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Name Liar.Game.Reborn.2012.BluRay.720p.DTS.x264-YYeTs [No Eng Sub]
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Liar Game -Reborn-
Year: 2012
Country: Japan
Director: Hiroaki Matsuyama
Genre: Thriller
Runtime: 131mins
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Japanese & Chinese (embedded)
Cast: Shota Matsuda, Mikako Tabe, Mana Ashida

To exact revenge, the Liar Game office is revived. The target is only one person - Shinichi Akiyama (Shota Matsuda). Because of new heroine Shinomiya (Mikako Tabe), Shinichi, who kept refusing to take part in the game, finds himself in the game. Along with Akiyama, there's 19 other players competing for the prize of 2 billion yen. Omega (Makiko Esumi), who revived the game, plays the game at the Liar Game office with Alice (Mana Ashida). Alice sets up the game, chooses the players and sets the traps.

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Video Format: 1280x690
Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1
Video Bitrate: 3281 kbps
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File Source: BluRay

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Audio Bitrate: 1510 kbps

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20/04/2013 03.38 am

arigatoo smile1.gif
17/04/2013 06.46 pm

Thank you! smile1.gif
25/10/2012 03.25 pm

Thank you so much for the movie upload.
Thank you also for the English subtitle.
21/10/2012 12.57 am

Has anyoen got the 1080p version to upload please?
08/10/2012 06.25 pm

yea, the line translated as,
"Thats why, withe must play this game till the end"
and then he picks up the coin.  So I have no idea what his reaction was to anything and why he decided to grab the coin in the end.  
07/10/2012 02.53 am

gold_magistrate :do you mean when he says "dattara yo... saisho kara kono geemu yan janee yo"? a rough translation would be something like "then don't play this game in the first place"
04/10/2012 09.07 pm

And in terms of Liar Game, I have uploaded:


S2 (SD version):

S2 (HD version):

Final Stage (Film, HD version):

Reborn Specials; Fukunaga VS Yokoya and Alice in Liar Game:
04/10/2012 09.02 pm

Yes, I saw Kaiji before I saw Liar Game and I saw the anime BEFORE the live action films. I do prefer the anime but the live actions are good fun. I uploaded both seasons of the anime:


04/10/2012 07.30 pm

PetomJL: I didn´t know!!!
Found those live actions here now... And the same actor that made KIRA in Death Note!!! hohohohohohohho
Great!!! Thanks for the info!!!
Here, guys:
04/10/2012 04.44 pm

are the subs sync to the dvdrip version from zdzdz ? please answer
04/10/2012 09.32 am

Oh my, how come i've missed this earlier! grin.gif ~ Thank you for this and the sub!

virtualizado: Yes Kaiji has similar premise like Liar Game. Anyway, in case you haven't found out, there are 2 live action movies of Kaiji, if you're interested. I didn't like the first movie but after watching the second, had a rethought and ended up watching the anime series as well (i don't usually watch anime except a few grin.gif )
04/10/2012 09.08 am

For the Liar Game Fans: I DISCOVERED AN ANIME that is JUST LIKE liar game.
Almost same story line... An organization, rich people as investors, and a lot of people full of debts in group challenges where some get rich and the rest increase their debts. And games where you can use strategy to win.
Anime name is GYAKKYOU BURAI KAIJI: Ultimate Survivor (Or just KAIJI).

If you liked liar game you will love this anime too wink.gif
03/10/2012 06.33 pm

I agree with virtualizado's commebts, although I wouldn't be that extreme. I felt it was lacking on the whole revenge on Akiyama-san aspect and after watching "Alice in Liar Game", I thought there'd be more of that character in this film.

Ayway, in terms of this new girl.....I'm going to admit that at times, I found Erika's Nao was annoying at times. But compared to this new girl, Nao is so much more likable. The chemistry between Nao and Akiyam was brilliant!!! He is supposed to care and yet I felt they rewrote Akiyama because, in the past he has always been a but aloof but his mannerisms screams out "HE CARES!" In this film, I couldn't tell and I felt part of it was due to the lack of chemistry between the pair of them. She was wrong. She was nowhere on the same par as Erika Toda. I also felt Akiyama was pushed out too much due to this new girl when in the past, it has always been more of an equal par.

However, in terms of it all, it was still the same old Liar Game. The scenery was awesome. The soundtrack was perfect. The acting was OTT and the film was one of the best mind f**ks ever! Still the same old Liar Game.

I say, stick to the past Liar Game. I have uploaded both Series 1 and 2 (hardsubbed…in terms of Seasons 2, I have uploaded both HD and SD Versions of SARS files) as well as the HD version of “The Final Stage” as well as the two Reborn specials……so if you are just coming into the series due to this film, you can have fun (been checking torrent histories and these torrents have been downloaded like crazy since “Reborn” has been uploaded) smile1.gif
03/10/2012 05.45 pm

I thought this was a good adaptation of the manga rendition of the game.  
But can anyone help me understand what Kiryu said at the very end? The last translated line of his didn't make any sense on screen.  
03/10/2012 12.36 pm

Mikako Tabe... That bad actress managed to COMPLETELY RUIN this last liar game...

I guess most people hate that HollyWood formula of a feminist actress ordering people around in imperative tones of voice...
All the magic between Akiyama and Nao was RUINED by her.
Her face is hypocrite and antagonistic, She has cry.gif eyes, like she is crying, and at the same time wants to be feminist and order people around and scream demanding things from people... Her bad acting made me suffer from the beginning to the end.
And the fake smile she gave in the game end? Talking to Akiyama??? Did she made sex with the director to get this role?
She isn´t good enough not even to be a figurant in the movie. A dog can act better than Mikako Tabe.

I mean, we all wanted to see the same Kanzaki Nao, that´s ok, was bad she couldn't be in this movie, but was this Mikako Tabe a valuable choice?
NO! 1 thousand times NO!!! The special duel between Fukunaga and Yokoya was AWESOME!!! I was expecting something breath taking like all the others, but...
Damn you Mikako Tabe!!! If i see you in front of me i will give you 100 slaps in your face to teach you not to ruin our loved series with your presence!

This movie fails because of her. Bye Mikako Tabe i hope i never see your disgusting face in any movie again.
You are banned from my screen if i see your name in any movie i refuse to watch. angry.gif

02/10/2012 11.42 pm

thanks for the sub eric smile1.gif
02/10/2012 10.08 pm

Eric is my hero! smile1.gif
02/10/2012 09.44 pm

Thank you so much for the subs, Eric!!!!
02/10/2012 08.18 pm

Yes, much thanks for the subs!  I've been looking forward to this. smile1.gif
02/10/2012 07.18 pm

Eric you are our hero!!!!!!!!
Really thanks you are the man!!!
02/10/2012 07.16 pm

Thank you for the subsgrin.gif
02/10/2012 03.53 am

Eric is in 95% of the subtitles.

go to his page e-mail him cry ask him to finish today lol
29/09/2012 02.25 pm

Yess!! Thank you so much! 8D
25/09/2012 01.17 am

looks like Eric Paroissien is subbing it! (
24/09/2012 11.24 pm

Eric or others, Please Upload Full and 100% Synced Subtitle! (Whenever Available)

24/09/2012 01.40 pm

Any chance for 1080p version ?
24/09/2012 12.06 pm

Thanks so much.