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Name Look Out, Officer! (Stephen Chow)
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Description WARNING! Just to let everyone know ahead of time, there is a video-audio problem with this at the very beginning... Meaning about 6 seconds of the movie, the video-audio are totally screwed... Anyway, nothing very important is missing, maybe 1 or 2 credits only. Enjoy the rest.

A.K.A. Shaolin Idiot
Year: 1990
Directed: Sze Yu Lau
Genre: Comedy / Action / Fantasy
Runtime : 94 mins.
Country: China(Hong Kong)
Language: Chinese(Cantonese)
Subtitles: English(Hardcoded)

Synopsis / Plot
Look Out, Officer! begins like a typical Hong Kong action picture. With the aid of a good stuntman, Bill Tung Bui soars into action as Chang Piao, a high-flying, gun-toting CID officer with skills that could rival Jackie Chan in his prime. As silly as that may sound, it's all played completely straight. But unfortunately for Piao, a hood gets the slip on him and plugs him in the head, which then triggers the film's first abrupt tonal shift from bloody cop drama to farcical supernatural comedy.
     In the next scene we find Piao facing judgment in heaven. The verdict of the court is that Piao shot himself (So much for an all-knowing God!), a conclusion that he refuses to accept. After pleading with the judge, Piao returns to earth to catch his killer and clear his name in what will soon become the umpteenth variation on Heaven Can Wait. The film then switches its focus from Piao to Police Constable 1997, the young, ne'er do well Officer Sing (Stephen Chow). Can you say Stephen Chow underdog comedy? I knew you could.
     Sing finds himself partnered up with Inspector Chin (Stanley Fung), a patriarch-obsessed cop who used to work with Piao. As one might guess, Piao returns in ghost form to help and eventually haunt Sing in order to convince him to solve Piao's murder. At first, Sing blows him off. That is, until he meets Yu (Vivian Chan), Inspector Chin's cute-as-a-button daughter. Immediately, a deal is brokered: Piao agrees to helps Sing win the girl of his dreams in exchange for solving the dead cop's murder. Unfortunately for Sing, the only clue to the killer's identity is the villain's remarkably bad B.O. Despite his badge, Sing does very little investigating and bumbles his way to the insane, anything goes finale involving an evil magician with a Prince Valiant haircut. Yeah, you read that right.(     

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