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Name Ghost(Be with Me) 2010 HDRip H264 AAC
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Info Hash 29a3276e9f2596b9d163b1ee8efabff2cc6b1ae3
Description Audio Sound : Korean
Subtitle : English SRT

 Movie: Be With Me (English title) / Ghost (literal title)
 Revised romanization: Gwi
 Hangul: 귀 鬼
 Director: Joachim Yeo, Jo Eun-Kyung, Hong Dong-Myung, Kim Jo Kwang Su
 Writer: Joachim Yeo, Jo Eun-Kyung, Hong Dong-Myung, Kim Jo Kwang Su
 Producer: Kim Jo Kwang Su, Ahn Mong-Sik, Je Jeong-Ju, Song Tae-Jong
 Cinematographer: Kim Myeong-Joon, Lee In-Won, Kwon Soon-Kyoung
 Release Date: June 10, 2010
 Runtime: 100 min.
 Genre: Horror / Omnibus
 Distributor: CJ Entertainment
 Language: Korean
 Country: South Korea
Tell Me Your Name

 Bae Soo-Bin
 Nam Ji-Hyun
Tarot 1. Ghost Boy
 Lee Min-Ho - Park Chul-Min
 Choi Hye-Kyung - Han Seo-Hee
 Lee Poong-Yoon - Lee Jae-Hwan
 Park Won-Sang - Chinese (letters) teacher
 Park Kil-Soo - Korean history teacher
 Lim Ji-Min - Sun-Young
 Choi Ju-Bong - grandfather (mother's side)
 Kim Ki-Hwan - Jung Ho-Chul
Tarot 2. Attached
 Shin Ji-Su - So-Young
 Kim Kkobbi - Nam-Hee
 Hong Jong-Hyeon - Jae-Young
 Ahn Yeo-Jin - student
Tarot 3. The Unseen
 Han Ye-Ri - Lan
 Lee Je-Hoon - Kim Se-Young
 Jung In-Young - Ah-Rim
 Lee Chae-Eun - Hye-Ryung
 Kim Min-Kyung - Ji-Young (girl ghost) / voice of senior Yeo
 Lee Jong-Suk - Hyun-Wook
 Hwang Byeng-Gug - dean of students

"Tell Me Your Name" (prologue)
 Director: Kim Jo Kwang Su
Seo-Hee, Nam-Hee and Lan hold tarot cards and told to chant their names as a magical spell. Once their names are spoken, special events unfold.
Tarot 1. Ghost Boy
 Director: Joachim Yeo
Park Chul-Min (Lee Min-Ho) is a high school student. He can also see ghosts, but pretends he doesn't see them. Chul-Min then sees a cute girl ghost named Seo-Hee (Choi Hye-Kyung). Seo-Hee can't forget her first love and asks Chul-Min for his help.
Tarot 2. Attached
 Director: Hong Dong-Myung
So-Young (Shin Ji-Su) is popular among her peers and the teachers. When So-Young learns that her best friend Nam-Hee (Kim Kkobbi) is pregnant, So-Young tells Nam-Hee that she should keep the baby and they will raise the child together. Meanwhile, So-Young is jealous of Nam-Hee, who ranks first at their school, and plots a scheme to get the principle's recommendation to take the college entrance exam instead of Nam-Hee.
Tarot 3. The Unseen
 Director: Jo Eun-Kyung
Lan (Han Ye-Ri) and two of her best friends are ordered by their seniors to get into an abandoned school building. Lan steps into a classroom in the abandoned building where a kid died without anyone knowing. The dead may not want to be alone and she can't leave the classroom.

Complete name                            : Ghost(Be with Me).2010.HDRip.H264.AAC.avi
Format                                   : MPEG-4
Format profile                           : Base Media / Version 2
Codec ID                                 : mp42
File size                                : 1.26 GiB
Duration                                 : 1h 48mn
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 1 662 Kbps
Movie name                               : 15세
Encoded date                             : UTC 2010-07-02 06:59:37
Tagged date                              : UTC 2010-07-02 06:59:37
Writing library                          : Apple QuickTime

ID                                       : 1
Format                                   : AVC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Video Codec
Format profile                           : Main@L3.1
Format settings, CABAC                   : Yes
Format settings, ReFrames                : 2 frames
Codec ID                                 : avc1
Codec ID/Info                            : Advanced Video Coding
Duration                                 : 1h 48mn
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Bit rate                                 : 1 528 Kbps
Maximum bit rate                         : 14.0 Mbps
Width                                    : 854 pixels
Height                                   : 480 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : Constant
Frame rate                               : 23.976 fps
Standard                                 : NTSC
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0
Bit depth                                : 8 bits
Scan type                                : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame)                       : 0.155
Stream size                              : 1.16 GiB (92%)
Language                                 : English
Encoded date                             : UTC 2010-07-02 06:59:37
Tagged date                              : UTC 2010-07-02 06:59:37
Color primaries                          : BT.601 NTSC
Transfer characteristics                 : BT.601
Matrix coefficients                      : BT.601

ID                                       : 2
Format                                   : AAC
Format/Info                              : Advanced Audio Codec
Format profile                           : LC
Codec ID                                 : 40
Duration                                 : 1h 48mn
Bit rate mode                            : Constant
Bit rate                                 : 128 Kbps
Channel(s)                               : 2 channels
Channel positions                        : Front: L R
Sampling rate                            : 48.0 KHz
Compression mode                         : Lossy
Delay relative to video                  : 42ms
Stream size                              : 96.9 MiB (8%)
Language                                 : English
Encoded date                             : UTC 2010-07-02 06:59:37
Tagged date                              : UTC 2010-07-02 06:59:37

Category Korean Movie
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Who thanked

11/04/2014 04.39 am

Oh...huyie already uploaded the subtitle that I recommended.

Thank you.

11/04/2014 04.36 am


Hope someone can turn this into an SRT.

Best subtitle so far.

- I came to get my picture. - Have a seat.

I just need my picture.

No need to rush.

A man hanging by the wheel of fortune.

I see there's a boy you like.

But what a pity,...

...your fates do not cross.

But the chance to change your fate,
is right under your nose.

With the baby angel card...

but if you're not interested...

What do I have to do?
Hey! Don't do it.

Say a spell.

A spell?
Look closely into this card,...

10/04/2014 05.49 pm

If you look at the screenshots for the AhLongG rip that is also available here,

Yes I can see the lines for then 1stb two screen shots.

But what a pity,...

is right under your nose.

10/04/2014 05.38 pm

If you look at the screenshots for the AhLongG rip that is also available here, you will see what I just uploaded seem to be based off.
10/04/2014 05.35 pm

The 2 subs uplooaded doesn't look as if they are from the same movie.
The 1st is widely available on the net:
00:01:54,714 --> 00:01:55,715

00:01:55,715 --> 00:01:59,412
- How do you here?
- Wait for you ah

00:02:01,354 --> 00:02:02,152
Is not it?

00:02:04,424 --> 00:02:06,226
How my father did not come?

The 2nd (Prism) Just uploaded:-
00:00:45,198 --> 00:00:48,198
Subtitle: Prism

00:01:54,457 --> 00:01:55,457
Hi, Mister.

00:01:55,458 --> 00:01:59,155
- I came to get my picture.
- Have a seat.

00:02:01,097 --> 00:02:01,895

00:02:04,167 --> 00:02:05,968
I just need my picture.

10/04/2014 05.27 pm

Done. Since it's based on closed captions subs on YouTube, makes it easier.
10/11/2013 05.21 am

Any updates here for the subtitles? Been waiting for so long with the apppropriate subs. Please?
16/08/2013 05.14 pm

The movie is ok, especially third story. But subtitles are very poor. English grammar is terribly broken. And some dialogues are actually totally made up and does not reflect at all what is said on screen. My guess is this subtitle was done by someone who is neither English nor Korean native. And probably used an automated translation tool.

I would seriously consider NOT watching with those subtitles. I was lucky enough to watch it with Korean who could help me understand what was going on, otherwise I probably would have gave up in the middle.
04/07/2013 11.47 am

Thanks smile2.gif
03/07/2013 01.59 am

Sorry, I will fix it
03/07/2013 01.24 am

Ghost(Be with Me).2010.HDRip.H264.Xvid.AC3.avi

So is this H264 or Xvid?