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Here we go again (now with a more proper description).
If you downloaded my last effort at this, you can just start this one and resume.

This is a huge torrent with almost all the Shaw Brothers martial arts movies.
258 movies in all its old school kung fu and cheesy acting glory!
Will seed with 100Mbit for 2 weeks.

English subtitles for every movie!
I don't know what the original language is (if it's canto or mandarin), but the ones I've seen are at least not english dubbed.

Please note that there are 3-4 VCD movies in this pack. As far as I know there are no known dvdrips out there of those. Check filelistings for more info.

Screenshot off The One-Armed Swordsman (1967)

Screenshot off Rape of the Sword (1967)

Screenshot off The Eunuch (1971)

Tech spec for one of the movie (you seriously don't need it for all 258 right? ohmy.gif )


Complete name                            : [1967] One Armed SwordsmanOne.Armed.Swordsman.(1967).WRD.avi
Format                                   : AVI
File size                                : 699 MiB
Duration                                 : 1h 50mn
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 881 Kbps
Writing application                      : VirtualDubMod (build 2439/release)
Writing library                          : VirtualDubMod build 2439/release

ID                                       : 0
Format                                   : MPEG-4 Visual
Format profile                           : Advanced Simple@L5
Format settings, BVOP                    : No
Format settings, QPel                    : No
Format settings, GMC                     : No warppoints
Format settings, Matrix                  : Default (H.263)
Codec ID                                 : XVID
Codec ID/Hint                            : XviD
Duration                                 : 1h 50mn
Bit rate                                 : 746 Kbps
Width                                    : 640 pixels
Height                                   : 272 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 2.35:1
Frame rate                               : 25.000 fps
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : Progressive
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.171
Stream size                              : 591 MiB (85%)
Writing library                          : XviD 1.0.2 (UTC 2004-08-29)

ID                                       : 1
Format                                   : MPEG Audio
Format version                           : Version 1
Format profile                           : Layer 3
Mode                                     : Joint stereo
Codec ID                                 : 55
Codec ID/Hint                            : MP3
Duration                                 : 1h 50mn
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Bit rate                                 : 128 Kbps
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Stream size                              : 97.2 MiB (14%)
Alignment                                : Aligned on interleaves
Interleave, duration                     : 24 ms (0.60 video frame)
Interleave, preload duration             : 535 ms
Writing library                          : LAME3.93
Encoding settings                        : -m j -V 4 -q 2 -lowpass 17.5 --abr 128

Here's a list of all the movies:


[1965] Temple of the Red Lotus
[1965] Twin Swords

[1966] Come Drink With Me
[1966] Knight of Knights
[1966] Magnificent Trio, The
[1966] That Man In Chang-an

[1967] Assassin, The
[1967] King Cat
[1967] One-Armed Swordsman, The
[1967] Rape of the Sword
[1967] Silent Swordsman, The
[1967] Sword and the Lute, The
[1967] Thundering Sword, The
[1967] Trail of the Broken Blade, The

[1968] Bells Of Death,The
[1968] Black Butterfly,The
[1968] Death Valley
[1968] Fastest Sword, The
[1968] Golden Swallow
[1968] Jade Raksha, The
[1968] Killer Darts
[1968] The Magnificent Swordsman
[1968] Silver Fox,The
[1968] Sword Of Swords,The
[1968] That Fiery Girl

[1969] Dragon Swamp
[1969] Flying Dagger, The
[1969] Golden Sword, The
[1969] Invincible Fist
[1969] Have Sword Will Travel
[1969] Invincible Fist,The
[1969] Killers Five
[1969] Lady of Steel
[1969] Raw Courage
[1969] Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman
[1969] Swordmates, The
[1969] Twelve Deadly Coins
[1969] Twin Blades Of Doom
[1969] Vengeance is a Golden Blade

[1970] Brothers Five
[1970] Chinese Boxer, The
[1970] Crimson Charm
[1970] Golden Knight, The
[1970] Heads For Sale
[1970] Heroic Ones, The
[1970] Iron Buddha, The
[1970] Secret Of The Dirk, The
[1970] Swordswomen Three
[1970] Taste of Cold Steel, A
[1970] Twelve Gold Medallions, The
[1970] Valley of the Fangs
[1970] Vengeance
[1970] Wandering Swordsman
[1970] Winged Tiger, The

[1971] Deadly Duo, The
[1971] Duel for Gold
[1971] Duel of Fists
[1971] Duel, The
[1971] Eunuch, The
[1971] Golden Seal, The
[1971] Jade-Faced Assassin, The
[1971] King Eagle
[1971] Lady Hermit, The
[1971] Lady With A Sword
[1971] Long Chase, The
[1971] Mighty One, The
[1971] New One-Armed Swordsman
[1971] Oath of Death
[1971] Rescue, The
[1971] Shadow Whip, The
[1971] Six Assassins
[1971] Swift Knight, The
[1971] Swordsman At Large
[1971] Vengeance of a Snow Girl

[1972] 14 Amazons, The
[1972] Angry Guest, The
[1972] Black Tavern, The
[1972] Boxer from Shantung
[1972] Deadly Knives, The
[1972] Delightful Forrest, The
[1972] Devil's Mirror, The
[1972] Finger of Doom
[1972] Imperial Swordsman, The
[1972] Killer, The
[1972] King Boxer
[1972] Lizard, The
[1972] Man of Iron
[1972] Pursuit
[1972] Thunderbolt Fist, The
[1972] Trilogy of Swordsmanship
[1972] Water Margin, The
[1972] Young Avenger, The

[1973] Ambush
[1973] Bastard, The
[1973] Blood Brothers
[1973] Call to Arms
[1973] Delinquent, The
[1973] Golden Lion, The
[1973] Heroes of Sung
[1973] Iron Bodyguard
[1973] Master Of Kung Fu
[1973] Pirate, The
[1973] Young Rebel, The

[1974] Five Shaolin Masters
[1974] Five Tough Guys
[1974] Flying Guillotine, The
[1974] Heroes Two
[1974] Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The
[1974] Men from the Monastery
[1974] Na Cha the Great
[1974] Rivals of Kung Fu
[1974] Savage Five, The
[1974] Shadow Boxer, The
[1974] Shaolin Martial Arts
[1974] Village Of Tigers

[1975] All Men Are Brothers
[1975] Bloody Escape, The
[1975] Disciples Of Shaolin
[1975] Lady of the Law
[1975] Marco Polo
[1975] Protectors, The
[1975] Spiritual Boxer, The
[1975] Super Inframan

[1976] Big Bad Sis
[1976] Boxer Rebellion
[1976] Challenge of the Masters
[1976] Clans of Intrigue
[1976] Dragon Missile, The
[1976] Killer Clans
[1976] Magic Blade, The
[1976] New Shaolin Boxers
[1976] Sexy Killer
[1976] Shaolin Avengers, The
[1976] Shaolin Temple
[1976] Web of Death, The

[1977] Battle Wizard, The
[1977] Brave Archer, The
[1977] Chinatown Kid
[1977] Death Duel
[1977] Executioners From Shaolin
[1977] Flying Guillotine 2
[1977] Jade Tiger, The
[1977] Judgement Of An Assassin
[1977] Magnificent Wanderers
[1977] Pursuit of Vengeance
[1977] Sentimental Swordsman, The
[1977] Soul of the Sword
[1977] Vengeful Beauty, The

[1978] 36th Chamber Of Shaolin, The
[1978] Avenging Eagle, The
[1978] Brave Archer 2, The
[1978] Clan of Amazons
[1978] Crippled Avengers
[1978] Five Superfighters
[1978] Five Venoms, The
[1978] Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre
[1978] Heaven Sword And Dragon Sabre 2
[1978] Heroes Shed No Tears
[1978] Invincible Shaolin
[1978] Legend of the Bat
[1978] Life Gamble
[1978] Proud Youth, The
[1978] Shaolin Hand Lock
[1978] Shaolin Mantis
[1978] Swordsman and Enchantress

[1979] Brothers, The
[1979] Daredevils, The
[1979] Deadly Breaking Sword, The
[1979] Dirty Ho
[1979] Fighting Fool, The
[1979] Full Moon Scimitar
[1979] Heroes Of The East
[1979] Kid With Golden Arm, The
[1979] Kung Fu Instructor, The
[1979] Mad Monkey Kung Fu
[1979] Magnificent Ruffians, The
[1979] Monkey Kung Fu
[1979] Murder Plot
[1979] Proud Twins, The
[1979] Shadow.Boxing, The
[1979] Shaolin Abbot
[1979] Shaolin Rescuers
[1979] Ten Tigers of Kwang
[1979] Tigress of Shaolin, The

[1980] Bat Without Wings
[1980] Boxer from the Temple
[1980] Clan of the White Lotus
[1980] Convict Killer
[1980] Coward Bastard
[1980] Deadly Secret, A
[1980] Flag of Iron
[1980] Heaven and Hell
[1980] Kid with a Tattoo
[1980] Killer Constable
[1980] Legend of the Fox
[1980] Master, The
[1980] Rebel Intruders, The
[1980] Rendezvous With Death
[1980] Return To The 36th Chamber
[1980] Swift Sword
[1980] Two Champions of Shaolin

[1981] Bloody Parrot
[1981] Brave Archer 3, The
[1981] Clan Feuds
[1981] Duel of the Century
[1981] Emperor And His Brother
[1981] House of Traps
[1981] Lion vs. Lion
[1981] Martial Club
[1981] Masked Avengers
[1981] My Young Auntie
[1981] Return of the Sentimental Swordsman
[1981] Sword Stained With Royal Blood
[1981] What Price Honesty

[1982] Ambitious Kung Fu Girl
[1982] Brave Archer And His Mate
[1982] Buddha's Palm
[1982] Cat vs. Rat
[1982] Five Element Ninja
[1982] Gang Master, The
[1982] Human Lanterns
[1982] Kid From Kwangtung
[1982] Lady Assassin, The
[1982] Legendary Weapons of China
[1982] My Rebellious Son
[1982] Ode to Gallantry
[1982] Perils Of The Sentimental Swordsman
[1982] Portrait in Crystal
[1982] Shaolin Prince
[1982] Spirit of the Sword
[1982] Treasure Hunters, The
[1982] Weird Man, The

[1983] Bastard Swordsman
[1983] Demon Of The Lute
[1983] Descendant of the Sun
[1983] Eight Diagram Polefighter
[1983] Enchantress, The
[1983] Holy Flame of the Martial World
[1983] Lady is the Boss, The
[1983] Little Dragon Maiden
[1983] Roving Swordsman, The
[1983] Shaolin Intruders
[1983] Tales of a Eunuch
[1983] Usurpers Of The Emperor Power

[1984] Crazy Shaolin Disciples
[1984] Disciples Of The 36th Chamber
[1984] Hidden Power of Dragon Sabre
[1984] Long Road to Gallantry
[1984] Master Strikes Back, The
[1984] New Tales of the Flying Fox
[1984] Opium and the Kung-Fu Master
[1984] Return of the Bastard Swordsman
[1984] Secret Service of the Imperial Court
[1984] Supreme Swordsman, The
[1984] Wits of the Brats

[1985] Journey Of The Doomed
[1985] Young Vagabond, The

[1986] Martial Arts of Shaolin

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26/05/2015 08.46 pm

God almighty in heaven, thank you for such a treat, I say, when someone is willing to make such an torrent effort is a blasphemy to not download it...what a tribute to films from Shaw brothers Studio...258 films in one spot, what an upload, what an upload...wth 100mb download and gold leech. Ho ho, christmas is early this year...
24/05/2015 04.45 am

Fantastic collection. Thank you so much for the time and effort you took to create this torrent.
14/03/2015 05.37 am


27/01/2015 07.01 am

thank you. i am enjoying all the movies at the moment
24/01/2015 04.02 am

wish I had these movies when I was young fighting kung fu with neighbour kids
13/12/2014 11.18 pm

Looks like my off time is gonna be booked solid for a very long time. This collection brings back a lotta Saturday afternoon memories, Thanks for bringing them back!!!
30/11/2014 08.25 pm

Thanks for all these gems....This download is gonna mess up with my status lol grin.gif
23/11/2014 02.16 am

wow, what an amazing upload..I saw this some time before but didn't think anything of it...So i came back to it after watching over 50SB movies! A quick question....Can I still seed even if i delete ONE movie of the list? will the tracker allow that? Very important please answer...Also what happens before you begin downloading and you remove about 10 movies( because I already watched them)?
Also This upload is missing at least 5 martial arts movies..unless they have differnt names for them, which they probably do!!
Also I must add that it is annoying that 1 movie has 5-6 different titles..its so hard to find out which movie you watched and which you haven't, but as its SHAW BROTHERS I wont complain too much! Thanks Uploader...will seed for a loooong time! smile1.gif
20/11/2014 12.30 pm

too big for my taste

A lot of the movies are only 700MB per movie.
It large only because of the 258 nmovies.
I hope you are aware that torrent client allows you to download individual selected movies and excluded those you don't want.
20/11/2014 10.51 am

too big for my taste
20/10/2014 01.54 am

17/10/2014 07.23 am

Are the DVD rips from the remastered collection from Celestial?
25/09/2014 09.19 pm

Wow. How long did it take you guys to download this?
04/09/2014 11.07 pm

Holy SHit!!
THanks i'll seed for a very long time if this downloadssmile1.gif
14/08/2014 07.27 am

thanks for this collection of shaw brother treasures.grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
22/06/2014 02.14 am

Omg, thanks for upping this. it will make life so much more fun smile1.gif
07/06/2014 08.02 pm

All of U pls seed to keep this torrent alive.
13/04/2014 01.58 am

Thanks a lot!
06/02/2014 01.58 am

Going by m3atl0af's list:

[1974] Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires (Peter Cushing): This is mostly a english language movie. There is a Cantonese part at the start with hardsub subs.
[1972] Killer, The: English language unrestored print
[1972] Boxer from Shantung: No subs. subs here:
[1969] Twin Blades Of Doom [VCD]: hardsub
[1969] Swordmates, The [VCD]: hardsub
[1968] Black Butterfly, The [VCD]: hardsub
[1971] Lady With A Sword: subtitle file needs to be renamed, just rename it so it is the same as the video.

09/01/2014 04.09 pm

Sad news for glory days movie »
06/01/2014 04.42 pm

Love Shaw Brothers Will SEED Always....
05/01/2014 02.35 am

I bought an external HD just for this torrent...will be seeding for eternity..but I noticed the speed is like...superslow...might take a year just to get it.
04/12/2013 07.42 am

anyone know why u cant add this torrent to seedbox?
02/12/2013 09.17 am

Finally cleared enough space to download this amazing set!
Will be seeding indefinitely.
Thanks again for the compilation tongue.gif
27/11/2013 05.37 pm

Thanks to the up-loader and seeders alike. Super share smile1.gif
23/10/2013 04.26 am

We have been watching a new Shaw Brother film everyday since I downloaded your torrent it's been great
19/10/2013 04.50 pm

great to have so many shaw brothers films available its the best
21/09/2013 11.46 am

grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif very happy thank you but the swordsman and enchantress was in another language
25/08/2013 04.18 am

thanks for that greatest upload of all times. this is Nirvana!
24/08/2013 02.36 pm

thanks for the collection
31/07/2013 12.24 am

omg - this pure awesomsauce grin.gif
27/07/2013 09.06 pm

Hmmm... Beach or Shaw Brothers Marathon?
19/06/2013 08.06 am

PLEASE Seed another MEGA SHawBr0ther movie .... mega HORROR mega DYNASTY movie etc Thanks wink.gifsmile1.gif
ohmy.gifI very Thanks to all of you, make me can see this GOLDEN wuXia Movie, Salutehooray.gif to Who seeding 100%angel.gif

04/05/2013 03.45 am

"The Creative ZiiEagle media hard drive has 668 Shaw Brothers movies on it."

Yes, but not 668 martial arts movies. There's comedies, thrillers, musicals, horror movies etc.. Shaw Bros was more than just a martial arts studio.
21/02/2013 12.11 am

Cool torrent!!  8)

"This is a huge torrent with almost all the Shaw Brothers martial arts movies."

Sorry but not even close! The Creative ZiiEagle media hard drive has 668 Shaw Brothers movies on it. Not complaining about this torrent, just making the point.
07/02/2013 07.58 pm

amazing torrent!

I'm going off of this list:

Anyone have a few gems that didn't make that Top 10?
02/02/2013 11.43 am

Best torrent ever if you're a huge kung fu fan as I am! I've been seeding this for 5 months.
01/02/2013 08.11 pm

A monthser uplaod hoping I can download all of it will bookmark first as I have only 170gb left on my harddrive.
10/01/2013 11.05 pm

Awesome!  Thanks uploader and seeders for keeping this alive!!!
27/12/2012 10.58 am

Comparing my list of Shaw Brothers movies, I see this collection is missing Roving Swordsman with Ti Lung and Ku Feng. Maybe I should put it up.
04/12/2012 11.49 am

Time and effort to compile this pack....a humble THANK YOU!!!
Note: some films will require renaming the .srt files for subtitles to work
25/11/2012 09.12 am

Truly outstanding - thank you SO much for putting this up! smile1.gifthumbsup.gif
24/11/2012 10.43 am

this is awesome...thanks!!
13/11/2012 12.37 am

hmm was gunna add this to my server since I already have it but it wont load for some reason
oh well
11/11/2012 09.30 pm

For some reason I keep on getting the error "Failed to add torrent". Anybody know why?
28/10/2012 03.03 am

Seed Please!sad.gif
18/10/2012 11.13 pm

Many thanks for your efforts in compiling and uploading this excellent collection.
14/10/2012 07.34 pm

Thank's for such an amazing collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beer1.gif
06/10/2012 10.22 pm

quality is good .Not BD rip but a decent DVD Rip .Sound and subtitles are pretty good.I already uploaded ~600gb only of this huge torrent.I thought I'll see Romantic Swordsman trilogy too but it isn't . I'll seed 3-4 months more .
03/10/2012 05.47 pm

OMG, everyone please keep this alive for the next few years lol, I have to clear alot of torrents that haven't finished seeding to make room for this behemoth grin.gif thanks in advance! and for the record, 258 shaw brothers movies is just a drop in their actual back catalogue, during their "decade of dominance" they actually produced over 40 films a year. But this is still the most incredible collection I've seen. Someone comment on the quality too lol
30/09/2012 10.54 am

Thank you for such an amazing collection and sharing it!
17/09/2012 12.38 am

Narse wun me harty  Uploader like you make uploader like me                                                       16 hours later an excellent 204GB download                thank you sah    
01/09/2012 11.42 pm

thank you after 6 days and 19 hours ... i finally got the it..
10/08/2012 02.18 am

Yep, this is officially the greatest torrent I've ever seen. Thank you very much!
27/07/2012 04.19 am

What an amazing pack, WOW!!!!
Thank you very much :beer2:
20/07/2012 04.25 pm

amazing!!!!! thank you!
04/07/2012 07.10 am

Simply Amazing! Thank you very much.smile1.gif
30/06/2012 04.57 am

20/06/2012 06.01 pm

Please, can someone seed this torrent? I'm trying to get it since last night and it doesn't load the info in Bittorrent. Any clues?
17/06/2012 11.40 pm

wonderful torrent with wonderful seeders thanks to all of you good folks
17/06/2012 09.27 am

i simply can't thank you enough for this smile2.gif
09/06/2012 07.11 pm

I was looking for all Shaw Brothers movies!

Thx a lot!
29/05/2012 01.57 am

excellent sharing thank you very much please seed how much you can ı wıll seed..
11/05/2012 08.50 am

Big thx bro! i've been looking for all SB Movies! thx thx alot smile1.gif
10/05/2012 05.45 pm

Great collection that I was meaning to get over at CG but never got round to it. Thanks for the excellent speeds, seeders! smile1.gif
08/05/2012 07.54 am

Mother of Martial Arts Collection. Thanks! Can't download it though, need a new HD! cry.gif
02/05/2012 11.11 am

whoa thats half my HD .. loL ..  laugh.gif
02/05/2012 10.34 am

It is Great Collection for me,Thanks.
01/05/2012 12.09 pm

Anyone else having trouble downloading the .torrent file?  I keep getting timeout errors while attempting to dl the file.
26/04/2012 01.25 pm

OK have to wait until i clear some space up first on my hard drive!!
but thank you!
26/04/2012 10.50 am

I've got this pack.

[1971] Lady With A Sword has the right sub, just wrong name.
[1972] The Boxer is missing subs. Which is weird since they're out on kloofys. Get em here:
[1972] The Killer is probably a really good vhsrip, english dubbed.
[1974] Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires have mostly english actors, so the dialogue is english.

The VCDs are of vcd (crap) quality but hardsubbed.
26/04/2012 09.46 am

I am not the uploader, but I already finnish download this torrent smile1.gif
since it's still on my seedbox, the only thing I can check it up by make a thumbnail, and check the folder if there is srt or not
so here the thumbnail


from what I see the VCD that you mention it does hardsub
for [1971] Lady With A Sword it had srt, but diffrent name, I think it had no problems with it, might be little unsyc
but for the other that you mention, may be my thumbnail not many enough so the sub didn't appear on those thumbnail (if it hardsub), or it didn't had sub on it.
I hope this information will help you
26/04/2012 08.40 am

anyone else having problems connecting to tracker? "not working" "bad request"
26/04/2012 08.27 am

Next ? These in HD, now that would be a 'Pack' !!!! grin.gif
26/04/2012 07.42 am

Ok, in response to theonlyh, I just looked through the file list to see what the subtitle situation is. In general, it's looking good. Here's a few that are unclear/missing subs (keep in mind this was just a quick look through, could have missed/made a mistake):


[1974] Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The/The story of The 7 Golden Vampires narrated by Peter Cushing.Filipo.mp3
[1974] Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires, The/The.Legend.of.the.7.Golden.Vampires.1974.UNCUT.DVDRip.AC3.XviD-TMRC.avi
[1972] Killer, The/The Killer AKA Sacred Knives of Vengeance-CG.avi
[1972] Boxer from Shantung/[SB]The.Boxer.from.Shantung.1972.DVDRip.H264-cd1.avi
[1972] Boxer from Shantung/[SB]The.Boxer.from.Shantung.1972.DVDRip.H264-cd2.avi

[1969] Twin Blades Of Doom [VCD]/Twin.Blades.Of.Doom.1969.VCD.mpg
[1969] Swordmates, The [VCD]/The.Swordmates.1969.VCD.mpeg
[1968] Black Butterfly, The/The.Black.Butterfly.1968.VCD-CG.mpg

[1971] Lady With A Sword/Lady.With.A.Sword.1971.DVDRip.XviD-iLS.avi
[1971] Lady With A Sword/
~ Here, it's not clear if the intention is that the SBU subs use the same timing as the .avi . Probably they do, but can't say for sure.
26/04/2012 07.26 am

Wow. Wow wow wow. This is going to take some time to digest. And download. Zoiks.
26/04/2012 07.11 am

wish i knew who the uploader was so i could gift them some upload credit.
uploader, whoever you are: Most. Epic. Torrent. Ever.

26/04/2012 04.52 am

Wish I had found this four or five months ago.  I've been slowly piece by piece accumulating almost all of these on my own.  You have seven that I didn't so you're still awesome!  Thanks so much.  Amazing stuff.tongue.gif
25/04/2012 09.34 pm

Premier League of SEEDERS !!!!!!!!!!!
25/04/2012 07.17 pm

Hey guys when this was uploaded I thought I was going to get all of the **VENOM CLAN GUYS**and their films they did with this torrent. Which 99.9% I did.....but there was one that wasnt made by shaw bros which is on this site called: Ruthless Tactics aka Ninja in the deadly trap.....This was their last film shot in 1983 together. Now im curious if maybe the uploader may have this film or if someone can seed this film in quality form. I have the film from off the net but its dubbed **ugh**...I would upload it...but I hate dubbed films....anyways enough babblin....thanks again for the upload.cool1.gif
25/04/2012 06.52 pm

Amazing torrent. Thank you so much smile1.gif . Will download the whole thing and seed for a very long time.
25/04/2012 05.52 pm

Thank you for your hard work grin.gif
25/04/2012 05.52 pm

ohmygod! i love you man.. this is almost 1 of the most epic thing i have ever seen on the internet... and i MEAN IT. Thank you so much! And i hope that everyone!! WILL SEED THIS FOR A VVERY LONG TIME AS YOU CAN!!! show your appreciation pls! and seed!! so that others can enjoy this glorious and EPIC thing aswell!!
25/04/2012 04.58 pm

Buddha bless you, this is one motherlode of upgrades for me, thanks alot
25/04/2012 04.57 pm

Buddha bless you, this is one motherlode of upgrades for me, thanks alot
25/04/2012 11.39 am

Epic Pack is Epic !!!  
25/04/2012 10.38 am

thanks so much
at the moment im downloading 33gig but now i want to download more,how i can i add to a part using utorrent
25/04/2012 09.08 am

holy moley!  thumbsup.gif
25/04/2012 09.02 am

Fantastic, now I can get some dubs replaced, some movies I want but couldn't find and replace some RMVB encoded crap.

Again I can't thank you enough.
25/04/2012 08.34 am

Awesome I have been looking for a few of these movies.Glad I logged on today to see this....cool1.gif
25/04/2012 06.25 am

好! 太好! 都谢! 都谢!
25/04/2012 05.44 am

I really need to buy a bigger hard drive
25/04/2012 03.56 am

A huge, truely a huge thanks.grin.gif
25/04/2012 03.07 am

Add all movies language and mention if they have Subtitle or not!!
24/04/2012 11.34 pm

AWSOME!!!thanks a thousand times really!i'm fan of the Shaw Brothers stuffs and as i saw most of yours are in top quality!!wow i didn't expect such a release...ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif!!!
24/04/2012 11.34 pm

AWSOME!!!thanks a thousand times really!i'm fan of the Shaw Brothers stuffs and as i saw most of yours are in top quality!!wow i didn't expect such a release...ohmy.gifohmy.gifohmy.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif!!!