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Name A Tale of Two Sisters (2003)
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\'A Tale of Two Sisters\', or \'Janghwa, Hongryeon\', is a true masterpiece. Brilliant psychological thriller, heart-wrenching drama, and gripping horror all wrapped up in one beautifully orchestrated package. From the intricate plot, to the beautiful cinematography, to the absolutely perfect casting, every aspect of this film is extraordinary.

For fear of revealing too much concerning the plot, I will just say it is very satisfying. While it may appear to be a little difficult to understand at first, it does a good job of explaining things in the end. And whether you prefer psychological thriller, drama, or horror, I promise you will not be disappointed.

From a technical standpoint, its nearly flawless. The set, the cinematography, lighting, and especially the soundtrack, all are captivating. The waltz seemed an odd choice at first, but proved to be an ingenious choice.

As for the casting, we\'re talking absolute perfection. I\'m Su-jeong is totally convincing as the defiant, yet troubled Su-mi. Mun Keun- yeong is equally convincing as her emotionally traumatized sister Su-yeon. These two girls were magical on the screen. I will certainly be looking into their other films. Yeom Jeong-ah is deceitfully cheerful and hauntingly evil as the stepmother. Finally, Kap-su Kim gives an excellent performance as the weary, broken father.

I truly love this film. If you have yet to see \'A Tale Of Two Sisters\', I strongly recommend locating a copy. It is a real gem, worthy of anyone\'s collection.

Cast: Su-jeong Lim (I\'m a Cyborg, But That\'s OK), Geun-yeong Mun (Love Me Not, Innocent Steps)
Genre: Horror / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Also Known As: Janghwa, Hongryeon
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

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Funny,7 seeders,but the torrent isn't coming...
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Much Thanx for this brilliant movie smile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gifsmile1.gif
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Thank you!
This was a great movie really messed up at the end O.o
25/01/2012 03.40 pm

amazing movie, thanx for sharing
11/09/2011 05.46 pm

grin.gif brilliant has a english version .....i saw it its name is "UNKNOWN"....
17/04/2011 10.33 pm

Is there a way to turn off the audio for the English subtitles when watching this? The subs work but there is a computer voice over that is reading it =/
10/09/2010 04.42 am

I love Su-Jeong Lim and this is one of the best movies ever!