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Name Just Call Me Nobody (2010)
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AKA : Da Xiao Jiang Hu
Year : 2010
Country: China
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle(s) : Chinese | English (Hardsubbed)
Film Genre : Adventure | Martial Arts | Comedy
Links :

DVD Source : DVD5 Rental
Ripper : gandarloda
Video format : AVI - XviD - 2 pass
Video Bitrate : 1682 Kbps
Aspect Ratio :2.35 : 1
Resolution : 720 x 306
Audio Format : AC3
Audio Bitrate : 224 Kbps
Video Runtime: 1 hours 34  min
Frame Rate : 25 fps

Director : Chu Yen Ping
Cast : Xiao Shen Yang, Shao Benshan, Cheng Ye, Kelly Lin, Jacky Wu, Chen Zhipeng, Eric Tsang, Xiao Xiao Bin, Kelly Tien, Huang Yifei, Norman Tsui, Bryan Leung, Mark Lee


The main character, acted by Xiao Shen Yang, is a shoemaker who goes from a martial-arts newbie to the number one expert. Zhao Benshan is a bandit, superior in martial arts but who is defeated by Xiao Shen Yang. Cheng Ye plays one of Zhao Benshan's subordinates, whose successes are lacking and whose failures are abundant and who is often burdening Zhao Benshan. The other roles all revolve around Xiao Shen Yang. Kelly Lin plays an ordinary martial who thinks she's a princess and likes Xiao Shen Yang. Eric Tsang is a blind, but an expert fencer who is in charge of protecting the princess. Chen Zhipeng is the rightful emperor, as well as Kelly Lin's character's fiancee and Xiao Shen Yang's character's rival-in-love. Xiao Xiao Bin acts out little Xiao Shen Yang, and Jacky Wu is an exceptional expert who lives at the bottom of a valley.



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Category Chinese Movie
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Who thanked

06/12/2013 10.07 am

WOW! Why haven't I heard of this movie before?!?!?!

Many Thanks! grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif
19/05/2012 10.17 am

Great movie
20/04/2011 06.22 am

awesome movie thanks for the upload smile1.gif
17/04/2011 12.06 pm

Awesome movie! Kelly Lin is Hot!!!
17/02/2011 09.16 am

The screener was no deleted as I felt that it was a good quality version. I would have deleted it long agao if it wasn't. It anyway case, my apologies. It's all my fault. My mind is not too still.
16/02/2011 10.31 pm

I'm not ungrateful, just asking the question. Personally, if I had my way, I wouldn't delete screeners at all. I'd let people decide for themselves whether they wanted to download it or not.
15/02/2011 11.30 pm

I hope you didn't take my comments as critical, I meant only to provide some information to others as to the quality of the video and audio. Both are fine, but if one is looking for a copy to archive, it may be worth looking out for yet another version.

Here's a side-by-side comparison of this and the XTM versions (this one on the left, XTM on the right):

I very much appreciate your work in uploading this. The XTM version was just unwatchable.
15/02/2011 02.15 pm

its mp4.
15/02/2011 09.31 am

The XTM is actually the screener. The DVD5 here : Just Call Me Nobody (2010) PAL DVD5 . It's because of the auto-translated in the XTM version that is why I uploaded my version. Wonder why the mod is suspicious? I can always delete this version since people seems so ungrateful.
15/02/2011 06.57 am

Yeah, the XTM version has eng subs, but they read like auto translate. Quality of that rip seems a little better though. I wonder if this is a screener?
15/02/2011 06.28 am

I have to say that, in my opinion, the sound is a little lacking in quality (seems a bit compressed and slightly over-amplified) and the colour's a little washed out, but this doesn't detract from the film at all.

It's so nice to have this with English subtitles though! Thank you so very much. I really enjoyed this one.
14/02/2011 08.48 pm

thanks smile1.gif
14/02/2011 08.26 pm