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Name Harakiri.DVDrip.(English Subitles)-Criterion(1962)
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Type.................: MOVIE
File Format..........: AVI
Codec................: XViD
Resolution...........: 720 x 320
Video Bitrate........: 1211 kbps
Audio................: AC3
Audio Bitrate........: 192kbps
Source...............:  R1 Retail. Criterion Edition with fully restored digital transfer.

Cast: Tatsuya Nakadai  ||  Shima Iwashita  ||  Akira Ishihama  ||  Testsuro Tanba
Directed: Masaki Kobayashi
Genre: Drama/Samurai
Runtime: 134 mins
Also Known As: Seppuku
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: English [idx/sub]
IMDB rating: 8.5

Special Jury Prize at the 1963 Cannes Festival

Following the collapse of his clan, unemployed samurai Hanshiro Tsugumo (Tatsuya Nakadai) arrives at the manor of Lord Iyi, begging to commit ritual suicide on his property. Iyi's clansmen, believing the desperate ronin is merely angling for charity, try to force him to eviscerate himself—but they have underestimated his honor and his past. Winner of the 1963 Cannes Film Festival's Special Jury Prize, Masaki Kobayashi's Harakiri is a scathing denouncement of feudal authority and hypocrisy.

Part Review from Film Reference
The recurrent image in Seppuku is of Tsugumo in his black robes (having refused the white ones appropriate to the ritual suicide), seated cross-legged on the white harakiri mat in the center of the courtyard, surrounded by the massed spears of the Iyi warriors, and speaking in calm, unhurried tones. Around this image of charged stillness, the action of the film proceeds through visual compositions of intense lyrical beauty: most notably in the duel between Tsugumo and Omadaka, finest of the Iyi swordsmen, breathtakingly staged as a formal ballet of stylized, sweeping gestures amid long wind-tossed grass. Kobayashi's coolly reticent camera perfectly matches the rhythms of his studied narrative, supported by Toru Takemitsu's evocative score and, in the central role, a performance of epic stature from Tatsuya Nakadai.

My Opinion
In my opinion this film is a masterpiece and equally as good as any Kurosawa film. I really cant praise this film enough, if you only see one Japanese classic by a master director try this one.
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I saw this movie in theater 25 years ago. Great masterpiece!
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I totally agree. This movie is an international masterpiece!
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Straight classic, thank you.thumbsup.gif