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Name Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo (Complete series with English softsubs)
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Title: 日本人の知らない日本語
Title (romaji): Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo
Format: Renzoku
Genre: Comedy
Episodes: 12
Broadcast network: YTV / NTV
Broadcast period: 2010-Jul-15 to 2010-Sep-30
Directors: Yakumo Saiji, Tamekawa Hiroyuki, Saito Yuki, Kawamura Naoki

Plot Summary:

Kano Haruko is a charismatic shop assistant who has such excellent fashion sense that she has been featured in fashion magazines. However, she is unable to give up her dream of being a high school teacher. Haruko is asked by her former teacher to teach Japanese to foreigners for three months on the understanding that he would introduce her for the high school’s Japanese language teaching position. And so, she becomes a trainee teacher at a Japanese language school where she coaches nine foreign students with strong personalities, including an Italian anime enthusiast and a Swede who is in love with ninjas, according to her own convictions, while setting her sights on becoming a high school teacher.


  • Naka Riisa as Kano Haruko
  • Aoki Munetaka as Shibuya Taiyo
  • Harada Natsuki as Catherine (Katori Miyuki)
  • Asaka Mayumi as Akimoto Kuniko
  • Ikeda Narushi as Takasu Kazuki

    International Students:

  • Sethna Cyrus Nozomu as Paul (England)
  • Blake Crawford as Jack (America)
  • Camilla as Elaine (Sweden)
  • ZOE as Kinrei (China)
  • Olga Alex as Diana (Russia)
  • Mayo as Bob (America)
  • Sebastiano Serafini as Luca (Italy)
  • Dasha as Marie (France)
  • Zhang Mo(張沫) as Ou (China)

    Technical Details:

    Source: TV
    File Format: AVI
    Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    Video: Xvid 704x396 29.97fps
    Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 192kbps
    Audio Language: Japanese
    Softsubs: English (credits go to Rollins Fansubs)

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    Who thanked

    16/01/2015 12.48 pm

    Thank so much for this torrent! On the hunt for dramas to help me with my Japanese studies haha
    07/11/2014 01.37 pm

    btw I didn't find anything wrong with the subtitles.
    05/08/2013 06.56 am

    Thank you so much wub.gifwub.gifwub.gif
    23/05/2013 06.27 pm

    interesting series and interesting role for Naka Riisa
    08/07/2012 09.06 pm

    Are there Japanese subs available for this release?
    24/04/2012 06.39 am

    Thanks for NihonjinNoShiranaiNihongo!smile1.gifsmile1.gif
    22/09/2011 02.42 pm

    This is a decent show, a bit corny. Only complaint is that the last few episodes have obviously different English subtitles which are of really poor quality. At times its hard to understand what is being said, mostly its ok though.
    30/04/2011 04.41 am

    27/12/2010 02.10 pm

    A serie parece legal, pena nao ter legendas em portugues(Brasil)... mas obrigado pelo up! arigatou gozaimasu.grin.gif
    16/12/2010 08.53 am

    cool series.. fun/learning experience
    naka riisa fans should love this
    1000 thanksz grin.gif
    08/12/2010 03.28 am

    I've read the first manga, this should be fun. thanksgrin.gif
    07/12/2010 10.41 pm

    Looks like fun, Thanx!grin.gif
    04/12/2010 07.11 am

    this looks AWESOME,kinda reminds me of american movie called 'Party Girl' , thank you so much! ^_^
    02/12/2010 07.58 am

    I can not wait ^^

    Thank again ../
    27/11/2010 09.28 pm

    it was great, sooo funnysmile1.gif
    23/11/2010 09.45 pm

    omg this i have to see wink.gif
    21/11/2010 04.16 pm

    it definitely sounds funny as hell!
    21/11/2010 07.41 am

    Thank you smile1.gif
    it looks interessting smile2.gif
    21/11/2010 05.28 am

    Glad you folks liked it. It's a pity the show wasn't that successful in terms of ratings, though. I guess the Japanese are not interested in gaijins, lol. Also worth a mention is that the story is loosely based on a manga with the same name:

    There's also a lot of interesting background on the Japanese language, like where certain words came from and such. For example, masu/desu is now standard Japanese, but it used to be geisha-speak. Men came to the capital, heard geisha speaking that way, and took it home and spread it, thinking it was the way everyone in the capital spoke.

    Weird, huh!
    21/11/2010 03.50 am

    thanks, looks great
    21/11/2010 12.09 am

    Thank you zultrix for sharing this series! Sounds like a cross between "Gokusen" and Nishida Toshiyuki's "Gakko" movies (A Class To Remember). Kind of uncomfortable watching all the "gaijin" stereotypes on display in the classroom. Of course it also doesn't help when you have your atypical "non-actor" foreigners who seem to also frequently mug and overact in front of the cameras. Still interesting to watch as an indicator of how Japanese still view some foreigners.
    20/11/2010 11.12 pm

    This show is hilarious and somewhat educational, I recommend it!   cool2.gif