japanese, English
Subs: Embedded

Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-oh-ki 3 OVA - 6 episodes
File Format: AVI
Language: Japanese Only
Subs: Embedded

Tenchi Muyo Pretty Sammy OVA - 3 episodes
File Format: OGM
Language: Japanese, English
Subs: Enbedded, 2 tracks for both Japanese and English.

Tenchi Muyo GXP - 26 episodes
File Format: MKV
Language: Japanese, English

Tenchi Mihoshi Special
File Format: OGM
Language: Japanese, English

All 3 Tenchi Muyo Movies
Language: Japanese, English
File Formats: AVI
Daughter of Darkness
Tenchi Forever
Tenchi in Love

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03/11/2014 12.08 pm

thank you
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18/11/2012 12.07 am

ive always liked this series
please help uploadgrin.gif
24/07/2012 10.39 pm

is it complete with all tenchi muyo?? nothing missing like some user said before?
30/06/2012 07.38 pm

Thank-you !  

I'm so looking forward to watching this.   smile1.gif
12/12/2011 09.04 pm

There seems to be one episode lacking in Ryo ohki 3, the last one
29/04/2011 10.58 am

For people still wondering about how to play video files with extensions like these.

It's about the codec(s) you have installed on your pc.
If you google and install either K-Lite codec pack or CCCP (combined community codec pack) you should be able to play the files.

If not try using another player like VLC media player or KM player.
I'm more keen on VLC + the combination of a codec pack have yet to let me down.

Hope that helped someone smile1.gif
29/04/2011 09.48 am

Awesome! I've been looking forward to watching the whole series! Even those some parts are only japanese, I'm still loving every second of it!
04/12/2010 11.30 am

guys how do i dl this every time i click the dl it goes to the listing page
27/10/2010 11.29 am

I started out downloading at 1.28 Mbps steadily for about 2 hours, now it's down to 398KB/s. What happened?
03/06/2010 08.58 pm

Go and read the faq in the forum.
09/02/2010 11.59 am

This is a fantastic show, thank you for upload grin.gif
08/02/2010 07.47 pm

Wow! Thanks!
08/02/2010 08.42 am

Thanx a lot! smile1.gifgrin.gifsmile1.gif
07/02/2010 03.31 pm

Yea yea anime!  Thank you momo