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Name [Girls' Generation] music videos, huge collection
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Description Girls' Generation is a South Korean nine-member girl group formed by SM Entertainment in 2007. Its members include (in order of official announcement) Yoona, Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon (the leader), Jessica, and Sunny. International Girls' Generation fans usually refer to the group as SNSD, the acronym of the group's Korean name So Nyeo Shi Dae.

They debuted in Japan in August 2010 under the name Shoujo Jidai



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05/12/2014 03.54 am

come one last 2 % grin.gif and big thanks for @steven8mre for sending wink.gif ! tongue.gif
13/01/2014 07.41 am

I am so grateful , thank you very much ... ☺ ♥ ☻ ♥ ☺ ♥

I will seed when I am done
04/08/2013 05.29 pm

thank you! smile1.gif
06/05/2013 08.18 am

186GB...I'm afraid to download it...
25/02/2013 12.42 am

OMG  O.o
14/09/2012 10.03 pm

@ensain there is a "show/hide files" option after the screen shots.
14/07/2012 05.31 am

thank you very much and please seed for long
09/07/2012 04.13 pm

For those asking for torrent listings, hopefully this will be of some help.

Directory of J:Girls Generation

(PV) Girls Generation - Kissing You.avi
(TV) 2010 FNS??? [2010.12.04](704x396 XviD).avi
01 - ? (Hoot).mp3
01 Chocolate Love (Retro Pop Ver.).flac
01 Chocolate Love (Retro Pop Ver.).mp3
070805 Girl's Generation - Into The New World (SBS).tp
070812 Girl's Generation - Into The New World (KBS).tp Group Special.SNSD.KARA.1080i.HDTV.MPEG2.ts
090405 SNSD - Himnae Seo Hyun version 720p.wmv
091121.TBC.Sone Holic.SNSD.Chocolate.Love.ts
100131 Ingigayo SNSD Show! Show! Show! + Oh!.ts
100414 TalkShow_Rock Girl's
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Hyoyeon Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Jessica Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Seohyun Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Sooyoung Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Sunny Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Tiffany Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Yuri Ver).tp
100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(???).tp
[100904.SNSD.SMTown 2010 in LA (FANCAM)]
101022 MUSIC STATION.SNSD.Interview & Gee.ts
101030 Girls' Generation - Hoot + My Best Friend (MBC Music Core)
101231.MBC.Gayo.Daejaejun.SNSD.Run.Devil.Run+hoot+Oh!+Yoona(My Name).HDTV.1080i-??
[12th Korea-China Song Festival.101212.HDTV.X264.720p-Baros]
2007.08.05 - Inkigayo -  Into The New World.avi.!ut
2007.10.11 - MKMF - Girls on Top + My
2009.12.23 - Music Travel LaLaLa - Gee (Jazz & Rock Version).tp
[2010 FNS Kayousai]
[2010 FNS Kayousai (H264 1280x720)]
[2010 Japan Record Awards]
[2010 Melon Music Awards]
[2010 MelOn Music Awards.101215.HDTV.720p-Spider]
AKB48 & Shoujo Jidai Medley (2010 FNS Kayousai - 4 Dec 10).ts
[Baby Baby]
[Baby Baby (Repackage)]
Beautiful Girls (Feat. ???)-????-PC-FullHD.mp4
Chocolate E95 100410 SNSD Cut 720p HDTV x264-RaiN.mkv
[Chocolate Love]
chocolate love_Girls' Generation_MV by KTC.avi
Christmas Present Of Girls Generation SDTV x264-Kornpops.mkv
Dear Mom, Himnae, Gee - SNSD Comeback! KBS Music Bank 300109.avi.!ut
[DJ KAORI - (2010.12.15) DJ KAORI's JMIX IV]
[Gee (Japanese Ver.)]
Gee(Japanese ver.)_Girls'_Generation_Full HD_PC.avi
[Girl's Generation Torai - Rainichi Kinenban - New Beginning of Girls' Generation]
[Girl's Generation Torai - Rainichi Kinenban - New Beginning of Girls' Generation - DVD-Rip - 2010]
Girls Generation - 2010 Melon Music Awards
[Girls Generation - Gee (Remix)]
Girls Generation - Hoot (12th Korea and China Song Festival).101212.HDTV.720P.x264.AC3.60f-Jany.mkv
Girls Generation - Hoot (TEASER).avi
Girls Generation - If You Seek Amy+Hoot+Talk+Mistake+Oh!+Gee (SBS Chocolate 2010.11.22).ts
Girls Generation - Into The New World (SBS Special Idol Big Show 10.03.09).tp
Girls Generation - Kim Jung Eun Chocolate.101121.HDTV.720p.x264.mkv
[Girls Generation [2007] Into The New World [V0] mp3]
[Girls go to School]
Girls' Genenration - Hoot (Music Bank 2010.11.05).tp
Girls' Generation  - Hoot  ( KBS 12th Korea-China Music Festival  2010.12.12 ).ts
[Girls' Generation - Baby Baby]
Girls' Generation - Baby Baby (SBS Inkigayo 2008.03.30).ts
Girls' Generation - Chocolate Love (Instrumental).mp3
Girls' Generation - Chocolate Love (YSTAR 2009 Melon Music Awards 2009.12.16).ts
Girls' Generation - Dear Mom (SBS Inkigayo 2009.03.01).avi.!ut
Girls' Generation - Dear Mom (SBS Inkigayo 2009.03.01).ts
Girls' Generation - Dear Mom + Way To Go + Gee (Music Bank 2009.01.30).ts
Girls' Generation - Etude +  Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)  (Live K-POP Countdown 2009.06.28) 1080i HDTV MPEG2.mpg
Girls' Generation - Gee & Him Nae (KBS2 PJH Show! 2009-03-08).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee & Him Nae (MBC Music Core 2009-01-10).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee (Dance Ver.).mp4
[Girls' Generation - Gee (Japanese Ver. + Dance).DVD.x264-UAC]
[Girls' Generation - Gee (Japanese Ver.)]
Girls' Generation - Gee (Japanese Ver.) [M-ON! Xvid 640x480].avi
Girls' Generation - Gee (Japanese Ver.).mpg
Girls' Generation - Gee (KBS1 Open Concert 2009-03-08).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee (KBS1 Open Concert 2009-08-02).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee (MBC Music Core 2009-01-17).avi
Girls' Generation - Gee (MBC Music Travel LaLaLa 2009.12.24) .ts
Girls' Generation - Gee (The 52nd Japan Record Award - 2010.12.30).ts
[Girls' Generation - Gee (v0)]
Girls' Generation - Gee + Genie + MC (MBC Incheon Korean Music Wave 09 2009.09.12).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee + Jingle Bell Rock with SHINee & f(x) (KBS2 Music Bank 2009.12.25).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee + MC (SBS Inkygayo 2009-02-08).tp
Girls' Generation - Gee + Oh! (KBS1 Vancouver Olympic Special 2010.03.07).ts
Girls' Generation - Gee.720p.HDTV.x264-UAC.mkv
Girls' Generation - GENIE (Dance Ver.).avi
Girls' Generation - GENIE (Don 2010.09.11).mp4
Girls' Generation - GENIE (Japanese Ver.) [M-ON! Xvid 640x480].avi
Girls' Generation - GENIE (Japanese Ver.).mpg
Girls' Generation - GENIE (Music Station - 2010.11.26).ts
Girls' Generation - Genie + Gee (HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ - 2010.12.06).ts
Girls' Generation - Genie + Gee (Music Station - 2010.12.24).ts
Girls' Generation - Genie + Gee + Talk (HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ - 2010.12.06).ts
Girls' Generation - Genie + Gee + Talk (Music Station - 2010.12.24).ts
Girls' Generation - GENIE + Interview (Don! 2010.09.10).mp4
Girls' Generation - GENIE + Interview (Tokudane! 2010.09.10).mp4
Girls' Generation - GENIE + Talk (Music Station - 2010.11.26).ts
GIRLS' GENERATION - GENIE -Dance ver.-.vob
Girls' Generation - GENIE+Interview (Don 2010.09.11) 720p.mkv
Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (MV).avi
Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation (YSTAR 2009 Melon Music Awards 2009.12.16).ts
[Girls' Generation - Haptic_Motion]
Girls' Generation - Him Nae & Gee (Sky the Net 2009-03-27).avi
Girls' Generation - Himnae (Way to Go).wmv
[Girls' Generation - Hoot]
[Girls' Generation - Hoot (2010) - V0 mp3]
Girls' Generation - Hoot (MBC Music Core 2010.12.04).ts
Girls' Generation - Hoot (Music Core 2010.11.06).tp
[Girls' Generation - Hoot + Backstage (KBS Music Bank 2010.10.29)]
Girls' Generation - Hoot + Today's winner (SBS Inkigayo 2010.11.07).ts
Girls' Generation - Hoot.DVD.x264-UAC.mkv
Girls' Generation - Interview (Korean On TV 2010.09.29).ts
[Girls' Generation - Into The New World]
Girls' Generation - Japan Introduction (Mezamashi TV 2010.08.31).mp4
Girls' Generation - Japan Showcase Live News (Don! 2010.08.26).mp4
Girls' Generation - Japan Showcase Live News (Tokudane! 2010.08.26).mp4
[Girls' Generation - Oh!]
[Girls' Generation - Oh! [FLAC]]
[Girls' Generation 1st Live Album]
Girls' Generation Hello Baby E18.091020-GUNNY.avi
Girls' Generation Hello Baby E20.091103-GUNNY.avi
Girls' Generation Hello Baby.E17.091013.QAM.XviD.AC3-HiFRiEND.avi
Hahaha - Girls' Generation.m4a
[In to the new world]
Mezamashi TV 2010.12.23 - SNSD (with interview).avi
Shojo Jidai - Mezamashi TV Special Live (23 Dec 10).ts
Shoujo Jidai - Gee (Music Station - 2010.10.22).ts
Shoujo Jidai - Gee + Talk 2 (HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ - 2010.10.25).ts
[SNDS - Baby Baby]
SNSD -  Him Nae, & Gee (SBS Inkigayo - 09.01.11).avi
SNSD - Adagio Cantabile + Jazz Gee + Rock Gee + Genie (SBS Kim Jung Eun Chocolate 2009.08.16).ts
SNSD - Award (KBS Music Bank 2010.06.25).tp
SNSD - Award + Encore (KBS Music Bank 2009.02.06).ts
SNSD - Baby Baby + Girls' Generation [KBS Music Bank 2008.07.04].ts
SNSD - Backstage (KBS Music Bank 2009.02.06).ts
SNSD - Backstage (KBS Music Bank 2010.06.25).tp
SNSD - Baseball Playoff Games Opening Pitch (KBS 2010.03.28).ts
SNSD - Beautiful World + Gee + Him Nae! (Way To Go!) [090329].avi
SNSD - Chocolate Love + Gee (QTV 2009 Golden Disk Awards - 10-12-2009).ts
SNSD - Cold Noodle (Jessica & Park Myung Soo) MBC EntertainmentAwards 2009.12.29.ts
SNSD - Come On Over Baby [KBS Peppermint 2009.02.14].mpg
SNSD - Etude (MBC Music Core - 15-08-2009).ts
SNSD - Forever [KBS Show Rock 2010.04.14].ts
SNSD - Gee & Oh! [Y-Star HD 19th Seoul Music Award 100203].ts
SNSD - Gee & Oh! [YTN Star 19th Seoul Music Award 100203].mkv
SNSD - Gee (2009 KBS Song Festival 2009.12.30).ts
SNSD - Gee (Dance Version 1).avi
SNSD - Gee (Dance Version 2).avi
SNSD - Gee (feat. Boys' Generation) (KBS Music Bank - 26-06-2009).ts
SNSD - Gee (Japanese ver.) [VMC.720p].mkv
SNSD - Gee (MBC Music Core - 10-01-2009).ts
SNSD - Gee (MV) [1080i].ts
SNSD - Gee (MV) [720p].avi
SNSD - Gee (Remix Ver.) (SBS Inkigayo - 15-02-2009).ts
SNSD - Gee + Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) [090912].avi
SNSD - Gee + Tell Me Your Wish + Sorry Sorry (SBS Music Festival 2009.12.29).ts
SNSD - Genie + Gee (FNS Music Festival 2010.12.04).ts
SNSD - Genie(Dance Version).vob
SNSD - Girls Generation + Gee + Talk + Dear Mom [Concert 7080 2009.03.01].ts
SNSD - Girls' Generation (Concert 7080 2009.03.01).avi
SNSD - Girls' Generation (KBS All Star Game 2008.03.01).ts
SNSD - Girls' Generation (KBS Music Bank - 07-12-2007).ts
SNSD - Girls' Generation (KBS Music Bank - 21-12-2007).ts
SNSD - Girls' Generation (KBS Open Concert - 02-12-2007).ts
SNSD - Girls' Generation (Music Bank 2007.12.07).mkv
SNSD - Girls' Generation (Music Star 2007.12.29).avi
SNSD - Girls' Generation (Open Concert 2007.12.02).mkv
SNSD - Girls' Generation (SBS Inkigayo - 18-11-2007).ts
SNSD - Girls' Generation (Show! Music Tank 2007.11.13).avi
SNSD - Girls' Generation 2007.11.04 Love Share Concert.avi
SNSD - Girls' Generation [KBS Gayo Daejun 2007.12.30].ts
[SNSD - Ha Ha Ha Song (Ha Ha Ha Campaign 2009) (Digital Single)]
SNSD - Honey (KBS Love Request - 22-12-2007).ts
SNSD - Hoot (KBS G20 Road for Hope Special Concert - 06-11-2010).ts
SNSD - Hoot.GOMTV.720p.avi
SNSD - Into The New World & Beginning (M-Net Countdown - 2007-08-16).avi
SNSD - Into The New World + Girls On Top + My Name + Award + Encore (M! Countdown 100th EP 2007.10.11).ts
SNSD - Into The New World + The Boogie That Be + Breakaway + Gee (SBS Idol Big Show - 03-10-2009).ts
SNSD - Into The New World PV.avi
SNSD - Into The New World [2007.08.11].mp4
SNSD - Into The New World [2007.08.11].ts
SNSD - KBS Happy Talk Show (2010.05.05).tp
[SNSD - SMTown 2010 in Shanghai]
SNSD - [2008 Mar 13] SBS program.ts
SNSD, Joohyunmi - 20100212 - Crush, Dancing Queen on MB.avi
[So Nyeo Shi Dae Vol.1 - Girls' Generation]
[So Nyuh Shi Dae - Genie [FLAC]]
[091108] Cheer Up (Way To Go!) [MBC ChungNam Sport Festival].ts
[091108] Gee [MBC ChungNam Sport Festival].ts
[100321] Genie, Show! Show! Show!, Oh!, Interview & Gee (Daejeon MBC Passion Concert 2010).mkv
[2008] Deullinayo (Can You Hear Me) (Taeyeon).avi
[[2010] Genie [FLAC]]
[[2010] Genie [v0]]
[HD-720p] SNSD (at) Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate - 2010.04.10.mp4.!ut
[HD-720p] SNSD - Into The New World [MV].mkv
[HDTV-TS] Girls' Generation (SNSD) - Cold Noodle (Jessica &  Park Myung Soo) [09.07.25 MBC-HD 1080i Music Core].ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2007.08.05 - Inkigayo - Into The New World.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2009.01.17 - MBC Music Core - Gee.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.10.24 - Music Japan - Gee + Talk.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.12 - KBS2 Music Bank - Hoot + Backstage Interview + No.1.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.13 - MBC Music Core -
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.14 - SBS Love Sharing Concert - Hoot.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.18 - MBC 8th Korea Film Awards - Hoot + Genie.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.19 - KBS2 Music Bank - Hoot + Backstage Interview + No.1 award.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.20 - MBC Music Core -
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.21 - SBS Inkigayo - Hoot + No.1 Mutizen Award.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.11.28 - SBS Inkigayo - Hoot + No.1 Mutizen Award.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.12.12 - Y-Star Live Power Music - Hoot.ts
[HDTV] Girls' Generation - 2010.12.15 - 2010 Melon Music Awards - Intro + Hoot + Oh!.ts
[HDTV] ???? - Dancing Queen???? ??? (Genie) (?????ú2009?07?19?).ts
[HDTV] ???? - Etude???? ??? (Genie) (???!????ú2009?06?27?).ts
[HD] SNSD - Gee (Pajama Version) (091229 SBS Gayo Daejun) [yesaznmedia].tp
[JiroZhang] Girls' Generation - Genie (Japanese Ver.) [MV GomTV Full HD].avi
[MV] GIRL'S GENERATION - Himnae (Way To Go).mp4
[MV] Girls Generation - Chocolate Love (tvN 1080p).avi
[MV] Girls Generation - Chocolate Love (Ver.2).avi
[MV] ???? - Hoot.mp4
[MV] ???? - ?? ?? ??.ts
[PV] Girl's Generation - GENIE (Japanese Ver.).448p.x264-AQUIBIRD.mkv
[PV] SNSD - Genie (Japanese Ver.).mp4
[SoShi Subs] SNSD - Genie PV.mkv
[SoshiSindo] SNSD - Baby Baby.avi
[SoshiSindo] SNSD - Gee (Inkigayo 2009-02-01).mp4
[SoshiSindo] SNSD - Gee.mp4
[???????? - ????????]
[???????? - ???????? ???????]
?[09.01.07] MTV ? GEE ????? - ????.ts
???? - Gee (Japanese Ver.) (Dance Ver.).vob
???? - Gee (Japanese Ver.).vob
[???? - HOOT]
???? 100910 ????? ????! Genie.ts
???? 100910 ????? Don!Genie.ts
[???? (SNSD) - Baby Baby]
[???? (SNSD) - Gee (The First Mini Album)]
[???? (SNSD) - Genie (2nd Mini Album)]
[???? (SNSD) - Into The New World]
[???? -  1st album [2007_FLAC]]
[???? - Gee [FLAC]]
???? - Hey, Mickey (2007.12.30 - KBS2 Song Festival).ts
[????(Girls' Generation) Live - Into The New World (The 1st Asia Tour Concert) [2010.12.30]]
[????-Baby Baby]
            211 File(s) 122,871,540,355 bytes
             54 Dir(s)  100,214,169,600 bytes free
06/05/2012 08.09 am

Hi, can you list the content inside? Like Hello Baby, Intimate Note and so on =) would be great if you list it..grin.gif
30/04/2012 08.03 pm

feeling really evil ^^
04/04/2012 12.01 am

@ user8 - I know...! I have been searching for them everywhere. Its like the unicorn or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Anyways, if you find it , Pls share.
27/12/2011 01.21 pm

Thanks a lot for the massive torrent (it took over 2 weeks to download!).

BTW-does anyone have a HD MV of Gee (White Dance Version) or Genie (Japanese Dance Version)? These are my favorite MVs, but I can't seem find true HD versions of them.
10/12/2011 03.50 pm

Sweet Jesus...
16/09/2011 08.29 pm

hello baby with snsd is on youtube. . .  it has an english subs. . . . baby.gif
29/08/2011 07.47 am

thanks for the great torrent man..

i'm downloading right now. some of the video is completed. but i just realize that most of it is not subbed..
do you have the ensglish subbed version ?
08/08/2011 12.38 pm

By The way!! I need to say thanks to the uploader of this video... then !! GO SONE!! Let's Suppoert our 9 Epic Princessgrin.gif i dont have enough space in that video..but i love to download...all the clips of snsd...cry.gif
22/07/2011 05.47 pm

hi , thank you sooooo much for this torrent . just wanted to ask, do you have "snsd Hello baby" i searched everywhere and couldn't find it
08/07/2011 03.40 pm

SNSD ♥♥♥smile1.gif
05/06/2011 11.01 pm

30/05/2011 12.13 pm

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWW THIS IS INSANE IM DOWNLOADING IT ALL.....but it would have been better if there also was all the SNSD reality tv shows included like Hello baby cuz im having a hard time finding it..well anyway thans alotthumbsup.gif
01/04/2011 03.57 pm

I think you should buy an external drive, the one you plug in your usb port. The figures you see are not always accurate.
01/04/2011 04.24 am

can someone help me and tell me how i can download this? it says its too big, but i definetly have enough space on my pc ..what should i do?

thank you so much, this is really awesome *_*
08/03/2011 12.14 am

Just finished downloading the torrent, My god its so big.. so many vids.. I dont know when I will go through all of them..

Thanks again for the share..!! grin.gif
19/02/2011 03.07 am

Thanks Buddy grin.gif . Do you have a Big Bang Collection?
If So Can You Please Please Upload It
17/02/2011 05.51 am


Thanks, I was wonder if i find these in other places and then replaced them will this fix other people's problems?
17/02/2011 05.37 am

@itzjohn: The uploader has addressed this issue a few posts below your comment:

Sorry my fault that in torrent i added 4 corrupted videos from not completed sources.
So you will not be able to see videos with .!ut on the end of file name:

[HD-720p] SNSD (at) Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate - 2010.04.10.mp4.!ut
Dear Mom, Himnae, Gee - SNSD Comeback! KBS Music Bank 300109.avi.!ut
2007.08.05 - Inkigayo - Into The New World.avi.!ut
Girls' Generation - Dear Mom (SBS Inkigayo 2009.03.01).avi.!ut
(Its ~1GB in size, total)

I don't know how to fix this, and don't think i will able to get all that now.

08/02/2011 11.09 pm

Thanks a lot, you have great collection and upload.
Noticed that 100502.Run Devil Run.The M Wave(Taeyeon Ver).tp is missing. If you have it, could you also upload it please.angel.gif
07/02/2011 03.16 am

Uploaded "2NE1 huge collection 2009-2010 (48GB)". For those who interesting. Looks similar than SNSD.
06/02/2011 01.26 pm

wow! feel so tempted to download but i know it will screw up my comp. my comp probably dont have the capability to watch MV that has a size of 1 GB sad.gif
03/02/2011 09.42 pm

500GB of SNSD... and you deleted some...? WHY..??

I wouldnt mind getting me another 1TB HDD for what ever you have with you.. share them.. if its not much trouble for you..
03/02/2011 08.21 pm

Greebonicky, don't want to hurt your feelings, but total size of SNSD stuff i had was more than 500GB.. I have deleted >50% of them unsure.gif
03/02/2011 05.06 pm

I officially lovvveeee you dude. This is gonna save me so much time scouring the interwebs looking for al their MVs grin.gif

Much thanks and kudos for all the hard work
01/02/2011 09.50 am

GG & thx a lot !!
31/01/2011 10.05 am

Thanks a lot!
30/01/2011 07.29 am

Its OK I can work with soft subs..confused.gif
30/01/2011 05.32 am

aww, u dont have DBSK sad.gif(  but thats ok, coz im enjoying this SNSD smile1.gif what about SHINee? smile1.gif
30/01/2011 04.52 am

TV Show like "MNet Girls Go To School" are with eng-sub's (not hardcore).
30/01/2011 01.28 am

I hope the TV shows are subbed..
30/01/2011 12.30 am

Wow, I really want this set.  Let me run out to Best Buy and grab another hard drive.  I'll be right back.  189Gb, that's rad, man.  Thanks,
29/01/2011 08.22 pm

WOW. ur the best vitex! u have all of this. ur just so great! THANK YOU! do you have DBSK/Dong Bang Shin Ki, videos? if you have pls.upload, pls. THANK YOU SO MUCH! smile1.gif
29/01/2011 06.55 am

Oh my god. I thought this said 189 Megabytes....

but this is 189 GIGAbytes. :O...