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Description CHILDREN(2011)

Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Genre: Crime,Thriller
Cast: Park Yong-woo,Ryoo Seung-yong,Seong Dong-il,Seong Ji-roo,Kim Yeo-jin,Park Byeong-eun
Release date in South Korea: 2011/02/17
Director: Lee Kyoo-man  

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File Format: AVI
Duration: 02:11:45
Resolution: 1280x688
Data Rate: 3035 kbps
Total Bit Rate: 3291 Kbps
Frame Rate:  29frames/second
Audio Bit Rate: 256kbps
Channels: 2 (Stereo)
Audio Sample Rate: 48kHz

There were high expectations for the movie “Children...” even before it hit theaters. Although the cast of well-known actors like Park Yong-woo and Seong Dong-il has drawn attention to the film, it is the story’s plot that has generated the most interest.

The film is based on a true yet unsolved murder case from the early 1990s that is known among Koreans as the “disappearance of the frog children.” In 1991, five elementary school students told their parents that they were going to hang out on a nearby mountain to catch frogs. They never came back.

In the movie, a TV producer, the devastated parents of the missing children, a professor and a detective all take different stances on the case and in the end one of the parents becomes a primary suspect. In reality, the case morphed into a national scandal.

Director Lee Kyoo-man, a rising star in the Korean film industry, is expected to present a compelling depiction of the case.

But just as the case hurt the parents in real life, the movie could touch off nerves - especially because the film depicts the parents as primary suspects in the case.

In style, “Children...” resembles the 2003 hit “Memories of the Murder,” which was based on another unsolved mystery of a serial killing in Hwaseong, Gyeonggi, in the early ’90s.

Audiences familiar with the case may have a difficult time with the plot, which gives the story a fictional ending even though the case remains unsolved to this day.


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28/06/2012 09.32 am

05/07/2011 07.03 am

Subs are here:

04/07/2011 01.38 pm

please do wink.gif
03/07/2011 04.26 pm

the subs have been out for a week now, and this is a fantastic film.  im just so supprised no one has put them up here yet.  i would if i knew how, and im not sure if im allowed to put a link up for another site, but id be more than happy to direct any one to the site that would post them here for every one.  
30/06/2011 10.30 pm

still no subs? cry.gif
26/06/2011 07.03 pm

Its ganna take a long time for this and desire to kill to be subbed =(
02/06/2011 02.38 am

Yes!! Hear our cries for help! smile2.gif
Please, this movie looks very good. Plus, i love Park Yong-Woo!
23/05/2011 12.07 am

Thanks Somaman!!  Hopefully a translator will hear our cries of help for english subs?
22/05/2011 11.51 pm

sorry, if everyone knew already... has the chinese subtitles available for this movie.
It was made by translators from YYeTs Sub Team. I guess they did it by ear as there was no original sub to reference to begin with.

It seems to be quite accurate for those that can read chinese. Maybe a good chinese-english translator can work off this soon.

21/05/2011 11.00 pm

someone, create a post at darksmurf or viki so we can get this movie subbed smile1.gif
15/05/2011 03.17 am

PLEASE someone make some Eng Subs for us.  I will Pay $$$ for Eng subs for "CHILDREN", Yellow Sea-HWANGHAE", Deisre to Kill-Enemy at the End", No Doubt"  Why is it taking so long for eng subs?  If anyone can help thanks.  I have tried to find a program to make subs, but do not know where to look or how to start.  If anyone knows how, PLMK?
23/04/2011 03.18 pm

@furransu -- yeah, the translators and editors at darkfansub  are much less assholish than some of the crews at Viki as well. spank.gifspank.gif
23/04/2011 03.16 pm

The way it seems to work is they start with Chinese subs which are auto-translated in the first instance. Then, human translators go over it and stop in being quite such babble. Finally, editors skilled in English attempt to do a quality check to make them as readable as possible.

But I just wondered where they get the Chinese subs from. They usually have them the day after something screens, so I assumed maybe Korean TV shows them? Or perhaps they're sold straight into the Chinese market on first airing, and the subs come from there?

Point being, Chinese subs seems to be one of the key issues for getting a programme accepted as a project on DarkSmurf. So I was wondering, if there were Chinese subs for these, perhaps they'd take one on as a project?
23/04/2011 05.09 am

darksmurf is a community based fansub same like viki, BUT users directly edit the sub to srt files unlike viki.. which makes it 100x better than viki.
23/04/2011 01.04 am

@analpotato, isn't DarkSmurfSub just fansubs?
22/04/2011 11.29 pm

Do they air with Chinese subs? Is that how DarkSmurfSub translations work?
22/04/2011 10.27 pm

It's a HDTV rip, they don't air movies with english subs in Korea.
22/04/2011 07.47 pm

grin.gif@dokarossi ur welcome dude!
22/04/2011 07.37 pm

Thx a lot, itzumo5.
22/04/2011 07.33 pm

@twilightened its just because most of all new released got from my source on Korean torrent websites it means korean people are the original uploader which is most of korean can't understand english and you can't get out there just only here on AVISTAZ or KOREAN WEBSITE that u can't access if you don't understand korean words or you don't have KOREAN CITIZEN ID that will used for KOREAN NET protection! ^^ well that's it!
22/04/2011 07.24 pm

this looks good! i hope someone subs it soon
22/04/2011 07.19 pm

I don't understand. Are all new Korean movies coming without subtitles, or is it just they are forgotten while being ripped ?

Anyway, this looks like a good one, judging by experience.