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Name Help Me Eros (2007)
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Description Warning  :  Contains Adult Content

Aka ............:  Bang bang wo ai shen/Help me Eros
Year ………: 2007
Country ……… : Taiwan
Language .........: Mandarin
Subtitle(s) ......:  English Hardcoded
Film Genre .......: Drama

DVD Source .......: Onemanbalmer of ADC
Ripper ...........: gandarloda
Video Format .....: AVI-Xvid-2 pass
Video Bitrate ....:  1695 kbps
Aspect Ratio .....:  16 : 9
Resolution .......:  704 x 400
Audio Format .....: MP3 Joint Stereo - 2 channels
Audio Bitrate ....: 128 kbps
Video Runtime ......: 99 mins
Frame Rate .......:  29.970 fps                                                                    

Director : Lee Kang Sheng
Cast :  Lee Kang Sheng , Jane Liao, Dennis Nieh, Ivy Yi


The story follows a pot-smoking protagonist who has apparently fallen on hard times recently. He lives in a multi-floor apartment in Taipei that must be rather grand by the standards of Taiwan, but he's lost a lot of money in the stock market and now has to start selling his household goods to finance his pot habit. He's a small man in his mid- to late-thirties', and his girlfriend has recently left him. A few of the scenes of him stoned at home by himself are very funny. In one scene he is talking to (presumably) his ex-girlfriend on the phone while a kettle is boiling. He keeps walking back into the kitchen to take the kettle off the range and make it stop whistling, then going back in and putting it back on the burner, clearly having just forgotten why he took it off in the first place. People who have never experienced the effects of marijuana will not understand the humor, probably. In another scene he's watching a program on TV in which a fish is being prepared for some kind of traditional dish. The fish is scaled and gutted but is somehow still alive when served on the plate (a 'delicacy'). You can see the fish's mouth opening and closing in an obscene gaping motion, as our hero clutches a pillow and stares horrified and motionless at the screen.

He has an instant messenger chat partner he has never met. His chat name is "Marihuana is God," hers is "Little Cookie." Little Cookie is one of the main characters but she is fat, largely because her husband—evidently a professional cook—cooks sumptuous dishes for her all the time at home. He long ago lost interest in her physically, and when a male guest comes to stay, she understands that the two of them are carrying on together. She develops an online attachment to Marihuana is God, but the protagonist is busy luring young, attractive hookers to his apartment, getting them stoned, and having gangbangs with them. One of the hookers actually starts to become attached to him, then is heartbroken when he only cares about getting stoned and having it off with any of the girls at the "hooker depot" where he originally picked her up.

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Warning : Contains Adult Content
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13/08/2013 09.35 am

Thanks for that. That movie was fantastic. Funny, sexy, profound, and sad.