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Name Young Justice Bao 3 - 2006 (Mandarin) Complete TV Drama Series
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Description Young Justice Bao 3 – 2006 - (Mandarin) Complete TV Drama Series HDTVRip

Title :  少年包青天Ⅲ之天芒传奇 / Shao Nian Bao Qing Tian III Zhi Tian Man Chuan Qi
English title:  Young Justice Bao 3
Also known as: Young Justice Bao III (and The Legend of Tian Man) / The Young Detective (Files) III
Episodes: 45
Year: 2006 [Broadcast Period : June 2013]
Directors: Zhu Yu Long (朱禹龙), He Luo
Genre: Action Mystery & Romance Period Drama
Runtime: Above 41mins.
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
Subtitles: Simplified Chinese (Hardcoded)
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Technically this series is considered to be a sequel but actually it is not a continuation of the past two YJB. The famous trio returns, but this time they are on a mission to find a legendary drug that allows immortality. Along the way, they become involved in several murders mysteries.
This is the third installment of the popular Young Justice Bao series, and arguably the most popular out of the three, perhaps due to the added element of romance in addition to suspense throughout the series, with some comic relief in-between. Indeed, romance is a major theme in this series. It recounts the fictional tales of Bao Zheng and his pals in their younger days.
To put it simply, this is a detective series set in the Northern Song Dynasty, during the reign of the Chinese Emperor Renzong. The main protagonist of this series is the young Bao Zheng (in his early twenties), later the Prefect of Kaifeng, a man heralded for his wisdom and sense of justice. His is assisted by his buddies Gongsun Che - the Number One Scholar of Song Dynasty, and a teenage Zhao Zhao - a well-accomplished martial exponent. Together, they attempt to solve mysterious murder cases that come their way.

Deng Chao as Bao Zheng
Zhao Yang as Gongsun Ce
Shi Xiao Long as Zhan Zhao
Qin Li as Xiao Man
He Zhong Hua as Pang Tong
Jia Yi Ping as Emperor Song Ren Zong
Wu Qian Qian as Bao Da Niang (Bao Zheng's mom)
Wu Yue as Yelu Jun Cai
Han Xiao as Ruo Shui
Yang Rong as Xiao Feng Zheng
Yang Li Xiao as Xiao Li
Huo Zheng Yan as Wu Zhi
Juan Zi as general's wife
Zhang Hui as Er Bai
Zeng Pei as Tong Mei
Liu Chang Sheng as Huo He Ban Cang
Li Dong Han as Yelu Wen Cai
Xue Yan as Gui Nu (guest)


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