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Name TVB Miss Hong Kong 2013 Around The World Complete HDTV 720p x264-CHDTV
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Chinese Title : 香港小姐竞选 漫游世界
English Title : Miss Hong Kong Around The World
Broadcast Date : 2013 Aug 19th HD Jade 10:35pm
Broadcast Company : TVB
Language : Cantonese
Subtitles: Chinese traditional/simplified. (NO ENGLISH SUBS)

Synopsis: (copied from jaynestars)
The contestants of the 2013 Miss Hong Kong Pageant have returned to Hong Kong, after flying to worldwide scenic locations for their outdoor photography shoots last month.

Traveling to Paris, Seoul, Moscow, Beijing, Athens, Taipei, Bangkok and Chaozhou, the 20 beauties also filmed individual video clips, which they hope will draw viewer votes to help secure the crown. Last year’s competition set a precedent in adopting a reality-TV based approach, allowing Hong Kong residents to vote for the winners, which the 2013 Miss Hong Kong pageant will continue to follow.

The contestants are currently undergoing extensive training for competition night, which will take place on Sunday, August 25, 2013. Meanwhile, TVB released new photo stills and profile information of the contestants this week.

Contestants’ Profiles

#1 Kendy Cheng (張敬仁) (picture in above left photo)
Age: 26 years old.  Height: 5’3″  Weight: 100.6 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys yoga, singing, and movies. Aspires to become a successful entrepreneur and establish a charity foundation to help the needy.

#2 Whitney Law (羅紫君) (picture in above right photo)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’3″  Weight: 100.8 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys cooking, yoga, swimming, and singing. Hopes to become a successful person.

#3 Tessie Yu (余思慧)
Age: 23 years old.  Height: 5’7.5″  Weight: 120.2 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys swimming and meeting new friends. Hopes to become a successful Public Relations personnel.

#4 Iris Lee (李曉東)
Age: 23 years old.  Height: 5’4.75″  Weight: 106.6 lbs
Masters degree graduate. Enjoys yoga, music, swimming, and traveling. Hopes to become a successful person.

#5 Ashley Chu (朱智賢)
Age: 27 years old.  Height: 5’7.75″  Weight: 108.2 lbs
Works in financial industry public relations. University graduate. Enjoys volleyball, dancing, playing the piano, and singing. Hopes to live a colorful and meaningful life every day.

#6 Moon Lau (劉佩玥)
Age: 23 years old.  Height: 5’8.5″  Weight: 117  lbs
Works as a Project Officer. University graduate. Enjoys singing, dancing, reading and writing. Hopes to become a successful artist.

#7 Acca Sum (沈桂澄)
Age: 19 years old.  Height: 5’3″  Weight: 87 lbs
University student. Enjoys dancing, traveling, writing, and reading. Hopes to promote women’s health and education and advocate for women’s rights.

#8 Susan Tse (謝海珊)
Age: 27 years old.  Height: 5’4.75″  Weight: 105.6 lbs
Works as a dietitian. University graduate. Enjoys volleyball, volunteering, hiking, and photography. Aspires to promote healthy eating lifestyles.

#9 Viriginia Lau (劉溫馨)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’7″  Weight: 114 lbs
University student. Enjoys yoga, swimming, horseback riding, and exercise. Aspires to be an outstanding artist.

#10 Michelle Liem (林伊麗) from Oregon, United States
Age: 24 years old.  Height: 5’7″  Weight: 117.8 lbs
University student. Enjoys swimming, singing, reading, and exercise. Hopes to be involved in animal charitable organizations and help the needy.

#11 Summer Ng (吳瑋雯)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’6″  Weight: 126.8 lbs
Associate degree candidate. Enjoys yoga, dancing, singing, and reading. Hopes to help people who have obstacles in life.

#12 Karen Leung (梁家欣) from Scotland
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’6.5″  Weight: 109 lbs
University student. Enjoys badminton, volleyball, and drawing. Aspires to become a medical personnel and travel the world.

#13 Tammy Ou Yang (歐陽巧瑩)
Age: 20 years old.  Height: 5’4.5″  Weight: 98.4 lbs
Works as a sales director. Associate degree graduate. Enjoys dancing, skiing, and traveling. Hopes to become a successful artist and entrepreneur.

#14 Sara Lam (林思韻)
Age: 26 years old.  Height: 5’7.5″  Weight: 114.6 lbs
Works as a veterinarian. University graduate. Enjoys playing the piano, basketball, cooking, and singing. Hopes to become a successful, independent and well-respected woman, and promote animal welfare.

#15 Sisley Choi (蔡思貝)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’4.5″  Weight: 98.4 lbs
University student. Enjoys cooking, yoga, swimming, and singing. Hopes to life a fulfilling and upright life.

#16 Peggy Tsui (徐韶蓓)
Age: 26 years old.  Height: 5’4.75″  Weight: 110.4 lbs
Works as a model. Form 5 graduate. Enjoys singing, dancing, yoga, and cooking. Hopes to become an outstanding artist and singer.

#17 Grace Chan (陳凱琳)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’4″  Weight: 87.2 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys singing, cooking, reading and playing the piano. Hopes to become a television variety host and successful artist.

#18 Cherry Cheung (張雪瑩)
Age: 21 years old.  Height: 5’4.5″  Weight: 108 lbs
University student. Enjoys dancing, photography, drama, and traveling.  Hopes to own a coffee shop and become a successful artist.

#19 Natalie Siu (蕭穎詩) from Los Angeles, United States
Age: 24 years old.  Height: 5’4″  Weight: 117 lbs
University graduate. Enjoys badminton, cooking and skiing. Hopes to become a doctor and save lives.

#20 Vicky Chan (陳偉琪)
Age: 22 years old.  Height: 5’4″  Weight: 108.8 lbs
University student. Enjoys playing the harp and piano, tennis and yoga. Aspires to become an outstanding actress, and to use performance arts to influence others.

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