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Name The Legend Of Crazy Monk 2 - 2011 (Mandarin) - Complete TV Drama Series
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Description The Legend Of Crazy Monk 2 - (Mandarin) - Complete TV Drama Series DVDRip

Title : 活佛济公  2/ Huo Fo Ji Gong 2
English title: The Legend Of Crazy Monk 2
Also known as: Living Buddha Ji Gong 2
Episodes: 60 (3 Box Sets)
Year: 2011
Director: Lin Tian Yi (林添一)
Genre: Fantasy, comedy, romance & martial arts.
Runtime: Approximately above 39mins. to 56mins. for each episode
Note : For Episode 6 is 7mins. 5secs., for Episode 7 is 1hr. 16mins. 47secs., for Episode 21 is 12mins. 20secs. and Episode 22 is 1hr. 11mins. 3secs.
Country: China
Language: Chinese (Mandarin Version)
Subtitles: Simplified Chinese (Hardcoded)
Info. Link:

The Legend Of Crazy Monk 2's Opening Video Theme Song Trailer :
The Legend Of Crazy Monk 2's Closing Video Theme Song Trailer :

Ji Gong is a legendary character in Chinese folklore and a popular subject for movies and television shows. In the latest retelling of the fantastical legends of the Mad Monk, beloved Hong Kong actor Benny Chan (Journey to the West II) comes in with his portrayal of the most handsome Ji Gong to grace the TV screen yet. The CG-enhanced costume comedy drama series also gives Ji Gong a romantic interest before he becomes the Mad Monk, and rising Mainland starlet Chen Zihan (The Myth) plays the girl who has a love/hate relationship with our hero. Co-stars include Yang Xue (TVB's Blade Heart) and Lam Tze Chung (Stephen Chow's sidekick in Kung Fu Hustle).
Ji Gong is a crazy monk who eats meat and drinks beer, while still a fairy he was one of the main Eighteen Buddha Monk, after catching the Eagle that serves under the Buddha himself he was send to Earth to become a monk all because of the 2 fairies that was guarding the Eagle. The 2 fairies accidentally let the Eagle free and in punishment all 3 fairies was send to Earth to be human monks. There was also another fairy that was killed by the Eagle and he was also send down to be a regular human, but not a monk.
Continuation of the adventures of crazy monk, his two disciples and monks from Ling Yin Ji Temple to help world lives and solve human sufferings,. as the story unfolds into 9 different sub-stories entitled "Blood Magic Was Born", "Chastity Memorial", "Painting In The Fairy". "Trojans Margin",  "Double Break-Off An Engagement", "Million Should Temples", "Mad Female Robbery", "Snow Female Legend"  and "Ghost Langjun Societies" .

Benny Chan 陳浩民
Lam Chi-Chung
Timmy Hung
Victor Chen
Shirley Dai
Eric Suen 孫耀威
Deng Ziyi
Ye Xin
Zhou Mi
Xing Zi
Zhang Liang
Jungle Lin
Cui Lin
Ethan Yao
Du Xiaoting
Wang Jiayin
Sunny Deng
Monica Mu
Jacko Yuan
Li Chenxi
Chen Jiajia
Zhang Baowen
Yvonne Yung
Yue Yueli
Xu Xiyan


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Video Bitrate........: Above 1200Kbps

Audio Language......: Mandarin
Format...................: MPEG2/4 Audio
Codec....................: AAC (Advanced Audio Codec)
Audio Bitrate.......... : 192 Kbps
Channel(s)............. : 6 channels
Sampling rate..........: 48.0 KHz

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Upcoming project : Video Trailer For Journey To The West - 2011 :

Video Trailer Shown The Defeat Of The Snow Demon By The Snow Princess:

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07/01/2012 07.06 am

The Legend Of Crazy Monk 2 - 2011 (Mandarin) - Complete TV Drama Series

Would really appreciate if you could reupload Ep.06 and Ep.21.

Thanks for your help.smile1.gif
06/01/2012 10.23 pm

so wanna watch this! but in Cantonese :/. hope there will be a cantonese version or dub.
20/12/2011 02.12 am

Just a VERY minor recommendation - the DAR (Display Aspect Ratio) is NOT set correctly in the Matroska MKV, so most video players will default to a PAR (Pixel Aspect Ratio of 1:1). The SAR (Storage Aspect Ratio) of most DVDs is 720 x 480 = 1.5:1, BUT is encoded to display anamorphic widescreen 16:9 or standard 4:3. Their faces looks slightly squeezed when using default values.

Can you please set Aspect Ratio to 16:9, rather than use the two Display width/height values?
The only exception to this rule is that many newer US films are 1.85:1.

Thank you for the fine upload!
04/12/2011 08.02 am

Please be patient, I had already checked that the torrent and it is still runnung smoothly. By nextyear you should have a better upload speed from me as I am going to migrate from ADSL-broadband to Fibre-broadband as my ADSL's contract end on May '12.sad.gif
04/12/2011 06.55 am

everyone is stuck at 30%?
03/12/2011 05.48 pm

Those pictures blow my mind
02/12/2011 12.03 am

Im with you dartfrog.....this looks like a awesome series...wish it had subscry.gif
01/12/2011 08.07 pm

Where can I find the subs for this? looks very interesting. Thanks for the upload.