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Name Chess of Death (eps 13.16) English hardsub
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An unfinished game of Chess of Death from five hundred years ago was said to hold the clue to a buried treasure and Lin Shuang Sword was the key to the game. Anyone who could finish this game would obtain enough wealth to take over the world. Five hundred years later, Ren Qian Xin was ordered to find Lin Shuang Sword. Ren was madly in love with Liu Yi Yi. But the woman’s heart was on his honorary brother, Yan Cang Feng. The despaired Ren challenged Yan to the Chess of Death.

AKA: Mo Jian Chuan Qi
Directed by: Li Chuan Feng, Jing Gang
Country: China
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: English (hard)
Year: 2007
Genre: Fantasy, Wuxia
Episodes: 13-16

Tony Sun as Ren Qian Xin ???
Shao Bing as Yan Cang Feng ???
Liu Tao as Liu Yi Yi ???
Ting Ting as Bai Yu Er ???
Tian Jia Da as Xiao Yao Lang ???
Zhang Yue (??) as Wu Xin ??
Ray Lui as Guan Yu Tian ???
Zhou Zi Yin (???) as Lian Chi Xue ???
Dai Jiao Qian as Jian Xiong ??
Du Zhi Guo as Jian Zun ??
Tang Guo Qiang as Jian Zu
Wu Jing (??) as Hua Yu Nu ???
Wu Lei (??) as Guan Yun Bao ???
Lin Jiang Guo as Sima Tian ???
Liu Wei as Ying Shun Tian

Type: Movie
Size: 500 MB
File Format: MP4
Video Codec: MPEG-4
Vide stream: avc
Video bitrate: 1368 kbps
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Resolution: 640X480
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Run time: 47 min

Audio codec: AAC
Audio bitrate: 121 kbps
Sampling rate: 48 000 Hz

Data from Jiang Hu.

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Category Chinese TV
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24/12/2013 09.49 am

waiting for more episodes. its a disappointing that despite wanting to see badly we can do nothing... its kinda xuan yuan sword series type fantasy wuxia story..
waiting waiting and waiting...
06/11/2013 12.23 am

just saw this, glad to see there is more work being done on it smile1.gif

thanks for the upload!
08/08/2013 01.15 pm

awesome upload thnx
07/07/2013 10.09 pm

It would be greatly appreciated if someone can up the full version even without the English sub. TIA
04/07/2013 08.17 pm

Wellcome back !smile2.gif
04/07/2013 02.26 am

I have no raw data of the serie. Anyone interested I recommend the site below
where I got information about the episodes with english subtitles and downloaded from
03/07/2013 08.15 am

This is actually a 50 episode series I watched back in 2007-08.  Quite long, alot of sub-plots/story-lines.  Perhaps you can make the complete un-subbed portions available for for others to watch.