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American Dreams in China (2013)

Also known as:
Year: 2013
Country: China
Directed by: Peter Chan Ho-sun
Duration: 1 hr, 47 min
Language: Mandarin
Subtitles: Chinese (hardsubbed)

Huang Xiaoming
Deng Chao
Tong Dawei
Du Juan
Wang Zhen

Flitting back and forth between drama and comedy, the film introduces Meng Xiaojun (Deng Chao), Cheng Dongqing (Huang Xiaoming) and Wang Yang (Tong Dawei) in 1983, in the midst of applying for US student visas, where they hope to make their fortunes. When only Meng is successful, Cheng and Wang remain in Beijing as teachers, while Meng gets a job at Columbia University. However, as the years tick by, various professional and romantic failures see the three reunited back in China a decade later.

By this time, Cheng has been dismissed from his university teaching gig and, together with Wang, has set up a hugely successful English language academy, New Dream, in an abandoned factory. Meng comes on board and New Dream goes from strength to strength, helping thousands of Chinese students successfully pass the entrance exams into American universities. That is until the examination board accuses New Dream of stealing its curriculum and giving their students an unfair advantage in their exams.

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Format: Matroska
File size: 1.64GB
Duration: 1 hr, 47 min
Bitrate: 22187kb/s
Subtitles: Chinese (hardsubbed)
Source: DVDSCR

Format: AVI
Codec: XviD
Bitrate: 1995kb/s
Display aspect ratio: 16:9
Frame rate: 29.970
Resolution: 720x314

Format: AC3
Bitrate: 192kb/s
Channel(s): 2 ch
Sampling rate: 48.0KHz
Language: Mandarin



Quickie Review

All three leads give great performances
Assured pacing, good storytelling, likable characters and a fun examination through friendship and nostalgia come through
The comedy and the drama mix quite well, due to the actor's performances

The spoken English is pretty bad
Tries to accomplish too much, ends up a mixed bag (about China, greed, politics etc.)
The ending is unbelievable
Western viewers (particularly Americans) could end up offended

SCORE: 7/10 (When it sticks with the friendship and nostalgia, the film does really well, but on other themes, not so much. A nice and refreshing, but definitely flawed change of pace from director Peter Chan.)
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05/06/2014 03.22 am

what the hell.. still no subs, how's this possible.
21/02/2014 12.58 am

Still hoping for subtitles here as well smile1.gif

(Christopher Doyle!)
02/10/2013 05.12 am

Thanks!  Any chance of English subtitles?  Thanks!
26/09/2013 01.47 pm

Thanks for posting this. I really wish the subtitles weren't hard-coded, though, and that separate subs file(s) were available.
09/09/2013 10.02 am

Can someone please make an English subtitle for this one?
07/08/2013 05.23 pm

Good acting , the dialogue seemed to be very good even though I don't understand a word of mandarin.
Thanks for the upload.
07/08/2013 05.20 pm

I don't understand a word of Mandarin
but I still enjoyed the movie,great acting and good quality video ...thanks
21/07/2013 06.35 am

The quality is not DVDscr. Please don't state DVDscr if it is not.
But thank you anyway.
25/06/2013 11.06 pm

Thanks been waiting for this.

Now for the subs...sad.gif
24/06/2013 04.39 pm

Good director, good actors definitely one of the must watch movieslaugh.gif
17/06/2013 12.42 am

Western viewers (particularly Americans) could end up offended
Lol this makes me wanna watch it laugh.gif

04/06/2013 04.53 am

TNX. This is great.