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Name Kim Bình Mai 1,2,3,4 and 5 (CAT III)
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Description Kim Bình Mai 1,2,3,4,5
Việt ngữ

This is rate " R " movie & it isn't suitable for peoples who's underage to DL ... due to NUDITY & Coarse Language...

sorry for the bad English,,, there is no translated to English descriptionblush.gif
Kim Bình Mai is china's ministry of novel, author it is said that it be Virgin Pose VÆ°Æ¡ng (‹ž) Minh dynasty people with Royal tomb Swan-plant shop Tiếu Tiếu pen be born, ( Pu). 3 females dramatis personae writing talked about are Neddle Phan Liên (Xẹ ²) Reason Declaims Nhi (Ná»­,?) And Almendron is Young Spadeful (ž%Â…) To ought to have to name Kim Bình Mai  

Kim Bình Mai The story is natively evolve from a number of circumstances in Small pagoda Nại Examination's Water Há»­ writing. In Water Há»­, Gong Discipline West village bully name ( Be spotted †) To fornicate who with Roan Era Martial arts's wife be Neddle Phan Liên ought to intrigued to kill Roan Era Martial arts. Later on, Roan Era Martial arts's younger sister is Martial arts Followed put both to revenge britannic donation. In Kim Bình Mai, aforesaid female stuff Gong and wife and concubine Discipline turns related to West's life, among them trinucleate, depict abundance. Many scenes depicts life enjoy the pleasure from animated Gong Discipline West's hegenerate to who ever in detail cause this novel to who is seen is unallowed and pornographic book

Runtime: 5 parts
Country: china
Language: Chinese
subs: hard subs
Color: Color
Aspect Ratio: 1.85 : 1

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Category Chinese - Erotica/+18
Size 4.28 GB
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04/06/2015 10.11 pm

12/02/2015 05.52 am

been looking for these series, thanks a lot..
no wonder i cant find it, since the title converted to vietnamese hehe
it's a hongkong film about a famous story from Water Margin. The story involves Pan Jin Lian (the girl), her ugly husband, the heroic in-law Wu Song, and the perverted ximenchan.
Very beautiful girl, by the way
17/01/2014 03.22 pm

smile2.gifThanks a Lots
06/05/2013 02.20 pm

why this torrent cant be downloaded at all? seeding pls
13/03/2013 06.07 am

subs in the first part are (huge) vietnames in front of en and chinese subs. the other parts are not better.
sorry, this download is only interesting if you can understand chinese or can read vietnamese. additionally subs are note possible anymore due to the huge existing hardsubs...

i should have read the text before wasting 4 gb download...
14/02/2013 10.13 pm

10/05/2011 11.08 pm

@ madaudo : anyway , Vietnam or China is asian too...hehehe...cool1.gif
27/10/2010 02.12 pm

Poster from Vietnam, movie from China. Good movie kekeke...tongue.gif
17/09/2010 12.00 pm

thanks for U/Lcool1.gif  the description says subs: hard subs
but is it english sub?wink.gif
21/04/2010 05.05 pm