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Name Princess Raccoon (2005)
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Description Princess Raccoon 2005

A.K.A. Operetta tanuki goten
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The star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha goes to Japan for this touching, wildly entertaining tale of forbidden love! Famed 1960s cult film director Suzuki Seijun (Tokyo Drifter and Pistol Opera) teams up with gorgeous international superstar Zhang Ziyi for Tanuki Goten, a colorful, musically diverse, song and dance filled love story that's like nothing audiences have ever seen before or will likely see again!

Released internationally as Princess Raccoon, the film centers on the lovely and talented Zhang Ziyi who plays Tanuki-hime, a raccoon spirit princess who suddenly falls in love with Amechiyo (Bright Future's Odagiri Jo), a handsome prince who finds himself exiled from his vainglorious father's kingdom. Will the two lovers stay together or will fate tear them apart?

With its kaleidoscope of top of the line special effects, surreal painted backdrops, and self-consciously theatrical soundstages, Tanuki Goten is a psychedelic, hallucinatory, and ultimately joyous cinematic experience, making it a true spectacle in every sense of the word! After undergoing extensive training, lead actress Zhang Ziyi dances, speaks in Japanese, and even sings a few tunes in Mandarin to complete the zany, "anything goes" mentality of both the film and director Suzuki himself. With performance styles ranging from operetta and kabuki to rap and reggae, Tanuki Goten is a delirious, fantasia-like tale of forbidden romance that emphasizes the importance of following one's heart!

Director: Seijun Suzuki (Pistol Opera, Branded to Kill)
Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Jô Odagiri, Hiroko Yakushimaru, Mikijiro Hira

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Audio............384Kbps AC3
Subtitles........English .srt[/font]

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