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Name 2010 - Colorful (Movie) [1080p]
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Plot Summary:
Upon reaching the train station to death, a dejected soul is informed that he is 'lucky' and will have another chance at life. He is placed in the body of a 14-year-old boy named Makoto Kobayashi, who has just committed suicide. Watched over by a neutral spirit named Purapura, the soul must figure out what his greatest sin and mistake in his former life was before his time limit in Makoto's body runs out. He also has a number of other lesser duties he must complete, such as understanding what led Makoto to commit suicide in the first place and learning how to enjoy his second chance at life.

Directed: Keiichi Hara
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 2h07
Also Known As: カラフル
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

File Format..........: MKV
Codec................: x264
Resolution...........: 1920x1080
Video Bitrate........: 3945 Kbps
Audio................: DTS
Audio Bitrate........: 1 576 Kbps (6ch)
Source...............: BDRip

No english sub include. Will come soon^^
Category Anime Movie 720p-1080p
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Who thanked

06/09/2013 08.25 am

What a well written story!

Must always appreciate the little things in life.   And of course, those who love and care for us.
22/06/2011 06.59 am

Amazing movie !
09/06/2011 01.27 pm

Thank you very much for this wonderfulmovie smile1.gif
08/06/2011 09.36 am

a smaller rip anyone??please??
08/06/2011 09.09 am

Loved the movie, really worth watching!
24/05/2011 03.26 am

nobody wants to upload a lighter version sad.gif  5Go is huge, a little bit too much :-p
20/05/2011 09.51 pm

the Movie for future shrinks =) Love it. Greate picture.
19/05/2011 08.24 am

@Mao_setzer well i tried all the player, media classic, vlc, window media all produce same result - like fast foward cry.gif any suggestion for codec or media?
19/05/2011 12.27 am

its probably a codec issue. Try to change the preferences of your media player or change the codec.
18/05/2011 08.33 pm

i don't know if this is only me, this movies is broken - what i mean is the picture is there but it being fast forward
16/05/2011 02.58 pm

Thanks for the subs! laugh.gif
16/05/2011 01.50 pm

been waiting for this since i saw the poster in cinemas last year!! unfortunately my japanese sucks and was therefore waiting for english subbed one... thankssss!!
16/05/2011 11.11 am

Sounds interesting, thanks for posting!
16/05/2011 08.32 am

Thank you. A lighter version would be highly appreciate ^_^
15/05/2011 03.19 pm

Thank you!
Eng subs would be nice too
15/05/2011 11.32 am

no eng sub include with the file, but will upload it separately soon.
15/05/2011 11.21 am

Is there Eng sub?